Back in Lazytown, Stephanie had gathered up all the supplies they had gotten from the hardware store to build their birdhouse.

"What do we do first Uncle Milford?" Stephanie asked.

"Well, first we need to trace this template onto the wood so that we can have the front and back of our birdhouse. Then we'll measure twice before we cut the side pieces and the top. Then we'll sand everything and then we'll paint it." Major Meanswell explained.

"Sounds simple to me." Stephanie shrugged.

"Oh it is. But it'll be great to work on it together. Come on let's get started." Major Meanswell said.

Just then Pixel came up to them and said,

"Hi Stephanie! Hi Mr. Major."

"Hi Pixel." Stephanie greeted him.

"Oh hello Pixel." the Major said.

"What are you doing?" Pixel asked.

"We're building a bird house." Stephanie said.

"Cool! But wait...where is the report for possible stress factors?" Pixel asked looking at their materials.

"Oh we don't need that. It's just a simple little birdhouse." Major Meanswell said.

"You never know Mr. Major. Wait right here! I'll draw up a report for you. Don't start until I get back." Pixel told them running off.

"But wait! Pixel! Oh dear..."Major Meanswell sighed.

Tara was waiting for Robbie to return and Sportacus was hiding behind a tree. Robbie came panting up a moment later and presented her with a sorry looking dandelion.

"There you go Toots." Robbie said striking a pose. Tara looked over at Sportacus' hiding spot and winked. He returned the wink as Tara said,


"I know it's actually a weed and you'll probably want to dump me for being so inconsiderate..." Robbie began.

"Oh Sportacus I love it! Dandelions are my favorite flower!" Tara exclaimed.

Robbie did a double take,


"Oh I had the best memories of sitting in a field and picking dandelions as a little girl and blowing on the seeds. How thoughtful of you! Thank you." Tara gushed.

"Uh...your welcome?" Robbie asked.

"Come on. Let's head out on the trail." Tara said getting to her feet.

"What? You mean we have even started yet?" Robbie exclaimed. Then remembering his plan, he recovered,

"I mean...of course we started. You go on up ahead Doll I'll be there in a moment I'm going to...stretch and...stuff..."

"Okay." Tara nodded taking the picnic basket and heading up the trail. Robbie pretended to stretch a moment before the crick in his back caused him to grab it in pain.

Sportacus chuckled as he shook his head,


He then jumped on the trail, making Robbie duck into a bush to hide. Sportacus pretended to look around and scratch his head.

"Tara?" he called out.

"Come on slow poke!" Tara called to him from the trail. Sportacus pretended to shrug and he took off down the trail after her. Robbie poked his head out and laughed under his breath.

"Perfect! Sportakook is falling right into my trap. Didn't see that coming with Tara though. I'll have to be an even bigger jerk! Haha!"

But as he went to duck under the bushes again, the branches snapped back and hit him in the face.


Down the way, Pixel had returned with his schematics and finished explaining to Stephanie and the Major,

"So if you nail here, here and here, that birdhouse should be able to withstand a 5.0 earthquake Mr. Major."

"Yes, well...Thank you Pixel. That was most helpful. Now Stephanie. Let's start this birdhouse!" Major Meanswell said.

"Right!" Stephanie said picking up her hammer.

Just then Stingy came up and asked,

"Hey guys. What are you doing?"

"They're building a birdhouse." Pixel said.

"Without me? Oh and these tools will never do. If you want to build the best birdhouse, you should use my tools. Wait right here. I'll be right back!" Stingy said.

"Stingy! Stingy wait!" Stephanie cried.

"Oh dear..." the Major said.

Back on the trail, Sportacus was pointing out a bird chirping in a tree when he looked over his shoulder and caught Robbie spying on them. He pointed it out to Tara who nodded.

"Oh no! Someone's in trouble." Sportacus said pretending his crystal was blinking.

"Uh oh." Tara said trying to keep a straight face.

"Wait here. I'll be right back!" Sportacus said running off.

"Kay." Tara said. Robbie stepped out of the bushes and pretended that he had just flipped back.

"TA DA! Told ya I'd be back!" Robbie said.

"Oh you're so prompt Sportacus." Tara said as Robbie turned away and gagged. Then Tara smacked his shoulder hard making him clutch it in pain.

"Tag! You're it!" she said playfully.

"Huh? Oh...uh...right...hey wait up!" Robbie said chasing her up the trail.

Back in town Stingy set his tool box down on Major Meanswell workbench and said,

"Here you go."

"Thank you Stingy. Now let's get started shall..." the major said.

"Hey guys!" said Trixie as she and Ziggy came up to them.

"Oh no! Don't tell me you two want to help with our birdhouse too?" the Major asked.

"That's a great idea Mr. Major!" I'll go get some more paint." Trixie said.

"And I'll get some sports-candy to keep up our energy! Don't start without us." Ziggy said.

"We'll we right back!" Trixie said.

"But wait I...oh dear...what have I done?" the major asked himself as Stephanie patted his shoulder in sympathy.

Up on the trail, Tara was being haphazardly chased by Robbie who began to sing,

"There's something about you that gets my heart racing...ugh!"

Watching from the trees, Sportacus sang,

"There's something about the way you move me!" And with that he did a backflip.

"So how long do I have to keep on chasing..." panted Robbie.

"Tell me how long until you set my poor heart free?" sang Sportacus jumping back down to Tara making Robbie duck behind a tree.

"Catch me if you can...
My heart is yours if you'll just take it...
Catch me if you can...
Come on I know that we can make it...

Catch me if you can,
My heart is yours if you'll just take it!" sang Tara dancing with sportacus. Then he jumped off the trail and Robbie jumped back in handing her a can of peanut brittle that was actually full of rubber snakes. But to his shock she just laughed.

"There's something about you that confuses me..." Robbie sang.

"There's something about you that amazes me!" sang Sportacus doing a flip and a split.

"There's something about the way you look at me..." Robbie sang with suspicion after he squirted her with a flower full of water that she used to refresh herself.

There's something about you that's completely captivated me!" belted out Sportacus.

"Catch me if you can...
My heart is yours if you'll just take it...
Catch me if you can...
Come on I know that we can make it...

Catch me if you can,
My heart is yours if you'll just take it!" sang Tara urging Robbie to unsuccessfully move a heavy log. Only he found himself confronting a hive of honeybees that chased him off the trail. So Sportacus stepped back in and moved the log with only one hand. As the instrumental break went on, Tara tried to feed Robbie some sports candy only to have him go throw up in the woods. Sportacus was only too glad to come back in and lay his head in Tara's lap as she fed him.

"Catch me if you can...
My heart is yours if you'll just take it...
Catch me if you can...
Come on I know that we can make it..." Tara sang as she took turns dancing with both Sportacus and Robbie as they kept trading places along the trail.

Catch me if you can,
My heart is yours if you'll just take it!" sang Tara as the song ended and Sportacus and Robbie both ended up by her side.

"Ahh!" Robbie shrieked nervously.

"Oh no...two Sportacus'?" Tara asked.

"I'm the real Sportacus." Sportacus said.

"No, I'm Sportacus!" Robbie said.

"No, I'm Sportacus." argued Sportacus.

"I'm Sportacus." Robbie said aside to Tara.

"I'm Sportacus!" Sportacus insisted.

"Boys, boys, boys! There's an easy way to settle this. Sportacus is the sweetest, most romantic man I've ever met." Tara said as Robbie turned and gagged. He spun back around and gave Tara his most dashing smile.

"Whoever does better at sweeping me off my feet has to be the real Sportacus." Tara continued.

"Oh is that all?" Robbie asked. He sped off for a second only to return with a large push broom.

"Where do you want to be swept to?" Robbie asked.

"Oh Sportacus you're so funny." Tara laughed.

"I think she meant something like this!" Sportacus said picking Tara up in his arms.

"Oh! Oh my..." Tara said fanning herself.

"Ha! Anyone can do that!" Robbie said.

Sportacus put Tara down and said,

"Alright. Then you try."

Robbie cracked his knuckles and tried to hook his arms under Tara's legs and lift. Only he grunted and groaned. Finally, he managed to take Tara in his arms albeit with his knees knocking and his arms shaking.

"Tada..."he said with strain.

"Gee this is really hard." Tara said with a pout.

"I know." Sportacus said. He ran off for a moment only to return with a bouquet of flowers.

"Oh..."Tara cooed smelling their sweet fragrance. Robbie held up a finger and scampered off. A few minutes later he returned with a bouquet of leaves and dandelions.

"Awww..."Tara said.

"This is crazy. One of us has to be the real Sportacus." Sportacus said.

"Well, there is one last way to tell. The real a great kisser." Tara said hoping Sportacus wouldn't catch on to her ulterior motive. At least not just yet.
"What?" Sportacus said not liking the idea of Robbie's lips anywhere near Tara's.

"I didn't know he had gotten to first base yet...I mean...of course I am!" Robbie said taking out some breath spray. But Tara turned to Sportacus first and kissed his cheek making him blush beet red. Then she turned to Robbie who already had his lips puckered. With a wink to Sportacus, Tara said,

"Just think, with this kiss...we might be together forever..."

Robbie's eyes shot open.

"Forever?" he said.

"Yeah I never want to leave Sportacus' side. I want to talk to him day and night. We'll exercise together, dance together and never...ever...ever stop moving." Tara said as the real Sportacus folded his arms and chuckled.

"Forever?" Robbie asked in horror.

"Kiss me you fool and prove to me you're the real Sportacus!" Tara said grabbing Robbie by the lapel.

"WAIT! I'm not the real Sportacus!" Robbie cried yanking back and prying off his hat and mustache.

"Robbie Rotten?" Tara asked in fake shock.

"He's the one you want! Go bug him for eternity!" AGGHHH!" Robbie cried before running off screaming. Tara exchanged a look with Sportacus and then the two burst out laughing.

"I think that's the last time Robbie will ever try to dress up as you again." Tara said.

"Come on. Let's go watch the sunset. Robbie free if you don't mind." Sportacus said putting an arm around her waist.

"Yes, please...uh oh..." Tara said doing a double take at Robbie's discarded bouquet.

"What is it?" Sportacus asked.

"Is it just me...or are some of those leaves poison ivy?" Tara asked with a wince.

"Oh boy...Robbie really did it to himself this time." Sportacus said as Tara nodded glad she hadn't actually taken the bouquet from Robbie.

Back in town, everyone had an input about how the birdhouse should have been built. Even Bessie had gotten in on the act and put little doll furniture inside. Then they all stepped back from the birdhouse that now resembled a mega mansion.

"Wow! That's so cool!" Ziggy cried.

"It's Pixeliscious!" Pixel said.

"What do you think Mr. Major?" Stingy asked. But seeing the major was gone, they looked around in confusion.

"Mr. Major? Stephanie?" Trixie asked.

"Milford!" cried Bessie.

"Where did they go?" Stingy asked. Suddenly they looked at Robbie Rotten as he ran past them screaming.

"What's gotten into him?" Trixie asked.

"I don't know." Stingy said.

Robbie ran past Stephanie and Major Meanswell just as they climbed down the ladder from putting up their new simple little birdhouse that they had snuck off to make by themselves.

"What's wrong with Robbie?" Stephanie asked in confusion.

"I don't know. But I'm sure he'll be alright. But what do you think of our little birdhouse Stephanie?" the Major asked.

"It's great Uncle." Stephanie said.

"I know everyone wanted to help with our birdhouse, but somethings are better when they're simple. Don't you agree?" the Major asked.

"Absolutely." Stephanie said. Then she began to sing and dance with her Uncle.

Bing Bang Diggly Dong First thing that I say after I wake up Bing Bang Diggly Dong I say those words before I go to sleep

Get on up it's time to dance yeah It's so much fun being up on our feet

So we go up up To the top Move around and clap your hands together Down down turn around Having fun is what it's all about

"Bing Bang Diggly Dong

Funny words I sing when I am dancing

Bing Bang Diggly Dong

Silly words that can mean anything

Get on up it's time to dance yeah

It's so much fun being up on our feet

So we go up up

To the top

Move around and clap your hands together

Down down turn around Having fun is what it's all about

Oh 1, 2 me and you"

Move around and clap your hands together

3, 4 on the floor

Having fun is what it's all about!

Later that night, Sportacus and Tara were lying on a grassy meadow looking up at the stars. Sportacus didn't even mind that it was past 8:08.

"The stars are so beautiful out here. You don't get to see stars like this in the city." Tara said.

"Yeah. Tara? You weren't going to really kiss Robbie were you?" Sportacus asked. Tara giggled and laid her head on his broad chest.

"You're kinda cute when you're jealous." she said.

"Me? Jealous of Robbie?" Sportacus said. Tara lifted her head and raised a skeptical brow at him.

"Maybe a little." Sportacus admitted.

"Besides...even if I did I think you still would have won hands down." Tara said.

Sportacus sighed and said,

"I don't know about that. Tara? You know I'm not very experienced with women..."

"I know. That's why I think you would have won." Tara said.

"Really? How?" Sportacus said.

"This is how." Tara said lifting her head up again and leaning in to brush her lips with his. He shut his eyes as she tilted her head to deepen the kiss.

When she pulled back she smiled,

"Nothing beats a first kiss."

"Wow..." Sportacus said. That was better than Sports candy! His heart was pumping and he was full of energy.

"You're welcome." Tara said laying her head back down again.

"Wow..." was all Sportacus could manage to say as Tara smiled.

Back in his lair, itchy and covered with red blotches, Robbie's stood in his long underwear and red polka dot boxers as he dumped his Sportacus disguise in the trash once and for all. Then he wandered over to his fluffy orange recliner and spat while scratching himself,