TOW the Boat P.4
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Rachel tried to scream as she was hurled through the air, but no sound came out. Her throat clogged up, and all she could manage was a strangled cry. She landed hard on her back, sliding into a table which had also been knocked over by the jolt. Tears streamed down her face as she again tried calling Chandler. Suddenly she saw him on the other side of the room, kneeled over Monica, as he tried to help her up with one arm. His other arm hung limply at his side, broken. She looked around for anyone to help her. She screamed Ross' name over and over again, as the boat lurched on the water.
"ROSS!" She screamed as loud as she could. Her throat had begun to hurt, but she took no notice because she was so panicked.
Suddenly a pair of arms grabbed her from behind and hugged her. She turned around and saw Ross hugging her tightly, not wanting to let her go.
"Let's find the others quickly!" He yelled over the panicked screams of all the passengers.
"Rachel followed his lead blindly, and soon found herself in the arms of Chandler while she sobbed hysterically, and Monica held onto Ross.
"Where's Joey and Phoebe?" Monica asked trying to calm down as she clutched her brother's arm tightly.
Joey came up behind them screaming.
"I can't find Phoebe!" Joey screamed as tears slid down his face. "She's not here!"
Chandler attempted to calm him down, as Ross went to find her.
"She might be hurt!" Joey said.
"She'll be fine. Monica reassured him.
"Are you guys all right?" Rachel asked in a shaky voice.
"I'm fine." Monica said.
"Me too." Joey said despite the fact he had a large bruise on the side of his face. " I gotta go find Phoebe!"
"Don't!" Chandler warned. "We don't want to lose you."
Everyone around them was crying and shaking, as they tried to calm down from the shock of the boat flying over the waves. The power was still out and it was very hard to see.
"Phoebe!?" They all heard Ross cry.
"Are you alright Chandler?" Rachel asked him, referring to his arm.
"I can't move it, but it doesn't hurt that much. I was lucky. Some people might have killed themselves here." Chandler said looking around.
Suddenly Ross appeared with a limping Phoebe on his arm.
"Phoebe!" Joey said as he hugged her and she smiled.
"Glad you found me. But I think my leg is broken" She said pointing to her disjointed right foot.
"I hope that they have a couple of doctors on board." Chandler commented trying to lighten up the atmosphere.
"I think almost everyone is hurt." Rachel said, gripping her back.
For the first time everyone noticed that one side of Ross' was totally blue, and swollen.
"Oh my god! Ross! Your face!" Rachel said reaching out to feel it.
"I'm fine!" Ross snapped as he pulled his head back. He didn't want anyone to worry about him, especially since there were so many hurt people out there.
Rachel recoiled quickly and looked hurt, as Chandler wrapped his good arm around her and gave Ross a cold stare.
Ross immediately regretted snapping at her, but he wanted to go help some more people, before it was too late for them. Ross turned around, and started to help and old woman up.
"Are you alright?" Ross asked her kindly helping her to her feet.
"I'm fine. The old lady said gratefully, "But I can't find my husband."
"I'll help you." Ross said taking her arm and helping her around.
Rachel sat down on a ledge, and noticed that she couldn't sit straight, that she kept sliding downwards. Chandler noticed and looked up at the ceiling.
"Oh my god, we're going down." Chandler said, his face showing his fear.
Phoebe screamed, and jumped into Joey's arms, who held her tight.
"Don't worry Pheebs. It's going to be all right. I love you. I won't let anything happen to you." Joey said comforting her. "I'll go check up on the deck, there should be 2 lifeboats on deck A. I'll be right back."
Monica cuddled up to Chandler, who stroked her hair absently, while Rachel sat with her knees up to her chest, sobbing into her legs. Phoebe stood leaned against the wall with her bad foot leaning against the wall.
Rachel kept thinking about her life, and how she wished she had lived it up. The cruise was beginning to seem like a nightmare. She kept crying, and Ross appeared beside her, and assured her that everything was going to be all right.
"I won't let the sea have you." Ross said hugging her tight. "If it wants someone, it's going to take me first."
Rachel looked at him with large, wet green eyes, and sighed, leaning up against him, as a single tear slid down his bruised face.
Suddenly, Joey appeared, yelling for them to come up on deck.
"Come on guys! There's a life-boat up there!" Joey yelled.
The rest of the passengers had not yet noticed that the boat was slightly tipping, as they were all still trying to calm down.
"A life-boat for what?" Ross asked curiously.
"The boat's tipping." Rachel whispered in his ear. "Can you feel it?"
Ross' eyes suddenly went wide, as he realized that they were right. The boat was leaning slightly to one side, and it was getting harder for him to stand by the second.
Ross jumped up, and commanded them all to follow him.
Joey groaned while he picked Phoebe up, and carried her out the door following Ross. Rachel followed closely behind by herself, while Monica and Chandler closed up the back. They rushed out into the cool night air, and saw that it was a clear night. Ross led them all into the lifeboat, and Joey helped get them all in. It was a small lifeboat, with room for 5. They had to use a crank to lower it down into the water. Joey picked Phoebe up, and put her in, and instructed her to put a life jacket on. Joey then put Rachel in, followed by Monica and Chandler. They all put their life jackets on, as Monica helped Chandler put his on.
"Get in Ross." Joey commanded, as Ross motioned for him to get in.
"No, Joey, you go." Ross said.
"Ross, I'm stronger then you!" Joey said realizing that the screams were becoming more insistent, and that people must have been realizing that the boat was sinking.
Ross refused. "I'm not getting in, and I'm not moving. You might as well get in."
"Listen to those scream!" Joey screamed at him. "You hear that? They know, Ross! Soon they're going to be jumping into this lifeboat with you. All panicked, wanting to live. They're going to weigh down the boat and kill you!"
Ross thought about what he said.
"You better come down after us. It would kill Phoebe." Ross said quietly.
Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe looked at him questioningly. They all looked very frightened, as they realized that if Ross didn't make up his mind soon, they might all die
"Get in! I'll jump in the water after you, and climb in." Joey said trying to speak calmly.
Ross finally decided and jumped into the lifeboat, as Joey cranked them down, lowering them into the murky blue water.
They hit the water with a thump, and while they held their breath, hoping for the best, they realized that they were floating. They all let out sighs of relief as Joey screamed over the side of the boat.
"You okay?" Joey asked.
'We're fine!" Phoebe shouted up at him. "Come on down!"
"I love you Phoebe. I want you to remember that!" Joey screamed over the side, as his tear dropped down into the lifeboat, onto Phoebe's life jacket.
"What are you talking about?" Phoebe asked. "Get down here!"
"There's only room for 5! If I got in, the lifeboat would sink." Joey said simply.
Phoebe screamed for him to come down, while the others stared in shock as they realized that he had tricked them into leaving without him.
"Joey, we can throw all this extra crap overboard, and you'll be able to get in!" Rachel yelled up at him.
"We're not leaving until you get down here!" Chandler shouted up at him.
Joey disappeared from the side of the boat, and they heard a huge rush of people yelling and screaming. They looked up at all the panicked faces looking down at them, but they didn't see Joey.
They heard several splashes in the water, and saw dozens of people swimming towards the boat, desperate to grab onto something afloat. The ship was now at a 30-degree angle, with the port side submerged in water.
"Let's get out of here before more people start jumping over the side." Chandler said hurriedly.
"I can't leave Joey." Phoebe cried.
Rachel started crying, and Ross grabbed hold of her and kissed her head. Monica grabbed both of the oars, and frantically started rowing in an attempt to get away from the people surrounding them. Ross grabbed an oar away from her, and pulled with all of his might, until they had gotten away from everyone. Phoebe had gone utterly quiet, as she realized that she might never see Joey again. She shivered as a tear slid down her face, and froze. Ross and Monica stopped rowing, seeing as all of the people were far behind them. They could all see their breath in front of them. It wasn't half this cold on the boat.
Chandler tried to comfort Phoebe, but she pushed him away, and huddled by herself in the corner of the boat. Suddenly, someone grabbed the side of the boat, tilting it dangerously close to the water. The man pulled himself out of the water and collapsed in the middle of the boat.
"Joey!" Phoebe screamed as he lay shivering in the center of the boat. She went to hug him, but he motioned her not to, as he was soaking wet, and would make her wet and cold also. The boat's sides were low on the waters, but still floated comfortably.
Monica sighed in relief, as he climbed aboard. She grabbed under herself, and pulled out a blanket from the compartment beneath her feet. She wrapped it around Joey, and he thanked her silently, as he wrapped himself in the warmth. Monica and Ross continued rowing slowly, glad that they were all on the boat and accounted for. Monica thought of how Phoebe must have felt when Joey refused to come onboard. She knew that if Ross had done that, she would have tried to get back on the boat, desperately trying to reach her brother. Soon, she stopped rowing, and looked into the distance, at the boat, which was no longer there. She shuddered and started crying, as she leaned against Chandler, who tried to comfort her. Rachel was sleeping against Ross, who was looking up at the stars. He seemed to be praying. Praying to God, to let them make it through the night. Phoebe lay beside Joey in the center of the boat, overlapped with blankets to keep them warm. Monica tried to see where Ross was looking, but it was impossible, as they were surrounded by billions of stars. Monica continued to watch Ross, who was now watching Rachel sleep, admiring her beauty, and stroking her hair. He loved her. She could tell. Maybe she even loved Chandler. She turned to look at him, and saw that he had fallen asleep. She smiled slightly as she saw his brown hair wisp in the wind. She leaned against him, and fell asleep.

They were on the ship. There was one lifeboat left. She heard herself screaming, but everyone ignored her. She screamed for Ross who glanced at her briefly, before turning to help a pretty girl in a blue dress into the lifeboat with him. She screamed for Chandler, who was busy helping Monica, Phoebe and Joey. Why weren't they listening to her? Why was this girl in blue taking her place? She screamed again as they lowered themselves into the water. She saw Ross and the girl hugging and comforting each other. Why wasn't that her? What was going on? She saw them fade into the black sky, as the boat was sucked under, and she went with it.

Rachel woke up screaming, and saw that everyone was around her, trying to calm her down.
"Oh my god!" Rachel quivered, grabbing Ross.
"What's wrong?" They all wanted to know.
"I had a dream that you all left me on the boat and I died." Rachel cried.
"It was just a dream, Rachel." Ross said soothingly. "We would never leave you. It was just a dream."
"Chandler left me for Monica, Joey left me for Phoebe, and you left me for a girl in a blue dress." Rachel said still crying.
"I would never leave you for anyone." Ross whispered again.
Chandler looked guiltily at Rachel, and realized that the dream was partly his fault. He was ignoring her more now that he was with Monica.
Joey looked around and noticed that it was becoming light out.
"We survived the night!" Joey said happily.
"Yeah we did, but how much longer can we survive without any food?" Phoebe asked.
Ross looked troubled, but suddenly jumped up when he heard a noise.
"It's a helicopter!" Ross exclaimed happily. "It's come to get us!"
They all waved at the helicopter, which hovered above their heads.
"Grab onto this ladder!" A megaphone commanded from the helicopter, as a ladder dropped down to them, out of the sky.
They all cried tears of joy, and sadness as they realized that they were safe, but the other 3,000 on the ship weren't. Phoebe and Chandler went up first, as they had a broken arm and leg. Rachel then Monica went up, leaving Joey and Ross on the boat.
"Thanks for coming Joe." Ross said sincerely. "We couldn't have done it without you."
"Thanks for convincing me to come." Joey said. "I was about to go back inside, when I realized what you said, that it would kill Phoebe. I love her. I don't want to ruin her life."
Ross and Joey hugged, and Joey climbed up next. Ross came up last, and Rachel extended her arm and helped him up. Ross gently kissed her.
"I love you, Rachel." He said softly.
"I love you too. " She replied smiling. "Thank you for helping me get through the most difficult night of my life."
They kissed again, as the helicopter flew through the brightening sky, the little lifeboat fading into the blue waters. They flew towards the pink horizon, Ross and Rachel, forever.

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