Just something to get me back in the writing groove. It features my new pairing obsession! True love!

Warnings: Shounen-ai, interesting and uncommon pairing

Disclaimer: If you think I own you're more insane than me. That's saying something

Johnny watched absently as his love made his way towards him. His normally arrogant smirk softened into a less arrogant smile.

He had a right to be arrogant. Not everyone was able to have the person walking towards him all to themselves. It was definitely pride inducing. He waited until the man he loved was beside him before slotting an arm around the other's waste.

"What took you so long?" Johnny asked indignantly. "I've been waiting for an age!"

His loved laughed gently. "You've certainly held up well over the ages then haven't you?"

Johnny wrinkled his nose at the other and sighed. "I could say that for you as well. I haven't seen you in months! I had to track you down to here."

"If it makes you any happier, I'm glad you did." The other said quietly. "I've missed you."

"You bloody well better have." Johnny told him, scowling as his love ruffled the 'do. "Hey!"

His lover smiled. "Sorry, it just looks like it's grown since I last saw you."

Johnny rolled his eyes. "So says you, dear."

"What? I was just commenting!" Johnny's companion said, holding up his hands. "I like it when it's long. It suits you."

Johnny rolled his eyes. "How many times do I have to apologise for that one hair cutting incident! It wasn't even my fault!"

"You know what Ollie's like with bubble gum! How could you not know what would happen?"

"Because I'm not psychic, unlike you oh great sensei of the ages."

"You better remember that, grasshopper."

Johnny smirked as they reached the place they had been walking too. "Did your psychic powers predict that one?" He asked, gesturing to the house in front of the pair.

The man next to Johnny gaped. "Johnny! It's beautiful! I thought we'd be going to a hotel or something like that."

The redhead shrugged. "I heard that you and your team would be training here for a while so I decided that I should buy somewhere close by. I couldn't stand staying in another hotel and this house was on the market."

Johnny's lover smiled and rolled his eyes. "Expect you to do that." He told the redhead.

Johnny smirked arrogantly. "Of course. That's why you love me, isn't it?"

"Damn straight."

"So you do like it then?" Johnny asked, looking at his lovers golden eyes and struggling not to lose himself in the rich depths.

"I love it." Rei told Johnny, taking the redhead's hand and beginning to lead him up the garden path to the front door of the house. He stopped at the door and kissed Johnny on the forehead before smirking. "How big's the bedroom anyway?"

Mmm JohnnyRei.

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