A/N to avoid confusion Steph is 21 and Paul is 31, also they live in New York now.

Stephanie sat in Paul's apartment, they'd been living together for 3 month's now, Paul was coaching a wrestling team, after he quit teaching Gym, he decided to take the Job as wrestling coach for the state team. Stephanie was working for her Father in his company; however she was off this week. Her and Paul where going to visit there parents, it was a get together between there families, Paul came through the door carrying his bag over his shoulder.

"Hey" Said Paul kissing her "So what time do we have to leave?"

"Well my parents want us to be there early" Smiled Steph "Meaning 8pm"

"8pm well it'll take us a few hours to get there" Said Paul touching his thin beard, a smirk plastered his lips, "And since it's pretty early it looks to me as though we have an hour to spare"

Stephanie smirked looking at the clock he was right, she could think of many ways to use the time up. She held onto the sides of his jacket and gently slipped it over his big shoulders, Paul's tongue slid into her mouth, caressing hers gently with his own. Paul lifted her up as he carried her to the bedroom, never letting his lips leave her warm mouth; Stephanie felt the softness of the duvet touch her slightly exposed skin, while helping him take his jacket off. Stephanie touched the ends of his shirt, gently pulling it over his head, as there lips departed for a second. Paul began kissing her neck, while running his fingers down her sides, making her skin tingle at the sensation of his heated touch. Stephanie pulled his hair free from the band, as his blonde waves fell on her neck; Paul worked his way down her body, kissing every piece of exposed skin, while Stephanie stroked his hair. Paul stopped grabbing a condom from the drawer, as the love making began.

Paul had started loading there bags into his car, they where running late after being early, they where now pushed for time.

"Steph are you ready" Shouted Paul, Stephanie came outside putting her coat on, the sky was going dusk as the sun was beginning to set. Stephanie got in the car as Paul started the engine; he pulled out of the parking lot as they headed for Greenwich.

"Patricia, Paul where glad you could make it" Smiled Linda hugging them both

"It was no trouble" Smiled Patricia

"Where's Vince" Asked Paul Sr

"Oh he's upstairs he should be down soon" Smiled Linda

"So is Stephanie and Paul here yet" Asked Patricia

"Not yet I told them to be here at about 8" Said Linda

"There always late" Said Vince walking into the living room, he approved of the relationship now; it took a while for it to happen, because he wasn't sure if he could trust Paul with his Daughter, Vince remembered when he finally gave them his blessing.


"Paul I realised I was wrong about you, I should have trusted you instead of being so selfish" Admitted Vince "I'm sorry"

Paul looked at Vince; it was because of his selfishness Stephanie had lost the Baby, Stephanie lay in the Hospital bed she was so weak. Stephanie had miscarried the Baby, she was stressed out from work and Paul/Vince, that finally it became too much for her. Losing the Baby was the price she paid, the child wasn't planned it just happened, her Father didn't like that which caused the problems, at nineteen she was too young to be a Mother.

"I want to make things right….you have my blessing and I support this relationship" Said Vince, Paul looked at Stephanie, he knew he would probably forgive Vince, though all Paul could think about was never being able to hold there child.

End Flashback

"Vince there here" Said Linda nudging his arm, Vince quickly sat up and greeted them at the door; He hugged Stephanie and shook Paul's hand.

"Where glad you came" Said Linda "The dinner should be ready soon, why don't you sit down, you can unpack later"

Paul and Stephanie joined everyone in the living room and sat on the Sofa's, Paul looked over at Vince, he remembered the day Vince found out Stephanie was pregnant. It was something that ingrained in his mind still to this day.


"How dare you get my Daughter pregnant" Shouted Vince, the rain soaked his hair and coat, "You selfish bastard"

Vince punched Paul in the face, making his nose bleed, the rain continued to fall showering them both. Paul looked up watching Vince approach him, his eyes had fire in them, Paul was waiting for two horns to come out of his head. Paul touched his nostril, his fingers where covered in blood from his nose.

"If you hurt my Daughter I will make you pay" Said Vince leaving, he quickly went inside the house leaving Paul in the rain and darkness.

End flashback

"Paul" Said Stephanie nudging his shoulder, he looked at her and smiled "Dinners ready"

Stephanie gave Paul a quick kiss on the cheek, and grabbed his hand. Vince smiled at them; it was funny how things had changed between them. Paul and Vince used to despise each other, it was a shame they finally settled there differences over the loss of the Baby, or as Paul saw it stopped being an asshole.

The meal had ended and everyone was talking now, Paul was with Vince and Paul Sr, and Stephanie was with Linda and Patricia. The men where outside, while the women remained indoors.

"So Shane just got married" Said Linda "They just got back from the honeymoon"

"So everything went well then" Asked Patricia

"Yes it seems like only yesterday since he first met Marissa"

"Is it ok for me to unpack?" Asked Stephanie

"Yes sure" Smiled Linda, Stephanie put her drink down and grabbed her bag; she headed upstairs to her room. Stephanie laid the bags down onto the floor, and laid on the bed, she was tired after the long day.

"There you are, I was wondering where you got to" Said Paul joining her on the bed "Tired"

"Just a little" Said Stephanie, Paul ran his fingers through her hair, she closed her eyes feeling Paul's fingers brush against her forehead. Stephanie was so tired; she knew it wouldn't be long before she drifted off into a deep slumber. Paul looked over at her, she had fallen asleep, he smiled at her he knew the day had been long; he gently pressed a kiss to her temple and went back downstairs.

Stephanie woke up, she turned over and glimpsed at Paul putting some things in his bag. It was only an overnight stay since Paul had to work tomorrow, they didn't want too get back to late.

"Morning" Said Paul

"How long have you been up" Asked Stephanie sitting up

"Not long I just said goodbye to my parents" Said Paul "You better get up we need to leave soon"

Paul placed a kiss on her cheek and went downstairs for breakfast; Stephanie grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom. After she was dressed she joined everyone else for breakfast.

"Morning, did you sleep well" Said Linda

"Yeah I had a good sleep"

Stephanie sat next to Paul and ate a bowl of cereal; usually her Mom would cook her something, however today they didn't have a lot of time. Stephanie ate the last few mouthfuls of cereal, and went upstairs to pack the rest of her clothes. Paul had already done his which was unlike him, usually he was laid back.

"Right I'm ready" Said Stephanie, they where ready to go home, she wished they could have stayed longer, however Paul had to work. Linda gave her a hug while Paul took her bag off her.

"Call me if you need anything" Whispered Linda, Stephanie nodded

"Bye sweetie" Said Vince hugging Stephanie, he shook Paul's hand before they went to the car.

"We'll come down in the summer" Shouted Stephanie from the car, they drove off waving goodbye, as they headed back to New York.

A/N Well that's the end I hope you enjoyed my story, and this basically showed you all what happened a few years later. I'll be focusing on my other one's now.