Author Note: Hey there, peeps, its been ages since my last story (which I am working on the sequel to, I promise!) But anyway, I was just flicking through some Star Wars stories the other day to satisfy my boredom and I found at least five stories that have Amidala as the Sith and Anakin as her slave. Well I thought it might be fun to have Anakin as the Sith and Amidala as the slave, so here we are, my story.

Disclaimer: Do I really need to point out that I don't own Star Wars? Nope, thought not...otherwise I'de be a rich billionaire by now!

Background: Basically everything that happened in the first three movies up until Anakin's turn to the Dark Sidehappened in this story, except that Padme was not involved directly and Anakin fell to the dark side because of the power Sidious was offering him - not his love for Padme, whom he has never met before. So there we go...a little background info for you there.

Hope you all like it, and R and R as always!


Darth vader strode along the white polished halls of the ship, his dark robes billowing out behind him, and his long shoulder length hair waving in the breeze created by his swift movements, making him feel so much more powerful as he punched a code into the keypad of the next door and strode through. He felt like nothing could stand in his way.

He'd completed his most recent mission to deadly effect, and now he was on his way to tell his Master the good news. Sidious would be very pleased with the report, and just to emphasise his point, Vader had ordered Commander Cody, who'd recently returned from Utapau, to bring the bundle of lightsabers stolen from the slaughtered Jedi that had been hiding in the jungles of Endor.

He tapped his booted foot impatiently as he waited for the ramp to be lowered, and before it had even hit the ground, he was out of the transport and off up into the Emperor's office.

The familiar red and black decorations were a welcome sight as he strode into the office, followed by Cody. The Emperor's chair was turned towards the newly repaired window, and even though it didn't turn to face him, Vader knelt anyway, head bowed in respect.

"Rise, Lord Vader," the Emperor's harsh voice said lazily and Vader obediently got back to his feet. "What news do you bring me of the Jedi Purge?"

"Good news My Master. Very Good news," Vader replied, moving to stand in his favourite place beside the Emperor. "All the Jedi are dead and we have confiscated their weapons. Clones from around the galaxy have been informing me of the same news all day. If there are any more Jedi out there, it will not take them long to be found."

"Good, good," Sidious cackled menacingly and Vader couldn't help but smile at how pleased his Master was. "You have done well."

"Thankyou Master," Vader replied with a bow. And then he stepped back as the Emperor stood up and moved towards a side door.

"Follow me, Lord Vader. I have a gift for you."

Wondering what sort of gift he could mean, Vader followed obediently, silently grinning at the fact that he towered over his Master. Sidious would often say that one day, he would become the most powerful ruler of the Universe and that he would kill Sidious in his sleep. Vader had always sworn that he would never do that, but now, as he looked down on his Master, he could see that it would be all too easy to overthrown Sidious, if he ever wanted to take over as the Sith Lord.

Sidious led him down to the detention cells below the main city, where the most dangerous of criminals were usually kept whilst awaiting trial. In a seperate section of the prison block, was a whole row of new prisoners who hadn't been there the last time Vader had been on Coruscant. This was where Sidious led him.

"These - " he said as the two of them stopped outside the first cell "- are the traitors who tried to create a rebellion against the Empire. They called themselves the 'Delegation of the 2,000', and are now awaiting trial for treason against the Empire. However, seeing as you have completed your recent mission so well, and to such a high standard, I have decided to give you one of them as your own personal slave."

"My own slave?" Vader repeated in surprise. "Thankyou Master!"

In truth he hated the idea of owning his own slave, because it brought back the painful memories of his past. He was quick to hide this from Sidious, though, because he knew that Sidious would punish him severely for those thoughts.

"You may choose whichever prisoner appeals to you the most, and I shall have them sent to your quarters later today," Sidious continued, oblivious to the conflict Vader was secretly feeling. Then he motioned to the clone guards positioned outside each of the eight doors.

As one, the guards all stepped up to the doors and unlocked them, opening them wide. Anakin started down the row, stopping outside each of the cells and peering in.

"Bail Organa," the clone announced as he looked inside the first door. There, chained to the back wall, with his arms above his head was Bail Organa, dressed in a grey jump suit with black polished boots. To either side of him, two clones stood with their rifles ready, just incase, but Vader saw no need, for Organa looked half drugged - almost sleepy - as he stood with his head hung down on his chest.

Vader studied him for a moment, then moved on down the row.

"Mon Mothma...Fang Zar...Giddean Danu...Chi Eekway...Terr Taneel...Bana Breemu..." Each of the clones standing outside the cell doors announced their cell's occupant, as he reached them. Inside each, he found the same scene as in the first. The half drugged Senators chained to the back wall with two guards keeping watch over them. None of them appealed to him, as he cast a critical eye over them.

And then he came to the final cell with a feeling that this had been a complete waste of time. He was just wondering if Bail Organa, the Senator and King of Alderaan, would make a good shoe shiner when he heard the name of the final cell's occupant announced.

"Padme Amidala." in the former Queen and Senator of Naboo? Anakin wondered. Before he glanced in, he called forth snatches of conversations he'd heard about the Queen.

'Queen when she was just fourteen...most beautiful woman in the galaxy...any man would die for a chance to speak to her...more beautiful than the angels on the moons of Iego...'

Taking a deep breath, he stepped into the dark cell and used the force to flick on the light. There, chained to the back of the cell was the most beautiful woman he'd even seen, and if he'd held any doubt that she was as beautiful as the rumours had suggested, they were washed away then and there. Her long brown hair fell in waves down to the small of her back, and when she raised her head a little, to look at him, he could see her beautiful deep brown eyes staring into his. Her skin looked soft and smooth, and she was a complete contrast to the harsh cell she'd been imprisoned in.

How could someone so fair have ended up in a place like this?

Deciding instantly that she would be the one that he would spare the life of, he stepped out of the cell and walked back over to Sidious, who was waiting with his arms folded.

"Have you chosen, my young apprentice?"

"Yes Master. I would like Padme Amidala," Vader replied and Sidious smiled, as though he'd known all along that that would be Vader's choice.

"Very well. You may return to your quarters. I will have her readied and sent up to you immediately. I hope she satisfies you, Lord Vader."

"Thankyou My Master. I'm sure she will," Vader replied with a bow, and then he strode away, leaving his new slave in her cell for the time being. He couldn't wait for her to be brought to him in his quarters at the top of the building.

Sidious had given him the top two floors of the building as a previous gift, although Vader was away on missions so much that he rarely used them. Mind you, for the time being, it seemed that peace had been restored to the galaxy, so hopefully he could enjoy a long, well earned rest.

Stepping into the turbo lift, he punched in a code and waitied with his hands behind his back as the lift carried him to his quarters. His fingers entwined and with his left hand, he could feel the soft, slightly worn leather of the glove on his right hand. Underneath that glove was metal and wires, which allowed Vader to crush stones into dust if he wished, increasing his feeling of power and strength. However, it was also a painful reminder of his past...a past he very much wished to forget.