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The Lazytown Chronicle

SUMMARY: As Editor for the Lazytown Chronicle, it's my job to make sure all the news is reported. And since Sportacus moved in, boy, has there been a lot of news! But the biggest headline is about to come. An beautiful artist named Tara Trueheart has moved in, and suddenly Sportacus is clumsy! Concerned, the kids go to the Major and Miss Busybody for advice on how to help their friend where they make a shocking discovery. Sportacus is in love! And when Robbie Rotten finds out, he decides to use the pretty newcomer in his most rotten plan to date. Can the Kids help Sportacus make a move? Will they discover Robbie's plan? Will Sportacus learn there's more to life than exercise? Will Tara find a home and a way into a slightly above average superhero's heart?

"Lady in Red"

It was a beautiful day in Lazytown. The sun began to rise and the warmth of summer streamed into the portholes of the airship hanging in the the sky over the sleepy little burg. As soon as the sun hit his face, the world's healthiest hero snapped his eyes open and jumped up doing a flip out of the bed. He stretched his arms out wide and smiled in content. It had nearly been a year since Stephanie had written to him and asked him to help her out with this town. Now it was finally a home. He ran across the room and did a cartwheel to a spot by a cabinet built into a wall. He pushed a button and out came a bright shiny apple which he caught with ease and began to happily eat. He had such a great life. Good friends, good food, good health, good job. What more could he need? He threw away the core in the recycling bin and then ran over to the hatch and climbed down the ladder.

Once upon the ground, the superhero hopped, jumped, ran, did cartwheels and flips while trying to find The Kids. Finally, he found them in their tree house watching something across the street.

"Hello everyone!" he called up.

"Sportacus! Shush! We don't want the movers to know we're watching them!" called down a little blond chubby boy by the name of Ziggy. Sportacus furrowed his brow in curiosity as he looked across the street. He saw a big moving van over the bushes, but the hedges were so high, he couldn't make out what was being moved or where. So he stepped back a few feet, jumped up, grabbed a tree branch, swung over it and then again with a different branch until he was on the same level as the kids. Dressed in his usual finery, Stingy said looking through a pair of binoculars,

"Oh wow! They have great stuff!"

"Let me see! Let me see!" demanded Trixie a sporty looking girl of Asian descent with three pigtails.

"No!" Stingy whined. Stephanie, the tallest girl with pink hair and clothes, told Sportacus,

"The truck showed up an hour or so ago. It woke all of us up!" Pixel, a black boy with light brown locks and techno-gadgets hanging off his arms told the superhero as he typed into his laptop,

"I've been trying to access the city website and see who's moving in, but I'm not getting any luck. Maybe if I reroute the server and..."

"I think you all are being a bit too nosy. The new neighbors will introduce themselves once they get settled in. In the meantime, I think it would be best to go play a game." Sportacus told them wisely. The Kids groaned.

"Aw please Sportacus? We just want to know if a kid is moving in!" Ziggy pleaded.

"Yeah...there hasn't been anyone new since I moved in last summer. And wouldn't it be nice to introduce ourselves when they get here?" Stephanie asked him. Sportacus lifted a bemused eyebrow,

"It would be nice to introduce ourselves first. But do we have to watch them move in and look at all their things?" The Kids hung their heads and sighed,


"Now come on. I know a great game we..." But Sportacus was cut off by the roar of a great, loud engine revving up. Up the street came a bright red, super sleek motorcycle with a rider clad all in red leather. The motorcycle pulled into the driveway beside the moving van and the biker turned off the engine and propped the bike on its stand. Dismounting, the rider took off the full helmet blocking view of the face beneath. A river of light brown hair fell down the riders back in waves. She tossed the hair over her shoulder and Sportacus gave a small intact of breath. She was beautiful. Full round face, soft rosy skin, full pink lips and wide vibrate eyes. He licked his lips, unknowingly leaning forward. Before he could think, Stephanie yelled out,

"Sportacus! Watch out!"

Across the street, the young woman rider in red heard someone cry out,

"Sportacus! Watch out!" She looked over her shoulder to see a blue figure fall out of a tree. She gasped running across the street,

"Oh no!" She ran over expecting to find a child since she noticed the tree had a tree house. So imagine her surprise when she stood over a fully grown man laying in a bush. And what a man! She involuntarily thought looking him over. Dressed in fashionable, blue sportswear, the suit clung to a body that was akin to a Greek god. Pure muscle was even more pronounced as he scrambled to get up. He managed to prop himself up on his elbows and she got a good look at his face. It was handsome, with deep blue eyes and chiseled features. The pointed mustache was a bit much, but on him...it worked.

"Are you alright?" she asked leaning over him. Sportacus looked up at the voice and saw the woman in red. And she was just as beautiful up close. Maybe too beautiful for leaning over, she created a bit of cleavage that he caught himself looking at with embarrassment. He was about to speak when Stephanie yelled out as she climbed down the ladder followed by her friends,

"Sportacus! Are you alright?" Sportacus cringed...he didn't want the kids to see him like this! He quickly sprang up and started picking leaves off his clothes, ignoring the questioning gaze of the woman next to him. He said with a nervous laugh,

"I'm fine! Just fine! After all...everybody has accidents every once in a while." Ziggy came up to him and protested,

"Not you! You're Sportacus 10! The World's Greatest Superhero!"

"Superhero huh?" the woman asked with an amused little smirk. That little smirk turned Sportacus' insides to sugar free jelly. He just gave a small, weak half grin in response as Trixie told the woman,

"Yeah! He's great! He can run faster that the African cheetah which can run up to 20 miles an hour!"

"Really?" she laughed noticing how the man began to turn red.

"Yeah! He can do moves and flips that defy the laws of gravity! You know the stuff you only see in video games?" Pixel declared.

"He's always teaching us new ways to stay healthy. He's Sportacus 10, Lazytown's resident superhero!" Stephanie piped up.

"Slighty...above average...hero..." Sportacus corrected softly.

"I feel safer already!" the woman smiled as Sportacus turned another shade of red. And red is so my favorite color. A shy superhero? Adorable! She thought to herself. Always polite, Stephanie spoke to the woman,

"Oh...I'm sorry. We haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Stephanie, this is Pixel, Ziggy, Trixie and Stingy. And you already met Sportacus!" Nodding to each of the kids and giving Sportacus another smile, the woman replied with a slight Southern accent coming through,

"It's nice to meet all of you. I'm Tara. Tara Trueheart."

"Hi Tara!" chorused the kids at once. Not wanting to be rude to a new friend, Sportacus faced Tara and offered her his hand. He gave her a wide smile and said softly,

"It's nice to meet you Tara." Tara took his hand in a daze. His smile was so warm and open, his hand so strong and his grip so sure. She definitely felt something when they touched. Tingles of pleasure. Meanwhile Sportacus didn't know what was happening to him. For the first time in his life, his knees felt weak, his throat was dry and he was sweating but at the same time he shivered. He didn't know if he was sick or what and that feeling scared him. All he knew was that he felt...tingly all over. And it was a great feeling.

"Nice to meet you...Sportacus." Tara replied with a soft smile. Sportacus found he couldn't form words anymore and he just kept staring into her deep emerald eyes. The Kids were as confused as ever. They looked back and forth between the two grownups with furrowed brows trying to figure out what was happening. Tara let out a breath finally breaking the mood as she said,

"Well I should get back and tell the movers where to put everything."

"Ooh! Ooh! Can we help?" asked Ziggy excitingly.

"Must we?" Stingy replied boredly before Trixie elbowed him in the ribs.

"We would like to help you any way we can if that's okay with you, Tara." Stephanie told the woman. Tara smiled,

"Sure. I could use all the help I can get."

"Cool! I can set up your computer!" Pixel exclaimed.

"I can help you unpack your groceries!" Ziggy exclaimed.

"Ziggy, she just moved in. She probably doesn't have any groceries yet." Trixie told him. Ziggy thought for a second before replying,

"Then I'll help her shop for some!" Tara and Stephanie laughed while the other's just shook their heads. But a question formed in Sportacus' mind and before he thought about it twice, he asked Tara,

"So...you're not ...married or...anything?" Tara looked at him with a little astonishment. He did not just ask her if she was single? She replied,

"No it's just me. That's why I could use some help."

"Well let's go!" exclaimed Stephanie. Tara turned to Sportacus,

"How about it Sportacus? I could use a big strong guy like you to lift something heavy." Sportacus began to laugh nervously as the Kids furrowed his brows again. Suddenly Sportacus felt a little lightheaded, as if all the blood had left his brain. Where it was ending up, made him extremely embarrassed.

"Um...actually...I have to go...clean up my airship. I think I forgot to make the bed this morning and um...other stuff. But set aside some stuff for me and I'll come over later to help okay?" he told her with a smile.

"That's probably best. That way we can have all the stuff in boxes packed away." Tara nodded.

"Great! I'll see you later then! Well...I'll be going now." Sportacus started backing up and grinning. He raised his hand to wave, "Bye kids!...Woah!" Everyone gasped as he tripped over a small wall in the park.

"Sportacus!" cried Stephanie as everyone started to rush forward. But then Sportacus jumped to his feet and laughed,

"Gotcha!" Everyone laughed at his 'joke' and walked off towards the house. Tara smiled at him over her shoulder,

"See you around...Sport..." Sportacus gulped audibly at the way her voice had deepened and taken on a silky quality. When she had turned to her house, Sportacus broke off into a run, but not before tripping over his own foot. He sprung up to his feet, looked around to make sure no one saw that, then ran off.

But someone was watching. A periscope leading to an underground lair under the streets of Lazytown allowed the World's Laziest Super-Villain Robbie Rotten to see everything that had happened.

"The big jerk is falling all over the place! He's never that uncoordinated! What happened?" The tall, skinny evil doer in red and purple striped clothes went to snap the periscope shut but got his hands caught instead.

"OWWIIIEEE!" He pulled his hands out and whimpered,

"I meant to do that!" He went over to his fuzzy orange recliner and sat down to think while munching on a bag of pork rines. He said with his mouth full,

"Something made Sporta-creep clumsy. People get clumsy by being distracted...What could have possibly distracted Sporta-Loser enough to make him clumsy? Hmm...this could take a while...Better sleep on it!" And with that, Robbie threw away the bag and turned over to curl up in his chair, involuntarily sucking his thumb as he started to snore.

Meanwhile, the kids were all doing their part to help Tara settle in. Tara had sent Ziggy, Stingy and Trixie out to get some groceries (since Ziggy was tripping from trying to carry too much at once, Stingy was trying to claim Tara's things as his, and Trixie tricked Tara into thinking she had fallen down the stairs and hurt herself when she really hadn't.) So Pixel was deeply involved into setting up her computer and Stephanie was helping Tara put away her clothes in her room.

"Is red your favorite color?" Stephanie asked noticing her entire wardrobe was red. Putting away some winter sweaters, Tara nodded,

"Sure is!" Especially on certain buff superheros! Tara thought to herself with a wry smirk.

"Mine's pink! All of my clothes are pink!"

"Boy you sure are one happy go lucky kid, aren't ya Steph?" Tara laughed.

"I always have a positive outlook. That's what my parents taught me!" Stephanie told her.

"Where are your parents anyway? You said you lived with your uncle, the Mayor?" Tara asked.

"They travel around on business a lot. It was really hard for them to do their jobs while trying to figure out how to take care of me. So Uncle Milford offered to take care of me while they were on their travels." Stephanie explained.

"Oh. And what do they do?" asked Tara.

"They take pictures of erupting volcanoes." Stephanie said with a shrug. Tara stopped wide eyed,


"But they're always careful. And they email me pictures of their trips. It's really cool." Stephanie said with a smile. Tara smiled with intention,

"Speaking of cool...I...liked meeting your friend Sportacus today."

"Isn't he great? But..." Stephanie said her expression turning into a thoughtful frown.

"What's wrong Steph?" Tara asked.

"He wasn't quite himself today. He was tripping and being very clumsy." Stephanie said.

"Well everyone trips and falls." Tara said.

"Not Sportacus. He's the most graceful, active and coordinated person I ever met. Once, Robbie Rotten tried to make Sportacus fall into a manhole while he was doing his back flips, but Sportacus just avoided it entirely." Stephanie told her.

"Robbie Rotten?" asked Tara with a scrunched up expression. Stephanie nodded,

"He's Lazytown's resident Super-Villain! Although...he isn't very good at it...he's way too lazy to be really and truly evil. And Sportacus is way too smart for him."

"Huh...so...Sportacus said he lived in an airship?" Tara asked. Stephanie got up from the bed and pointed out the window for her.

"There it is! He pedals it around the sky and it has all sorts of gadgets on there! And if you ever need him, just write him a letter and send it up his shoot, or he'll know you're in real trouble if his crystal will blink." Stephanie explained. Tara followed her line of vision to the blue blimp high up in the sky. She figured that was just like him. She wondered what he was doing right now.