I Want You to Want Me

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Warning: Swearwords and sexual theme relation

Main Characters Ages:

Misty- 18
Gary- 18
Ash- 18
Richie- 18
Melody- 17
May- 24
Natalie- 42
Riley- 43

"…" Talking

'Italic' Thinking

Chapter 38: …Comes To An End

Friday Evening of Graduation – Pallet High Auditorium

Misty asked 'what' once again when Gary gave her a serious look. But she didn't get an answer for one of the caps landed on Gary, interrupting their moment. Ash apologized and asked why the two didn't stand up with the rest of the class. Misty just laughed the question off, as she told him that she had something in her eye and Gary was worried. The moment when Ash turned away to face Melody, Misty went in and hugged Gary, as he felt Misty's hot breath on his ear.

"Can we pretend that this wasn't said for the rest of the night?" Misty quietly asked in Gary's ear, as she loosens her hug around Gary's neck and got up. "Ash, Melody did you find your caps?!"

Gary was still in his seat, looking up at Misty who had a very forced smile on her face, as well her tone. He soon realized he had regretted his sudden decision. But the look on his mother's face at his father's decision, made him do so. Gary finally stood up with the rest of the group and as for the moment, he figured he could do Misty a favor and wait for her when she's ready to talk. With a few minutes of chit chatting and congratulating the other Seniors, all four finally made their way to their families for picture taking. Everyone of Melody's, Ash's, Misty's family members was all there to congratulate them, but it couldn't be said for the same for Gary's family though. For Riley was nowhere in sight. But it didn't matter to Gary, as he had more concerned towards his mother. As he saw the same forced smile on her face like Misty's. But he soon joined in on the forced smiling atmosphere to have the night go by faster.

Later that Night – Sparky's Spin House – Backroom

"Heeey Miiiisty, don't yooou think yooou had enough to drink?" Richie asked, as he had his own drink in his hand.

Misty, with rosy cheeks leaned in close towards Richie's face. "Nooooes, I don't think soooo? Whacha about yooou Richie? It's like, not even ya graduation and ya drunk as hell. Way moar drunk than mah Gary-boo and Ashy! Heeey are ya gonna drink that Richiiiie?" Misty asked with a giggling fit, as she reached for Richie's drink.

"Whhooa, heeey now! Yesh Imma gonna drink this. You still have your drink girlfriend!" Richie said with a smile, as he leaned backwards from Misty.

Gary who is only buzzed like Ash, laughed at the sight of Misty poorly trying to steal Richie's drink, as he finally pulled Misty back towards him. With one hand holding an open drink over her head, he let out a tiny smile. "Here, you can have mine."

Misty looked at Gary, as she mention that Richie's drink looks better but she still accepted his drink. But within seconds, Misty was all back to her giggly self enjoying the drink she got from her Gary. But a state mind of confusion was upon her when she heard Melody called out her name.

"…Why are you drinking so much girl? Is there a motive or reasoning for the extra drinking tonight that I wasn't informed of?" Melody asked across from Misty on the other side the other couch with Ash.

"Mmmm? Iya don't need a motive to drink girlfriend! It's our grad-night! And why aren't ya drinking with meee? Ya have been on that same second bottle for da last hour!"

"Girl, if I know you well enough, there is a reason. Because we both planned not to get drunk tonight remember?"

Misty looked straight at Melody with a pair of hurtful eyes, as she could somewhat tell her best girl friend picked it up. "Meh, last minute changes. Sowwy giiiiirl! I'll make it up to ya, um-uhh…" Misty leaned back against the couch, as she took slip of her drink.

"You don't need to make it up or explain it to me girl, it's fine. Just enjoy yourself." Melody said with a smile, as she notice out the corner of her eye that Ash had a concern look upon his face.

Misty then leaned in a bit forth at the edge at her couch towards Melody. "Noooes…Kekeke, I said noes. I'll tell ya, it's no biggie. Da news is just about Gary leavin' with his parents to Saida Island. Hehehe, I guess that wasn't hard to mention. Right Gaaary-Booo?" Misty said with a smile, as she somewhat caught Gary's shook expression. But she then looked over at Richie. "Riiiichieee! I still want your drink!"

Richie stunned as much as Ash and Melody who just found out about the news on Gary's leave, Richie just handed over his drink to Misty. As he had her lean against the couch again, while eying Gary with a raised eyebrow. "What the hell man?"

"I um-uh, was going to tell you all but I just told Mist—"

"He told me right at da end of our grad-cap throwy-thingy." Misty said all causally, as she looked straight over at Ash.

"So it wasn't really something in your eye at that moment then huh?" Ash asked

"Iya guess Iya liiied? Oopies…" Misty said with foolish smile, as she reached for another drink off the coffee table in the middle of the couches. "…Let's continue drinking da night away and enjoy da time we have left with each other!"

Gary let out a guilty look, as he called out Misty's name. "…I don't think it's wise for yo—"

"Gary, let it be. Don't ruin this for her. As you have some explaining to do with the guys…" Melody said quietly in Gary's ear, as she reached over to Misty. "…Miiisty! Come sit over by meee! Ash is being mean, so you two need to switch!"

Misty let out a smile at Melody, while getting up off the couch with Melody's hold. "Mmm, of coooourse! I'la sit next to ya! Ya mah girlfriend buuuut only if ya drink with meee. Kekeke."

With Melody giving Misty a tiny smile and distracting her with random discussions, Ash and Richie took Gary to another room, after excusing themselves for a bit. After getting Gary's rant about his sudden decision, Ash and Richie called him names and putted him down for leaving them but mostly mainly Misty. Who all of them clearly knew she's staying in Pallet with her sisters because of the signed contracted. Gary sat in his seat and took the verbal abuse from his friends, since he couldn't deny the fact they were right. But then he felt their light shoves, as he looked over at his two best guy friends, who had supporting smiles. Since Ash and Richie knew how Gary is stuck headstrong on his decisions, all they could do was given him the support when he face a sober Misty. For being gone close to an hour, the guys finally returned back to their original hangout room. The moment they entered the room, Melody had her index finger to her lips, indicating them to be quiet. As they saw Misty curled up in a ball, sleeping on the other end of the couch, using Gary's coat as a blanket. Gary was the first to make his way over to the couch, as he was about to thanked Melody for watching over her but he noticed a wet spot on Melody's jean. Melody noticed Gary saw the spot before he pointed at it, as she just gave him a sad expression. The look that he received from Melody, Gary knew it was from Misty's tear when it was just the two of them talking. Taking Melody's spot on the other end of the couch, Gary finally thanked her but received a light tap on his cheek. As it was meant an insult slap, that wasn't worth her time doing the real thing. Gary of course took it, as a small punishment for leaving Misty in a messed up state. But until she is sobered up and ready to talk, all Gary could do was wait. With the atmosphere dead, Gary, Richie, Ash and Melody did the best to make the rest of the night a better one, by playing Texas hold 'em.

Early Morning 5 A.M. – Sparky Spin House – Backroom

While Richie was closing up his club, Gary, Ash and Melody were quietly cleaning up the back room of their party hangout, as Misty was still asleep. Looking around there wasn't much left on the clean up; Gary told Ash and Melody that they could take off first. As he'll take over the rest before Richie completely closed his club. Ash would normally stay but he saw the tiredness in Melody's eyes. Hand shaking Gary 'good bye', Ash and Melody quietly left the backroom and headed towards the front to say 'bye' to Richie. About 15 minutes that passed on by, no extra cleaning was done, due to Gary just wanted some alone time with his sleeping Misty. With his back leaned against the couch Misty is on, Gary let out a deep sigh.

"…I'm really sorry for my sudden decision Misty. I guess somewhere along the line, I've grown attach to my mom over the last few weeks. As well the career-field they are in. I—" Gary slightly jumped when a pair of arms was around his neck from behind.

"Why are you telling me this when I'm asleep, you dork. Could you at least have waited?" Misty said in a groggy tone, as she tightens her hug.

"Uh-I was just talking to myself because I feel like shit putting you through this again." Gary said in a miserable tone, as he placed his hands on Misty's arms.

"I guess serves you right in a way…But let's talk about this later on today. My head hurts and I want to sleep on your comfy bed." Misty pulled away when Gary pulled her arms off of him.

Gary then turned around and placed a kiss on Misty's forehead. "Kay, until that little head of yours stop hurting from that hang over, you take another nap. I still got to clean up the remaining of this room."

"Nah, I'll help so we can leave as soon as possible." Misty then got up and started cleaning the areas what needed attention.

Later on that Afternoon – Oak's Mansion

Gary entered back into his bedroom with a couple of bottles of water and a sandwich. As he then quickly made his way over to his bed towards Misty, who was now awake with her back leaned against the wall. Placing all the extra items on the night stand but a water bottle, Gary took a sit at the edge of his bed and handed Misty the bottle. Gary then got the cue from Misty that she was ready to listen to his reasoning. After a long good explanation from Gary, as one of the big reasons of his decision was when Ash had told him he had overheard their moms talking about Gary's future. On how Natalie's so proud of Gary, all grown up to be without his parents help. And also the great friends and girlfriend he had. But she wanted to be able to see more of him, as she decided that if Riley doesn't ask her back when she hands her part of the packet, she was going to stay in Pallet. As much as she really want her husband to asked her not to stay and her heart isn't really in it on staying in Pallet town without her husband, she was too stubborn to admit to him. Since Gary remembered Rudy's saying that mother's are usually number one spot in a man's heart for they are always there for their child. Even though Gary knew 90 of it wasn't true on his mother's part; his parents in general, but he had notice since day one of their arrival, his mother was on his side and going against her own husband. But also not trying to be in denial anymore, Gary admitted that he has grown attach to the animal biologist world and the exciting hands on experiences on Saida island that his mother kept on talking about. With the long silence between the two, Gary finally faced Misty but couldn't help to let out a deep sigh, when he saw the sad painful expression upon her face.

"…I guess selfishness runs in the family. I know asking you to leave your sisters is very selfish of me. So I would like to ask you that if we could continue our relationship on long distance term? I'm not going to be like Rudy and end it because we're distances away. I'm sorry Misty, this is one of the hardest decisions in my life. I really don't want to leave you but deep down I think I'll regret seeing my mom being here in this mansion for my sake—"

"You know I love you too much to let you go…" Misty said quietly; when she suddenly cut him off with a hug. As she then took in a deep breath when she felt Gary's arms tighten around her. "…And I can't say I can easily let you go without a fight or me pleading you again not to go. But knowing how you are when you're set, it's hard to change her mind, unless it from the main source. I don't remember what all happened last night nor my talk with Melody but before I drank myself away, I don't want any time wasted between us. So no fighting or arguing with me and you do whatever I want to remaining time and no buts about it, got it?" Misty said in a demanding tone, covering up the depressed one when she pulled away from Gary. "But um-I want to be there with you when you tell your parents ok?"

Gary slowly pulled away and stared at Misty with the most sincere eyes he could give, as he leaned in for a kiss. With his hand on her cheeks and his forehead against hers, Gary had his lips a parted from Misty's less than an inch. "…I guess some people are right, it does seem like I don't deserve you as my partner."

Misty pushed Gary away from her all angry like, as she gave him a glare. "Heeey now! I don't care what others say about us…" Misty then changed her tone in a jokingly matter kinda "…Suuure it may be true that I deserve a lot better in boyfriend term buuut—"

Gary pulled Misty in for a hug the moment he saw the force smile on her face when she was joking around. "Misty, you don't need to put up a smile on your face. I know that you're hurting and I'm the one that caused it. I'll make it up to you and give you all my divided attention. If you want to cry, then cry, if you want to hit me, hit me. DO whatever your heart desire. You're the best girl that ever happened in my life, thank you for standing by me on my selfishness. I love you."

"Just shut up and let me cuddled up with you in peace and quiet." Misty said with a feisty tone but with a smile.

A Couple of Hours Later

"Are you sure you just want to tell your dad?" Misty asked, while being dragged behind Gary heading towards the family den room.

"Yeah, as I'm going to make him go apologize to my mom first since she won't do it. And with me making my decision going to Saida with them, it should be nice collateral. And the fact my mom's over at Mrs. K, I don't know when she'll be back, those two are just hella stubborn!"

"We're ones to talk on being stubborn Gary…" Misty stopped in her track when Gary stopped to face her. "…Did I say something to offend you?"

"No, you're just cute when stating the awful truth about us…" Gary said with a smile, as he then continues dragging Misty behind him towards the other side of the mansion. The closer the two got, Gary saw that the door was closed. But that didn't stop him from entering the den, as he just opened the door without a knock or two. "…We need to talk."

Riley turned around when he heard his son's voice but he didn't expect Misty to be behind him, as he gives the two a stare. "What about?"

"About you being less of a stubborn douche to mom and apologize to her and ask her to go back with you. I don't want mom to stay here in Pallet." Gary said in a serious tone, as he felt Misty squeezed his hand, when the two saw Riley's glare.

"Why should I? It's your mother's choice to stay in Pallet." Riley said leaning against the desk, as his hand on top of the unopened packet he received from his wife yesterday.

"If you don't soon then I'll be changing my mind going to Saida. If mom's not going than I really have no reason to go back with you."

Riley stood at his spot, trying to figure out if his son's tone was a jokingly manner or a serious one, on the idea of him deciding to go back with him and Natalie. Two words came out of Riley's, 'you serious' along with a questioning look upon his face. Gary looked over with a smug stare and smiles at his father and then gave him a tiny shrug. As he replied back with the word a 'maybe' in a cocky tone. But before letting his father say anything else, Gary asked him if he was really hurt at the fact mom decided to be separated from him to stay here. And also asked why he didn't ask her to come back with him when he knew what the packet meant at graduation. Riley full of pride written all over his face; as he knew it too, he decided to turn his back towards Gary and Misty, as he then let out a sigh.

"…The day your mother made that decision of staying her for your sake, that was the first time I ever saw an expression like that in my life. As at the very moment I could tell she picked you over me. So I didn't do anything, she wanted to stay here. I really don't want—"

"Pfft, listen to this Misty, my pops over here has been with his wife for how many years now? As he can't tell that his wife was moping around over him. And she was talking to Mrs. K about regretting her decision. To think that we've been together for about half a year you and I can read each other—"

"Wait-what?" Riley asked when he turned his chair around to face his son and Misty.

"In other words pop, she's hurt at the fact you haven't asked her not to stay here."

Riley's face was pretty much all flabbergasted when he realized that he's been a stubborn idiot, as he decided to go get his Natalie back. But before doing so, he had a question to full fill his curiosity. "So are you serious about going back to Saida Island with us by next week?"

"Yeah, Misty and I talked over about it. And I'm doing this for mom, so don't think it's for you. And also, I'm going to give Saida Island's a chance to see how great it is, since you guys' been highly praising it. Once you apologize to mom, with your hidden feelings that you told me not to long ago, you can let mom know that I'm going. But after tonight, I don't want anything to do with you guys. We…" Gary wrapped his arm around Misty's shoulder to turn her around, so they could walk out. "…Don't have time to waste."

"Wait, can I have a moment with you Misty?" Riley asked, as he caught the surprised look.

"Um, sure…" Misty looked over at Gary, as she grabbed his hand. "…I'll meet you in the living room ok?"

Gary gave Misty a nod, as he could help but wonder why his father wanted to talk to Misty. But he let it slide when he felt a squeeze of reassurance from Misty. Once Gary walked out of the den and shutting the door, Misty was still near the door entrance, as Riley finally got up from his chair and slowly made it over towards Misty. Right when he was in front of her, there was a big awkward silence between them, as he got a bit more awkward for Misty when she was suddenly hugged by Riley. As 'uhh' and 'umm' were the only words that escaped through her mouth, but then she heard Riley mumbled something. Asking to repeat what he had said, Riley had let her go from the hug.

"…Thank you. Thank you for convincing Gary to go to Saida Island. You know that I am really fond of you. Not the fact that I know you encouraged Gary about Saida, but for being there for him. The way he act and looks at you, I can tell he cares deeply about you. Really thank you for being the supportive girlfriend. As I have to admit that I have no clue how to be a father figure or act toward him—"

"Mr. Oak, thanks for believing in me. But to clear things up, I didn't do anything. It was all Gary's decision on leaving. I just made the choice of letting him go. Because I don't want to hold him back on something he has a knack for. And also when he's headstrong on his decisions, the only way for him to change his mind is from the main source. Since it's not me…" Misty paused for a moment and took in a deep breath and gave Riley a serious stare. "…I have a favor to ask you."

Later on that Night – Dining Room Table

With an emotional, joyful but yet hellish make up with Natalie over at Delia's house; who didn't make things any better for Riley, but they were finally on the same page. As Natalie, who had pounced back to her old self, right after being reunited with her husband, she had to plan a family dinner. Which all of the Oaks secretly missed for the pass some days. But with the one on one discussion with Misty, earlier on, Riley decided to not to mention Gary's decision until it was the right at during their dinner session. As it was getting near the end, Riley looked straight ahead of him at Misty, both sharing the same consent expression. Right when Riley announced about Gary decision on leaving to Saida, Prof. Oak dropped his fork, while May nearly choked on her food and Natalie jumped out of her seat to confirm it with Gary at the news. Besides the squealing from Natalie after getting her nod from Gary, May was the first to ask why the sudden decision, while Prof. Oak stared in an inquiring way. Keeping it short and simple, Gary said it was for his studies interest and also he did it for his mom. Seeing the serious expression on Gary's face, they all knew he wasn't joking, as all eyes were on Misty.

"You guys are making me a little uncomfortable with the stares. If you all really must know, I'm on the road of being alright with Gary leaving. We all clearly know that I don't want him to leave but shedding tears will be pointless…" Misty let out a tiny smile, as she wrapped her arms around Gary's left arm. "…Gary and I have our week planned for our remaining time. So Mr. and Mrs. Oak, not wanting to be rude or anything, but Gary and I decided we can't include you two in our time…" Misty said with the most sincere tone, as she let out a smile when she got their understood nods and smiles. She then looked over at Prof. Oak. and May. "…Prof. Oak, Gary and I would like to spend the day with you tomorrow and May, we want to spend the day with you on Monday. Is that alright with you two? Or do we need to change the days?"

"I'll make some time tomorrow. What do you two have in mind?" Prof. Oak asked either towards Misty or Gary.

"We were thinking if you don't mind, we spend the day with you in your lab and work with you on that project due on Monday. In other words gramps, one last time seeing you like a chicken with its head cut off." Gary said with a smirk, as the other giggled and chuckled quietly off the side.

"One last time you saving me out of a due date I see." Prof. Oak said with a smile.

May cleared her throat, when she saw Gary and Misty looked over at her to get her answer, as she let out a smile. "You know I'll make time for my two favorite couple! What do you have in mind?"

"That we're not too sure on. But since you and I work in the morning on Monday we should have fun dressing up Gary and some picture taking?" Misty said with a big devilish smile that matched May's, when the two saw Gary's appalled expression at the idea.

"I'm sensing I'm in for it huh?" Gary asked, as he received a couple of smiles and shrugs from Misty and May. "Anyways May, besides planning what to do to me on Monday morning, how about afterwards?"

"Are you sure? Alright! Sounds good to me! Now don't complain if I plan something you don't like." May said in a cheery tone, wiggling her index finger.

"Haha, don't worry, I won't…" Gary let out a smile at Misty for a second and then looked back at May. "…And with you being all excited how can I denied you of the planning privilege?"

"Oooh, so now it's privilege? Because you said so? Well I'll show you privilege…" May then got a spoon full of mashed potatoes off her plate and flung it at Gary. "…Buwhaha! Bulls-eye in your hair!"

With Misty and Prof. Oak held their laughter in, Gary couldn't believe the fact that May just suddenly threw mashed potatoes at him, as he was determined to return the favor back. But Gary's shot towards May was a failure, to due May moving out the way. As the two were about to go another round but stopped when they heard Natalie telling them it's not dinner table manners, as Riley agreed with his wife. But within seconds, May and Gary decided to be mischief sister and brother towards their parent, as they flung their spoonful of mashed potatoes at them. The shocked expression that appeared on both Riley's and Natalie's, no one expected a battle cry from Natalie, as she and Riley teamed up together and retaliated back. With it becoming a parent verses children food fight battle, Misty and Prof. Oak were innocence bystanders that got hit in the mess. With the two caught up in the mess, they decided to join in on the food fight battle.

Few Days Later - Tuesday Early Morning – Richie's Place

"Riiiichiiiie! I can't believe you're not ready!" Misty whined, as she eyed Richie pacing back and forth grabbing his belonging from his closet and bathroom.

Richie looked over at his bed that was supporting four of his friends, but mainly eyed back at Misty. "Heeey, I just closed up my club like thirty minutes ago. And I do need to pack my stuff, for this last minute road trip you wanted to do. You all know I work nights."

"First off, it's not too last minute Richie, we called you Sunday and discussed it with you! So you had at least 2 days to pack before your night shifts. So care to explain to me why did you pack then?" Misty asked with a smile.

"I uhh-um—" Richie looked over at Gary who made his way towards him.

Gary couldn't help pat Richie on his back. "My friend, this is the part where you just say touché."

Richie gave Gary a cynical stare, and then looked over at Ash who just nodded in agreement. As Richie knew he had to admit defeat. "…Touché. Now if we want to get going soon, let me finish packing!"

"Ahaha, I'll help you to get your bag ready." Gary said in smug tone.

"Yeaaah-yeeaah." Richie slightly shoved Gary in the direction where he needed help.

Melody let out a laugh at Richie's huffy-puffy attitude, as she and Misty know that Richie can't seem to be mad at the two. Melody then leaned her forearm on Misty's shoulder. "Aww, look at Richie all trying not to be mad. That's such a cute trait of him, don't you think Misty?"

"Mmhmm, but of course! But let's be nice and quit embarrassing him. Hehehe…" Misty giggled along side with Melody, as she and her looked over at Ash. Who got off the bed and made his way over to Richie, when he mention he'll help pack to get it going faster. As Misty then leaned on Melody's shoulder. "…You know I'm really glad you two were able to give your work shifts away for the next four days. I'm really excited with this semi-Kanto road trip with all five of us."

"Girl, with everything going down we don't have much time right? And when Sunday morning comes, it's not going to be the same when Gary's gone…" Melody caught the faint sigh from Misty, as she leaned her head against Misty and started to whisper. "…I'll let you know Ash is really sad and shock at Gary's leave. But you can't tell can you? So how are you really taking it? If Ash can be his cheery dorky self I know you can too."

"Really Melody, I'm fine. It took some thinking time to myself about Gary's future. Since day one of our meeting, he's always been there for me after that. And so when I realized how much he's into the animal biology field when he talked about in person or over the phone, there was so much passion. Especially the last couple of weeks when he played around on his parent's projects, one on one with each of them. Even though I'm really sad at the idea of Gary leaving, I know things are going to be alright with the two of us…" Misty paused for a second, to see all three guys had disappeared in the bathroom, due to not being able to find something of Richie's. Misty still lower her voice a bit quieter. "…You can't let Ash know or else he'll blab to Gary, I asked Riley to try to be more of a relaxed father and not be jumping on his case. Also as well not to be ashamed of asking what he's doing wrong with Gary. And if things ever get tough or rough to the point of something he might regret doing or he can't deal with him, I told him to call out Natalie. Since Gary seems to have a weak spot for his mom. Oh and also…" Misty whispered into Melody's ear when all three guys eyed the two when they came out of the bathroom. With Melody a bit of wide eyes, Misty then over heard Gary asking what's with the whispering. Pulling away from Melody to face the three guys; who were pathetically failing at packing, Misty let out a laugh with Melody. "…I said, how many guys does it take to pack a bag? And I said three—"

Melody quickly covered Misty mouth with her hand and let out a mocking smile. "Shhh! You can't say that out loud! Besides we might as well let them wonder! Hahaha, now get back to packing! We are going to run a bit behind schedule if you three can't finish a duffle bag!

"Ahem to that sister!" Misty said with a laugh along side with Melody, as the guys just shook their heads and continued packing.

Four Days Later – Friday Night - Back in Pallet Town

After visiting the major cities of the Kanto region and returning late night, Ash and Melody were the first to take off from Richie's, after their good night bid. Gary and Misty stayed with Richie a bit longer for one main chit chat. But within an hour Richie has to cut it short, due to one of his DJ's; who knew he was back, called him saying there was a problem at his club. After excusing himself, he got a big thank you from Gary and Misty and also hoped to see him one last time on Sunday before he leaves. But Gary mentions that if he can't make it, he'll understand since he needed to get back to his sleeping and clubbing lifestyle. Richie replied he'll do what he can when the time come. Gary and Misty then left at the same time Richie had to go back to his club. While Misty was driving towards Gary's house, Gary mentions that tomorrow he has the whole day planned out for their last date. As he asked her if she was free in the morning to start their date he planned out. But the moment Misty let out an 'uhh' Gary hope it was hoping some good news after that.

"…I'm sorry Gary but tomorrow morning I got a lot of stuff to take care of with my sisters. And it might take to the afternoon. But I should be free by dinner time. I know it's going to be our last day together but I think it'll be best if you start your packing for Saida. Since you haven't really packed yet and we've been out of town. So promise me by the time we do dinner you'll have everything ready kay? Because I don't want to waste our last remaining time of helping you pack, got it?" Misty said in a demanding tone.

"Hahaha, yes madam! You can be scary when being all demanding and stuff you know that?" Gary said with a smirk. "So I promise to have all my packing done by the time you come. But you have to promise me that you'll be with me all night and until the moment I walk through those gates at Route 1's Airport."

"I promise…" Misty gave Gary a sincere smile, as they enjoyed the last few minutes before reaching up at Gary's place and spilt up at their good nights.

Next Day – Saturday Evening

Just ending his call with Misty, after mention she's done with her errands and stuff with her sisters, as well she's going to be there within twenty minutes to pick him up for dinner. Gary let out a grunt of frustration due to knowing he only actually had about fifteen minutes to finish his preparations in his bed room. It was right on the dot when the fifteen minutes alarm went off on Gary's cell when he stepped outside his bedroom and heard a faint squeal from his mother. Rushing his way towards the front door, Misty had already spotted him from afar, as she asked if he was ready to go.

"…Yeeeah about that. I'm not done with—"

"Are you serious Gary? You're not done packing? Damn it Gary, let's go finish before we head out then…" Misty they looked over at Natalie and also Riley; who just came out from the kitchen. "…Sorry Mrs. And Mr. Oak, would have liked to chit chat with you more, but your son seem to can't finish to do a simple task. Well take care, byebye…" Misty then turned Gary around and started pushing him back towards his bedroom.

While picking a bickering feast with Misty just because he can, Gary stood at his front door when the two reached to it. Misty wondered why Gary hadn't opened it yet, as she hurried him up to open it. But Gary refused which caused to get on Misty's nerve, as she threw her arms in the air before deciding to open it herself. At the corner of her eyes, Misty noticed Gary's room was a bit dimmer then usual the moment she looked away from Gary, after giving him a glare. After getting the full view of inside Gary's bedroom, she was left speechless. As the room was light up by a candle lights, spread throughout the room, but the most of the candles were set at the window ledge sill to light up a small table. Thus was set up for two, two covered plates, two glasses for their choice of sparkling or real champagne, alongside two water bottles but one box in the middle of the table. After shutting the door, Gary wrapped his arms around Misty's neck from behind and slowly led her towards the table, as well at the same time he pointed over in the corner to show all his suit cases were packed and ready to go for tomorrow.

"A promise is a promise, I got everything packed and ready for tomorrow. I was just messing with you just to make you think I wasn't done. Because I knew very well that you would march and drag me back to my bedroom to pack. So um surprise!"

"Aww Gary it's so romantic and thoughtful of you…" Misty said while walking towards the table with Gary still behind her with his arms around her shoulders. "…Sooo I'm just stating the obvious, we're not eating out huh?"

"Bob, tell her what she won!" Gary said in a sarcastic tone but then changed his tone to a deeper one to overcast another person. "…Well if you look over at the middle of the table there is a puuurple box! I don't know what's in it, but let's give it to her anyways!" Gary then couldn't help to laugh along side with Misty at his bad impersonation of a game host announcer. But before doing anything else, Gary pulled Misty chair out for her to sit down first, as he then grabbed the box and handed it to her. "It's nothing big but I thought it'll come in handy."

Misty opened the box when Gary finally took his sit across from her, as she pulled out a black cell phone. "A cell phone?"

"Yup, I got us on a family plan so we can talk unlimited to each other. And even send pictures and text if you want. I figure it'll save you and your sisters on the long distance bills. Hope the cell model is fine with you."

"No it's fine! I'm not picky, even if I was this little Psyduck charm made it up. Thank you so much for thinking of this Gary."

"It's just a step into our relationship…" Gary said in a faint tone, as he then turned on his stereo entertainment to play a mix burned CD Misty had made for him awhile ago. "…Let's get eating before our meals get cold. I just got done making your favorite dish. But you know my skill of cooking, it isn't the best bu—"

"Gary its fine, your cooking skill is pretty fine, just because you learned from the best…" Misty said with confident but also had her tongue stuck out. "…But I'll say compared to when we first got to know each other, that's a different story. Hahaha, but whatever you make Gary you know I'm happy."

"Yeaaah-yeeah, suuure whatever you say Misty. Let's just start eating…" Gary tried to hide his embarrassment of Misty's cheesy-ness, Gary quickly uncover their plates and opened the sparkling cider when Misty pointed at that bottle.

Sometime later after finishing their dinner, Misty and Gary decided to skip out on dessert and just sat on the edge of Gary's bed to talk. With the music still playing in the background, they talked about any subject came to their minds, Misty was also going through her new cell phone trying to figure it out without using the manual book. Laughing at Misty's failed attempt to get to the camera, Gary finally showed her how to. After getting the new cell 101 lesson, Misty gave Gary a playful glare and took the phone back, as she took a picture of her and Gary cheeks press against each other. While trying to save the picture and set it as her wallpaper and Gary who excused himself to the bathroom, Misty was on the bed listening to one of her favorite songs on the CD track…

((Go on and close the curtains - cause all we need is candle light - You and me and a bottle of wine
going to hold you tonight - Well we know I'm going away - and how I wish, I wish it weren't so - So take this wine and drink with me - let's delay our misery - Save tonight - and fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow - tomorrow I'll be gone - Save tonight - and fight the break of dawn - Come tomorrow - tomorrow I'll be gone…))

…Misty never thought the song was ever to relate in her situation. Not realizing Gary had return back from his bathroom, Misty was still lost in her own world of the song. As it got more into the lyrics of how everything of her and Gary was true in the song, tears started flowing down her cheek. But they were quickly wiped away by Gary, as he started to sing a part of the song to make his feelings know…

"…It ain't easy to say goodbye - darling please don't start to cry - Cause girl you know I've got to go, oh - Lord I wish it wasn't so - Save tonight - and fight the break of dawn - Come tomorrow - tomorrow I'll be gone…"

Breaking away from the song by whispering 'remember you promised' into Misty's ear, Gary placed a few kisses where the few tear drops had gone down each side of her cheeks. As he then made tiny kisses and nibbles long side down of Misty's neck. Feeling less sadden, Misty scooted further onto the bed and slowly laid down flat onto her back, but alongside pulling Gary's face towards her face. Exchanging deep kisses with fingers running through each other's hair, Gary slowly lift his body weight off Misty, as they were still connected at the lips, but Gary's hand started to wonder off at the bottom of Misty's button up tank style top. Within moments, Gary pulled away from Misty's face when he got half of her top unbutton, as her belly was exposed. Gary lowered his face towards Misty's belly and placed the first kiss at that spot, as he slowly placed more kisses every time he undid a button going upwards to her soon expose bra. The moment the last top button was undone, the tank shirt was slowly pushed open while Gary still placed his trail of kisses. A big smile popped on Gary's face when he finally notice Misty wore the lavender with the black lace trim bra that he got her awhile back before asking her to become his girlfriend. Finally reaching at her collar bone, Gary went straight up her neck to her chin and back on her lips. Back to their deep kisses, Gary's body still hovering above Misty's, as he then slowly moved a bit back upwards. Due to Misty pushing herself upright, in order to tossed her shirt to the side and take control on her part of starting at the top of Gary's shirt. Quickly unbuttoning to the last button, Misty went straight to tossing to the side after taking it off. Still in their upright positions Misty couldn't help but let out blushing smile when she ran her hands from Gary's collarbone down across his stomach and right at the buckle of his pants. But within seconds it became a game for the two who could undressed the other first…After hearing the quiet pants and moans escaped from Misty's lips and along of the tight embrace, Gary couldn't help wanting to devourer her some more. But instead he broke away from their kisses but still connected as 'one', Gary looked down into Misty's wondering eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you too—" Misty replied back in a shaky tone, as she then suddenly avoid eye contact with Gary's.

Gary saw Misty's eyes started tearing up, as he realized it's really their last night together. As well thinks won't be the same for the two. He then bit the button of his lips, at the sight of his Misty in emotional pain, as he then broke of their 'connection' to adjust his position above her. In order to tilted her face towards his and to rest his forehead against hers. The moment his forehead was on Misty's, he let out a tiny sigh. "…On second thought, I change my mind on going to Saida with my parents."

"What? Gary, please let's not talk about this at a moment like this. Your mind is in a hazy stage because of my little emotional break downs. I know you'll end up regretting not going, especially after your mind is set on it. We both know deep down, it's more for you then for your mother. So lets just forget the fact that this was mention and continue on what we have planned the moment you step on that plane."


Misty had cut Gary off with her index finger at his lips and told him, 'no buts' and also a 'thank you', that went with her smile towards him. Gary knew what the thank you was for, as he then had no choice but to fall to defeat at Misty's wishes. He also knew deep down Misty was right about him most likely regretting on not going to Saida Island to expand his horizon but he also knew that she could feel his regrets on leaving her. The moment he laid onto his side and had his arms tightly wrapped around Misty, a few drops of tears escaped his eyes. As he then just buried his face at Misty's neck and collarbone, when she had her arms wrapped at his shoulders and the back of his head.

Next Morning – Sunday – Gary's Bedroom

When Gary woke up, he wasn't sure to either laugh or cry again for the many reasons that dealt with Misty. As it wouldn't have changed the fact Misty wasn't in bed beside him the moment he woke up. He looked around at the floor to see only his set of clothes and the bathroom door was wide open, Gary hoped that she was out somewhere in the mansion. But the moment he saw a hand written letter on his nightstand he knew she wasn't around in the Mansion. Slipping on his boxers, Gary grabbed the letter of the nightstand and started reading it…


I'm sorry that I broke my promise. But this was the best way for me to do this. I don't want to be there the moment you walk pass those gates because I can guarantee you that I won't be able to hold back my tears. As I know I'll end up causing you pain and you'll have your second thoughts about not leaving again. You're most likely mad and also sad at the fact I'm not there right next to you but instead this letter, I'm really sorry. But if it's not too much to ask for, please don't come looking for me or as well on calling me. But please do call the moment you have arrived safely in Saida Island. Consider this my selfish asking from you. I have already sent my regards to your parents, before writing this letter and also I asked Ash, Melody and Richie to send my regards to you. So they will be at the airport waiting for you when you leave with your family. Take care and start your journey with no regrets, got it? Good, I love you.

XoXo, Misty

Once Gary was done reading the letter, he really wanted to see Misty but once again falling to Misty's wishes, he decided not to. With nothing much to do but to freshen up and get ready to pack everything suitcases in his sister's car, Gary decided to take a shower first. Since he saw on his Umbreon clock that he had about less than an hour before taking off airport. Out of the bathroom fully clothed and ready to go, Gary grabbed two of the three suitcases and headed out towards the living room. The closer he got, the more noises he heard from his parents, sister and grandpa. But Gary was in no mood to talk, he just walked straight out of the house without them noticing him. As he then placed his suitcases next to May's car and then returned back into the house. Trying to get his last suitcase from his bedroom in secretly was a failed case, when Natalie called out Gary's name and wished him a good morning. Turning around at the entrances of the hallway, Gary had a blank expression towards his family members but still managed a hand raise wave. Natalie could tell there was something wrong with Gary, as she wasn't sure if she should ask or not. But getting the slight awkward silence, Natalie decided to ask another question, so it wasn't all on Gary, or so she thought.

"Hey honey, where's Misty? Her car's gone, is she still coming with us to the airport?"

Gary let out a tiny joker smile, as he turned around to head back to his room. "No, she decided not to go and left early morning. I need to get my last suitcase and we can leave."

Hearing Gary's last sentence in a faint sound, when he went deeper down the hallway, Natalie let out a sigh. As Riley came up behind her to reassure that everything will be ok and that Gary's sulking is just hitting him hard. But Natalie wasn't too keen on Riley's word but May from out of the kitchen, told her mother not to worry about it. As May then changed the subject by telling her parents it would be best if they rode with grandpa, while Gary rode in her car. Not wanting to make things complicated, Natalie agreed to May's idea, as she then looked at her father-in-law. Who called out her name to ask if she and Riley had everything packed in his car. After receiving a couple of nods, Prof. Oak then suggested them to head out towards the car, so they could take off soon. May could tell that her mother was about to protest when she saw her looked down the hallway and still no sign of Gary, but she beat her mother to the punch line. By telling her not to worry about Gary again and the fact they are only going to be a few minutes behind them. May urged her parents to head out, while she waits for Gary and the moment they headed out, Gary was right behind her. May felt Gary's presents, as she turned around to ask him if there was anything else he needed before heading out. Shaking his head, indicating 'no', May kept it at that and didn't spoke another word, as the two head out of the house to her car.

Route 1 Airport Terminals

"Well Gary this is good bye." Ash said in a grieving tone, as he held out his hand, for their trademark hand shake.

Gary let out a smirk and grabbed Ash's hand, not for their hand shake but to pull him into a hug. "If you're going to sound sappy you might as well go all the way and do it sappy like. This is the last time we're in each other arms like this."

"Please don't remind me. I'm going to miss being in your arms like this, night after night." Ash said in a more grieving tone, tighten his hug on Gary but then the both looked over at Richie, who cleared his throat.

"…I seriously sometimes can't believe I'm friends with you two."

Gary and Ash let out a chuckle, as they finally let go of each other. But Gary then wrapped his arm around Richie's neck. "Man, you're just jealous. You're just wondering where's your love huh? Well today at this second, it's free of charge." Gary said, as he literally jumped and hanged onto Richie.

Richie almost lost his balance, but managed to catch and grabbed a hold of Gary. "Damn Gary, fair warning next time would be nice. And damn, when did you gain this extra weight? Sorry I'm dumping you."

The moment Richie thought it was a good idea to drop Gary, he went along down with him. For he didn't think ahead about Gary still having a tight hold on him. Both on the floor aching in pain, for landing wrong, laughers came from all the Oaks, Delia, Ash and Melody. After getting off the floor with Richie, Gary made his way over to Melody, who had seem to be crying earlier due to her red eyes.

"Melody, am I really worth your crying tears? You know you could have cried now if you wanted instead of earlier." Gary said in a jokingly manner to lighten up the mood with Melody.

Melody gave Gary a pair of rolled eyes, as she crossed her arms. "Yeah, whatever Gary. Think what you want to think of these oh-so tears for you. You take care of yourself ok? This is fro—" Melody was taken back at Gary's sudden hug, as she heard him whispered her name.

"…Please look after Misty for me. Thanks."

Melody let out a smile but then ended the hug with Gary quickly by pushing him away. "Why do I have to look after her?"

"Because frankly, I don't trust those two with their own life." Gary said with a laugh, that matched Melody's when they looked over at Ash and Richie with confused expression.

"Touché Gary. Anyways, the message of take of yourself is mainly from Misty but I also mean it too. And she also said you better call her when you get to Saida Island." Melody said in a demanding tone, as she had to poke at Gary's chest to prove her seriousness.

"Haha ok-ok, I will. And thank you again. Please just let Misty know that I wished she was here with all of us for one last time but it's alright, I understand her choice." Gary let out a smile, as he then turned around to see his grandpa and sister just got done bidding their farewell to his parents. He made his way towards his grandpa first. "Well Gramps, thanks for all those years of taking care of me and letting me be who I was before meeting Misty. I couldn't have asked another gramps like you."

"Well you're my only troublesome grandson who pretty much had a splitting image of your father. So it wasn't hard to learn from my mistakes from your father. Anyways enough about him, you take good care of yourself. I know you'll exceed, so you've already done me proud…" Prof. Oak raised his hand towards Gary not to give him a hug, but to ruffle his spikes on last time. "…Last one on the road."

"Damn it gramps, my hair. But thanks. Since I won't be around, make sure you don't burn anything down in your lab. Take care gramps." Gary said with a smile, as he then turned over to May. "Maaay, one of my favorite ladies in my life, I'm going to miss you. No more you meddle in my life to make me a better man. Got to say, if it wasn't for you to set that blind date with Misty things would probably different. Thank you for being there in my life, even though we head butted most of the time on my old lifestyle."

"Gary you need to stop soon, I'm getting all choked up…" May sniffled her nose and rubbed her eyes to clear out the blurry vision. As she then was pulled into a hug.

"Ok-ok, one last thing. I love you May…" Gary said, as he pulled away from May with a big smile on his face. "…And I'm not drunk when I said it."

When May heard Gary said I love you to her sober, as the tears she held back came down her cheeks. "Suuure now you say it. Damn it Gary you made me cried. Way to go Little Bro."

Gary let out a smile when he got a light shove from May. As he casually shrugged like it was no big deal. "What are little brothers for right Big Sis?"

"Yeah whatever. Love you too. But you know this isn't the last we'll see you this year. I do have vacation time I need to use and also grandpa too. Anyways we'll talk more about that later, you, dad and mom need to check in now. Byebye Little Bro."

Natalie, Riley and Gary bid a quick farewell for the last time, as the three headed towards the check stand, leaving the others behind waving. While pulling the cart full of their suitcases, Riley mentioned out loud that they needed to purchase Gary's ticket. Overhearing that the ticket hasn't been purchase yet, Gary let out an annoyed expression but it soon changed when he saw Daisy, Violet and Lily around the corner, standing at their spot like they were expecting him. Gary then asked his parents to head over to the stand to purchase his ticket first, as he mentioned he has one more set of quick good byes. Riley and Natalie nodded in agreement and took off first, leaving Gary to walk off in the Waterflower's direction. About to call out the sisters name, Gary was taken aback by Daisy's cold annoyed stare at him, when he got closer.

"So like, before you say anything, we like, figure it was at least the right thing to bid farewell to you. Even though you caused so much chaos and indecisive issues for Misty, we like, still have to thank you again for getting us closer than ever. And…" Daisy said in somewhat of a sad tone.

Violet cleared her throat and took a step closer to Gary with a smile. "Also like, if you weren't in her life, she wouldn't have been the person she is today. As she's much happier then we could remember, so like, thanks for everything."

Lily then pulled Gary over to her side, before letting him say a word. "Like here…" Lily then shoved a wrapped up box at Gary's chest and let go of it when she knew he had a hold of it. "…It's nothing big, just a good bye gift from the hot Sensational Sisters that we know you'll like, miss dearly. But you can't open it until at you're on the plane."

Gary not sure when it was his turn to talk, as he just stood in silence with the box in his hand. But the moment he got three stares, indicating for him to talk, he cleared his throat. "…Wow, um thanks for seeing me off and also for this box. I really at a loss for words towards you three but you're all welcome. But thank you for understanding my decision…" Gary let out a tiny smirk when he overheard one of the sisters said 'don't remind us', as he forced out a bigger smile. "…But you don't need to worry about me hurting Misty in anyway. You three probably might know by now that we discussed about out plans on our long distance relationship. So yeah, that's about it as I'm sorry to have to cut this short but I need to start heading to my gate. Thanks and good bye." Gary said with a wave, as he then turned around to meet up with his parents at the checkout stand right near their gate.

After checking all their suitcases in, Natalie, Riley and Gary were finally at the gate, as Riley finally handed Gary his plane ticket. Natalie and Riley both handed their tickets to the gate attendant, as he commented on their first class seats are next to each other. When Gary handed his ticket, he assumed his ticket was going to be across or a few seats away. But he assumed wrong when he heard the gate attendant mention his seating is in the economy-coach section.

"What?!" Gary asked out loud, which caused both his parents to turn around.

"What is Gary?" Natalie asked, as she wasn't sure of her son's sudden outburst.

"Why am I in the coach section? It's not like you couldn't afford first class." Gary said in an irritated tone.

"Wait what? Riley! What's the meaning of these?! Why isn't my baby in first class with us?"

"Because I felt like getting him a coach class flight? So what, biiig deal, it's not the end of the world. Besides…" Riley looked over at Gary. "…You'll feel more comfortable in that area. You get to be by yourself and don't have to deal looking at me. So just deal with it…" Riley then turned around and headed towards the plane gates.

Natalie was more shock then mad compared to Gary, as she looked over him but then chased after Riley yelling at him to give her a better reason of the ticket. But with the stunt that Riley did, Gary didn't care anymore, as he was glad he wasn't in first class with his father. With nothing else but to head to his seat, Gary picked up his pace and walked pass his parents. Ignoring his mother's calls, Gary just went ahead and took a left towards his section. Walking down the middle with the box in hand, Gary notice a lot of the seats were already filled, as he then looked for his seating somewhere the middle. Finally spotting his outer seat, Gary flopped down into it. As he then began to curse underneath his breathe, not caring that there was a person behind a set of newspapers, in the window seat.

"…What kind of douche of a dad of mine puts me in the coach section when I could clearly be in first class?!"

"The one that made sure you sat next to me!" Misty had pulled away her newspaper coverage, to catch the surprised-shocked expression on Gary's face when he looked over.


"In the flesh! And these legs can prove it." Misty said with a smile, as she kicked her legs onto Gary's thighs.

"Wait-what?! Wait a minute I'm—"

"Confused huh? Well to keep it short and simple for that tiny brain of yours, I decided to go with you. Aren't you happy?" Misty asked with smile.

"Uhhh, of course I am. But mind telling me when did you decide this?" Gary asked, as his face got close to Misty's face.

"Um when your dad and I had that one on one talk that last Saturday?"

"You've decided this for a whole week now?!"

"I wasn't sure when I suggested the idea to your dad! I asked him a few favors of not mentioning the idea to anyone and made sure you still go to Saida Island. I still had to talk to my sisters and then Brock about breaking our contract, so that way I could leave. That's why I was gone all Saturday morning 'til the evening. I was busy packing after I got the contract ripped up by Brock. And with everything last night, meant so much. I'm sorry I didn't tell you! I wanted it to be a surprise. Would you forgive me?" Misty asked as she had her hands together in front of her face.

Gary pushed Misty's hands away from her face, as he placed both his hands on each side of her cheek and pulled in for a kiss. "I'm too stunned to be mad at you for this stunt. You really out number me on surprises."

"Well I learn from the best." Misty said, as she wrapped her fingers around Gary's.

"What are you going to do as for your career? And is it really alright with you leaving everything behind for me?

"I'll find something, maybe I'll fall under your studies. Then again we're going to an island, there's bound to be some water related jobs I might find as an interest, Beside, isn't it a bit late to be asking that? I'm on the plane next to you, as the plane is going to take off soon. I already said my goodbyes to everyone. That's why they were all here before you showed up at the airport. Gawd, I left Melody and my sisters crying when I had a few tears coming down, when I bid goodbye to them."

"That explains Melody's red puffy eyes, oh speaking of your sisters, they gave me this box…" Gary reached down at the floor to grab the box and held it up. "…They told me not to open this until I'm on the plane."

"Oh? Well open it up and let's see!" Misty said in an eagerly tone, as she watched Gary open the box.

Gary pulled out a piece of paper that was on top of a bunch of photos that was taken throughout the times at Brock's and random places. Pictures of the two with their friends, family members and just by themselves, as each picture on the back had a personal or funny note on it. But the piece of paper was what got Gary's and Misty's attention, as they read on…

Like we told you earlier, this gift isn't big. But we just wanted to let the two of you know; we're like, thinking of you two. Anyways congratulation Gary, as we should like be mad at you for taking our baby sister away from us. But since we love you, we're going to like, let it slide. You two better take good care of each other as, us big sisters aren't around to bail you two out. As this is your guys' new chapter in life. The pictures in the box are pictures of your guys' past, which made you two who you are. And like, that shouldn't be forgotten.

Love the Waterflowers Sensational Sisters

"A new chapter in our life, are you ready for it?" Gary asked, as he decided to put the box away to check it out later.

"With you, yes. And I'll even follow you to the ends of the world." Misty said, as she grabbed a hold of Gary's hand.

"Isn't that stalker sounding?" Gary said with a smile.

"Gary!" Misty whined, as she let go of Gary's hand and lightly slapped Gary on the arm.

"I kid, I kid Misty…" Gary leaned in for a quick kiss, but he pulled away slowly "…Love you."

"Love you too."

With the announcement of the plane is about to take off and for everyone to fasten their seat belts, Gary and Misty pulled away too safely to be in their seats. After fasten up their belts, they sat in silence with their hands locked in with each and rested against each other heads. Wondering what lies ahead of them the moment they step off the plane on Saida Island.

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