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It was an ordinary day, Stephanie was in her room putting her books in her bag, and it was the first day back after the Christmas holiday it was freezing outside, however it wasn't much warmer inside either. She grabbed her bag and headed downstairs, her breakfast was waiting on the table, her father was sitting down with a cup of coffee in one hand and the paper in his other hand, he must have been looking at the shares she went over to him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Morning Daddy" said Stephanie

He glanced up from his paper and greeted her, she sat down at the table her breakfast was waiting for her, it was a cooked breakfast and her favourite, there was nothing better than this on a cold winters morning, her brother Shane made his way downstairs he was in college, while Stephanie would be a senior after summer, yes they where halfway through the school year. Shane sat down and grabbed his breakfast, everyone ate there breakfast fairly quickly, it was time for there day to begin Shane got a ride from some of his college friends, which meant Stephanie got to take the car to school, she grabbed her coat and keys and headed for school, she met up with her friends who were pleased to see her, they went inside school Stephanie was one of the popular girls in school. Stephanie was heading for gym it was one of the lessons she hated, it's just that her gym teacher thought girls shouldn't play sports, and that it's a mans world all that bullshit, Mr Martin god she hated him that prick so much, she was so temped to kick him in the balls when he started his Speech. He was skinny, had greasy hair and bad breath she definitely should have brought some mint's with her, she went inside the girls locker room and got changed, when she came out every was sitting down talking, usually by now the lesson would have started. The door opened suddenly as the principal walked in along with a tall blonde haired man, Stephanie looked up she couldn't keep her eyes of him, he was gorgeous he had long blonde haired which was tied back, a white polo shirt which looked a few sizes too small, as his muscles where bulging out of his top, he was also wearing some black track pants.

"Steph" said Stacy, Stephanie was knocked out of her daze as her friend nudged her shoulder.

"Steph are you trying to catch flies" Said Stacy she was smirking at her.

"I don't know what you're talking about" whispered Stephanie.

She couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed that she got caught; Stacy was always winding her up about things like that.

"Come on Steph I saw you checking him out, but I'd don't blame you though he is pretty cute, look at his cute little ass" Said Stacy teased her best friend.

"Ok class listen up I have a few things to discuss, firstly your Gym teacher Mr Martin will not be able to teach you this term, he's actually in hospital and is unable to fulfil his duties".

"What's the matter with him" said one of the students.

"That information is confidential, all you need to know is that I have found a substitute this term, and he's standing right next to me so try and be nice" said the principal as he motioned the tall man next to him to speak.

"Ok everyone my name is Mr Levesque, and I'm am going to be your teacher this term, if anyone has any questions to ask me about anything feel free to do so just try not to be too personal ok". Said Mr Levesque he smiled after he nodded at the principal motioning to him that he could leave.

"I have a question what experience do you have in sports" said one of the boys clearly not impressed. "Well I used to be Captain of my high school football team, I got called up for a tryout for the NFL, but I got injured during that so I then focused on wrestling, since it doesn't pay much I've had to get another job, so that brings me here" Said Mr Levesque, Stacy put her hand up,

"Yes" Said the teacher.

"Erm Steph wants to know what your first name is, and how old you are she also thinks your". Stephanie covered her mouth, not wanting her to finish that sentence.

Stephanie turned a bright shade of red, how embarrassing everyone was looking at her including the teacher; he was actually chuckling to himself at her shyness. "Well Steph my name is Paul, and I'm 28 years old". Said Paul

He smiled amused by her shame. How was Stephanie going to get through this class, god she could hardly look at him, now she was definitely going to kill Stacy for saying that?

"Ok now we have all the little introductions out the way, we better get started ok, where going to head outside and get warmed up" Said Paul, everyone headed towards the track awaiting there next instruction.

"Alright were going to start off doing a two laps round the track, now this isn't a race it's basically a test so I can see everyone's fitness level, go a pace that suits you I do encourage you to push yourselves, but don't over do it ok, so get on the track and get ready, on my instruction we start ok". The class nodded "Ok go"

The class began running, some raced ahead while others got left behind, Stephanie managed to keep at the front along with Stacy, they where definitely very competitive when it came to beating the boys, they were probably the fittest girls in the class.

Paul had a sheet of paper recording down the times and watching them race, it was a close call but they only managed to get in 3rd and 4th place. Once everyone had finished, Paul instructed them to check there pulse which he recorded on his sheet of paper.

"Ok to avoid injury where going to do some stretches, ok so where going to do this together, hold each stretch for ten seconds on my count ok".

Everyone watched Paul as he showed them what to do, he made sure everyone was doing it right and corrected people who weren't.

"Ok I want everyone to pair up for this next one, can I have a volunteer? Ah Steph I'll use you step forward". Stephanie stepped forward taking a look at Stacy who was grinning at her, god she was too much at times.

"Ok sit down, alright the next stretch is for your legs, so your going to spread them apart and your going to but your hands on your leg, stretch as far as you can, your partner is going to help by pushing you forward, you'll hold that for ten second's and then do that with your other leg, and finally you'll stretch forward"

Paul demonstrated this to the class, Stephanie could feel his hands on her back they where hot against her shirt, his hot breath was brushing against her neck, as he was breathing down she could smell his cologne, god he smelled wonderful she felt nervous as her palms began to sweat like he was having some kind of effect on her. This was so wrong he was her teacher for Christ sake, she shouldn't be feeling like this, not only that but he was 10 years older and he wasn't feeling the same was he? Stephanie tried to knock those thoughts out of her head, as he took his fingers away from her back, she looked back at him. 'Did he just smile at me' thought Stephanie; this was going to be a long year.