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Ch.7 - revelation

Summer Roberts lay on her back staring up at the ceiling with her usual angry, stubborn face that she had been wearing a lot lately. With Princess Sparkle tucked up in her arms, she had the whole of the events of the Valentine's Ball fiasco relaying over and over in her mind. I really lost it back there. She turned her face to her right for a sideways glance at Mr. Stuffykins who was lying in the corner of her room amongst the mountain of other pink stuffy teddy bears, numerous ones which had been bought by Seth for her. Taylor is really driving me nuts. How the hell am I and Cohen gonna survive her?

"What do you think, Mr. Stuffykins? Should I go on a rampage and put the T-bag out of misery once and for all?" The pink fullfy mess of leaking ancient cotton just stared back at summer with blank, plain stare.

"Ah, what do you know?" Summer snorted and turned on her side, and left the clueless teddy bear to himself.


"Hey Cohen!" Anna strided into the pool house with a pleasant smile, but, Seth noticed she had something on her mind too from the shifty eyes.

"Um, hey Anna. What's up?" Seth threw his x-men comics to the side and got off the bed.

"Well, I'm afraid I came over here with an ulterior motive," she said in gravely tone with sad smile.

"Ah, the Stern wants to steal Captain Oats and turn him into the next in victim a là Mr. Stuffykin, by handing him over the Townsend in exchange for latest Yamasaki comics?" Seth replied with nerdy grin.

"Um, yeah, that's on the to-do list," Anna said with a roll of the eyes. "Sit down. I'm gonna tell you something that's quite…um, probably explosive form the reaction this'll get…" she looked up at Seth with uncertain eyes.

Seth gasped. "Franz Ferdinand beat The Subways in rock-off?"

"What? The Subways are so much more better than the Franz Ferdinand! …but anyway, that's not why I'm here. Sit down. There's something I didn't quite tell you when I first got here."


With an exasperated grunt, Summer decided she need to go to the Bait shop. That was the only place that could cheer her up. Maybe Marissa'll be there. She couldn't go to Seth, he'd probably end up saying something accidentally stupid to trigger her again. Grabbing a Dior sweatshirt, she kissed Princess Sparkle goodbye and went out the front door.


"When...what...how come? Anna!" Seth was visbly confused and frustrated at what he'd just heard. anna slightly cringed and started to wish she'd never said anything.

"I know, I know, I should have told you earlier, but me and my dad both agreed it would be for the best to wait and leave it till a little later..." she trailed off.

"So he's been here the whole time you have been in Newport?" Seth couldn't disguise the shock in his face. Above all weird things that had happened lately, what with the whole Valentines Ball debacle, the Mr. Stuffykins saga, and now this... Seth knew things would not be getting any easier anytime soon.

Anna nodded her head. "Yeah. I know it's kind of weird..."

"Yeah, 'kind of' is kind of an understatement, Anna," Seth replied.

"I can't believe Luke is back in Newport..."


Summer turned out of the doorway, only to step inside to see something that made her think that the fumes from her mocha coffee had gone straight to her head. Over the slow, rock music floating from the air surrounding the stage and the dim overhead lights, Summer Roberts witnessed Taylor Townsend in a tight embrace, locking lips with none other than Luke Ward!


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