- - -


March 2, 2006

- - -

It truly seemed that this was the only thing he could do.

It was the best thing to do.

It would make them happy and he wouldn't have to suffer anymore either.

It would be simple…the knife was sharp. The tip glinted in what little light there was in the room…taunting him.

Daring him.

He hesitated.

What about what he wanted? What about what made him happy?

What did make him happy? He hadn't been happy for so long.

Would this make him happy? What about all the places he wanted to visit? All the things he had wanted to do?

Maybe he'd still be able to after?

After all, nobody knew what exactly was on the other side.

It would be simple…the knife was sharp…

He felt so broken. It felt as though there had been something within him that had been ripped out. Violently. Painfully and slowly.

They hated him. He hadn't seen it coming, and he never knew what hit him.

Abandoned and laughed at cruelly.

He had no one else…he was truly alone now.

It would be simple…the knife was sharp…and there was nobody to stop him.

He grabbed the knife by the blade, ignoring the sharp sting as the teeth slowly slid across his flesh. He ignored the red stained steel. He clutched around it, to steady the very tip across the pale skin on his other arm.

He wasn't stupid. He wouldn't cut along his wrist, going from left to right. He'd do the smart thing. He'd cut up from his wrist to the inside of his elbow, that way he'd lose more blood and probably die quicker.

A dark sound echoed in his ears as tanned arms wrapped around his body from behind.

He jumped and would have stabbed himself, if a warm hand hadn't taken the knife from his grip and moved it from his sight. The arms tightened and he felt himself resting against a solid chest.

He knew he should have felt the warmth the other had always provided, but he was numb, too broken to feel.

"My silly Ieb. It is not your time to visit Aquert yet. Anubis may not have you, I will not let him. You may be broken, but I refuse to let you stay that way." A whispered voice nudged his ear, "Do not let them win…stay with me and together we will see them fail."

"Broken…" He mumbled, "Together."

- - -

Ieb – Heart (Egyptian)

Aquert – A name for the land of the dead. (Egyptian)

Anubis – If you don't know who he is, read a book.

I was feeling slightly suicidal. This helped…a little.