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I Want You to Want Me - Alternate Universe

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or the characters from Pokemon in this story.

Warning: Rated T for some swear words and mid sexual theme reference through out the story.

Chapter 1: Summary

Gary Oak is the biggest playboy of Pallet High and he could get about any girl to fall head over heels for him with his good looks, charm and smooth attitude. But than came along Misty Waterflower, the new elite transferred student from Cerulean High as she wants nothing to do with Gary on the first day they met. Misty, who wanted to be left alone at her new school, ends up having a little run in with Ash Ketchum first and then soon ended up being tangled up in Gary's and Ash's lifestyle for those two are best friends since childhood.

Gary's goal is to get Misty to fall for him, just to add another count to his score of the number of girls he has played. With a side bet that Gary and Ash formed, little did Gary know that he was going to lose the bet to Ash as he slowly starting to fall for Misty. In total denial with his feelings, Gary doesn't even realize that his best friend, Ash has also somewhat fallen for Misty too.

Read and find out the drama that Gary, Misty, and Ash goes through as they deal with shady characters, old and new friends through out the chapters that doesn't make it easy for them to figure out their feelings among themselves. Mainly Egoshipping with a little bit of Ash x Misty x Gary triangle through out the story plotline.

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