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"What's you're problem, Cohen? Every time I see you these days, you're always with that skank, Taylor Townsend! It's like I don't exist anymore!" Summer Roberts was tired, weary and , most of all, cranky. She stalked off down the hall way of Harbour High.

"Summer, wait!"… Seth Cohen yelled after her, hoping to get some sense in to her, tell her that she was the only one for him….of course that wasn't the way she saw it, after earlier witnessing what was looking like an all-too romantic looking clinch between Seth and Taylor.

He had tried to explain he was just moving her earring back in place…after she had accidentally fell on to his chest...Of course, it was such a lame excuse, Seth didn't believe it much himself.

"What!" Summer turned quickly around to face her lanky boyfriend…God, he was such a jerk sometimes. Why the hell did he have to feel the need to sneak around with that wannabe social-chair slash bitch?

It was after school at 6 in the recreation hall. They were working on an upcoming dance that was to be based on the most famous romantic couples in history, for an upcoming theme to Valentine's day…and as usual, Taylor Townsend had used her position on the social chair to come between Harbour High most cutest and steadiestcouple. Of course they wouldn't stay that way much longer if Taylor kept up her advancing behaviour on Seth.

"I…well…ok, I can't think of what to say, but if you'd just-"


"OWwwwww!" Seth looked shocked by the surprise show of violence from his petite girlfriend.

"And if my shoes weren't so expensive, I'd take them off and hit you with them as well!" Summer adjusted the Cavalli bag on her shoulder which she had just used to slap Seth and turned on her heel.

"I don't know what's going on between you two, but you had better stop seeing each other, otherwise…I don't how much more of this I can take…." she ended.

And with that, it was clear what she meant. For Seth, it was either break up with Taylor or break up with Summer…and for one reason or the other, Seth was not pleased about that.

"Summer, please! You're being unreasonable…" and with that knew Seth what a mistake he'd made. His eyes widened as Summer raised her bag again.

"OK, I'm sorry! Look, can't we just talk or something? You haven't even heard my side of it" Seth awkwardly followed along side her while trying to keep up.

"Um, is everything OK?" The dean appeared in the doorway of her office. She didn't look very happy.

Summer and Seth both turned to face her.

"Uh, it's OK, Dr Kim, we were just talking," Seth stammered quickly.

"Well, if you could talk a little quieter, I'd appreciate that. I've trying to have a conversation with a new student…" Dr Kim gave the pair her don't push it look.

"Sure, sorry" Seth awkwardly apologised. Summer just stood at his side with an aggravated look on her face.

Dr. Kim went back in to her office and shut the door behind her.

From a narrow angle view of the door, Seth thought he could make out blonde hair, which looked very similar to…no, it couldn't be.

He quickly redirected his attention back to Summer.

"Look, I can understand why you don't like her, Taylor being the social chair and all…."

"You can understand? Seth, if it wasn't for her, Ryan would still go to this school and Marissa wouldn't have been humiliated at the carnival! I can't believe you're not bothered by that! …and as if it wasn't disgusting that she got it on with the Dean!"

"OK, so she's done some pretty mean things…perhaps even sorta gross…but she's my friend! And she doesn't have many, you know that! Why can't you just understand that?" Seth tried.

"I'm not gonna feel sorry for her, just because you do! And you gave her Captain Oats!" Summer shot back.

"I told you, she took it when she was in my room!" Seth tried

"Oh, yeah, of course, she was in your room! What was she even doing there in the first place, Cohen? Hmm? Looking at Yamazuka comics?" Summer replied sarcastically.

"Well, yeah..." Seth replied.

Summer gave him irritatated look. "Whatever...just leave me alone, Cohen."

Seth tried again, "but if you'd just listen-"

"What's there to hear? …And you know what, I'm not being unreasonable, you're being a jerk!" Summer practically screamed, and with that she stormed off.

Seth paused and finally shouted after her "Nothing even happened! Why won't you believe me? I would never do anything to lose you, you know that!"

Summer stopped in her tracks. She knew he was telling the truth and he would never cheat on her…like he'd really risk another rage blackout…but then again, why was she finding it so hard to believe him just now?


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