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Setting: This first chapter takes place during the summer Regulus's 5th year at Hogwarts, so he is 15 in this chapter and if Regulus has joined the Death Eaters yet I have no idea. It is also Remus's and Sirius's 6th year at Hogwarts and Sirius is 16 while Remus is turning 16 soon.

Also trust me when I say that it gets better as the chapters go on because it gets more planned out in my head.

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Regulus Black stood up and stretched in front of the mirror in his room and looked at his reflection. Staring back at him was a tall boy, taller then his brother Sirius, with long black hair that went halfway down his back, dark blue eyes and a slim built structure. He was just grabbing the brush to brush his hair when he heard the doorbell shriek.

'Shit' Regulus moaned and putting down the brush. He just remembered that his brother was having his annoying Muggle loving friend over for the holidays. At least it wasn't that blood traitor Potter, no this time it was some freak from the poor house named Remus.

He had seen the Remus boy around school a couple times with his brother. He seemed like some geek that always dressed in patchy robes with his hair straggly and dark bags under his eyes. Regulus wouldn't have been surprised if the boy didn't even know what a galleon looked like. Regulus stood there staring at his reflection thinking about the boy when he heard the doorbell shriek again. His brother was probably still asleep upstairs, too far up in their house to have heard the doorbell. Regulus sighed and fixed his hair the best he could then went downstairs to the door.

'Oh, hello, I'm Remus Lupin, Sirius invited me over.' The boy was dressed in some old Muggle clothes and looked just like Regulus remembered him, except now he looked nervous and kept fixing his shirt.

'Hey, Sirius is still in bed, I'm Regulus, his younger brother.' Regulus held the door open for Remus to come inside; he was going to try to make a good impression on him because Sirius was probably feeding him a whole bunch of crap about him.

'Thanks.' Said Remus as he stepped inside.

'I'll go get my brother.' With that Regulus turned on his heel and went upstairs to his brother's room where he found Sirius sprawled out on his bed. 'Your boyfriend is here.'

'Five more minutes.' Said Sirius rolling over facing the window.

'Awww, are you actually going to keep your lover waiting?' Regulus taunted him.

Sirius stuck his head up and squinted at Regulus. 'What are you talking about? I broke up with Susan three days ago, over the phone too because I can't leave this god damn house.'

Regulus walked over to the window and opened the curtains so the sun poured in and blinded Sirius when he was trying to pull some jeans on. 'No, your idiot of a boyfriend is here.'

'You bloody fuck, I don't have boyfriends unlike you.' Said Sirius pulling his shirt over his head.

'Oh right, so does that mean I can have him? He is pretty cute if you got past the old clothes.' Regulus said leaning against the door frame and smiling slyly at Sirius.

Sirius stopped and looked at his brother; he had caught Regulus kissing some guy last year in the hallway and ever since he had something to hold over his younger brother's head. 'You lay one hand on Remus and I'll tell mom about how I'm her only chance at having a future heir.'

Regulus only smiled and turned his back on Sirius and headed back to his room where he finished getting dressed and brushing his hair. He went back downstairs to have breakfast but decided to make a quick detour to see his brother and Remus. They where still in front of the door talking and Regulus stood on the stairs behind Sirius so that Sirius didn't know he was there. Remus was looking at Regulus, but Regulus just smiled at him and he looked away from Regulus and back at Sirius.

'I wasn't planning on trapping you in this troll house this summer, Moony,' Sirius was saying, 'but you know with Mom and Dad gone they put a charm on the door to make sure I didn't leave. They probably won't bother to check if a wizard comes, most likely just think it is one of Regulus' "friends"-'

'You know, if you didn't always talk so bad about this house and your family they might not hate you so much.' Regulus said behind Sirius making him spin around.

'What are you doing here?' Sirius asked him suspiciously, Regulus never showed much of an interest in Sirius' friends before and the fact that he was showing an even slight interest in Moony didn't make him feel comfortable.

'Isn't a Black allowed to walk around in his own house? And what is with that nickname, Moony?' Regulus didn't move but instead rested his head on top of his hands, on the pillar at the bottom of the stairs.

'None of your business, come on, Moony I'll show you up to my room.' Sirius picked up Remus' bag and walked upstairs with it.

Regulus shrugged his shoulders then walked downstairs to the grand piano in a room near the hall and began to play. If there was one thing that Regulus could do right it was playing the piano. He heard some talking on the stairs and then what sounded like one pair of footsteps coming down slowly while the other pair trudged upstairs. Regulus stopped playing and looked at the doorway where Remus was standing looking around the room.

'Errr, you mind if I listen? I really love the piano, we don't have one at home, mom says they cost too much.' Remus began to mumble something else but Regulus wasn't paying attention.

'Doesn't surprise me, come sit down if you want.' Regulus gestured to the spot on the bench beside him.

'Umm, okay then.' Remus sat next to Regulus on the bench and Regulus began to play.

'So where did my brother go?' Regulus asked while he was playing.

'Oh, just upstairs to take my bags to his room.' Remus was watching Regulus' fingers move up and down the keys as if he was trying to remember where they went.

Regulus smiled when he noticed Remus watching his fingers. 'I could teach you to play sometime, at Hogwarts, they have a couple pianos there.'

'Oh well ...I….errr…I'm usually really busy, you know, school work and stuff.' Remus stopped watching and instead looked at a box that was snoring.

'Yeah, Sirius probably made me sound pretty terrible.' Regulus stopped playing then got up and left, leaving Remus startled and alone.

Ever since Regulus could remember he had always lacked friends because of Sirius. Truth was, since Sirius was such a reject to his parents, they had always been forcing Regulus more into the Dark Arts then even their eldest brother. So now Sirius saw him as just another Dark Wizard and told everyone how horrible he was. Sirius never went out of the way to make him not liked, probably didn't mean to at all, but still Regulus had few friends even in the Slytherin house because he never talked much with the other kids about hating muggles and such.

Sirius was popular, everyone wanted to be his friends and ever girl wanted to be in his arms, but Regulus nobody paid much attention to. In the Slytherin house he was seen as a disappointment to the Black family so everybody talked to Bellatrix or Narcissa if they wanted to talk to a real Black. But Regulus didn't mind, nothing interested him much about Muggle hunting and the rise and falls of Dark Wizards. Now there was this Remus boy however and something about him interested Regulus. It was true he was gay but Remus, he didn't want to kiss, okay maybe a little, but instead he just wanted to get to know him. Maybe even be friends with the boy.

During his thoughts Regulus had ended up outside near the Quidditch field that Mother and Father had built for when company came over and their kids wanted to play. Regulus never was any good at Quidditch, it was more of a Sirius thing, but he did like to watch it and it looked like he was in for a game now.

Regulus heard footsteps behind him and saw Sirius pulling Remus along, holding two broomsticks, up to the field. Regulus sat down in trees that surrounded the field and decided to watch. When they got into hearing range Regulus decided it wouldn't be too bad to eavesdrop since they didn't notice him sitting there.

'I'm no good at Quidditch though.' Remus was saying as Sirius pulled him along.

'It's no problem, I'll teach you, ain't a better player in the world then me.' Sirius hit his chest proudly and Regulus had to smile.

So this is what he is like when I'm not around. Regulus thought to himself, the Sirius he knew was always complaining about something.

'Fine, I'll play but I have to be in the attic by 7, you sure Regulus won't find out?' Remus asked and took the broom Sirius handed to him.

'No, that bloke wouldn't be smart enough to figure it out even if you where right in front of him when you transformed, why are you so concerned about him anyways?' Sirius asked him eyeing him suspiciously.

'I told you, nothing happened in the Piano room, I was just listening to him play, then he got mad about something and left, then you came, it's that simple.' Remus told Sirius as he kicked off the ground.

'Well you know he is gay right? So don't hang around him too much, you know, he is a Black and all.' He said while hitting a bludger at Remus who knocked it back at him.

'You're a Black too, and it doesn't matter if he is gay or not, I don't care.'

Sirius swerved out of the way of the bludger and threw the quaffle through the hoop that Remus was supposed to be defending. 'You're not even trying now are you? Anyways, I know about you and that guy last year, I just don't-'

'I told you I suck at Quidditch, and that was a one time thing, I'm telling you, I'm fine now, just had something to do with the time of the month.'

Regulus looked up at them when he said this. Remus was gay? Or at least Bi? And what wasn't he supposed to find out in the attic after seven? Regulus stood up at this and went back to the house. He planned to go up to the attic even if he wasn't supposed to and see what they where trying to hide from him.

When he went up the stairs and into the attic, he realized he had slept in really late, until 12 in the after noon and now it was three so he grabbed his book and sat down in an old chair that was in the attic with the Black's family crest on it. By the time the guys came inside it was quarter to seven. Regulus sat up when he heard them coming up and hid inside a big trunk. It wasn't very comfortable but it would do.

'You sure you want to be left alone?' Sirius was saying, Regulus heard some rustle of chains. 'I mean, I could stay, Regulus wouldn't notice me gone.'

'I'm okay, just stay in your room and make sure Regulus doesn't come upstairs. Why do you have all these chains anyways?' Remus' voice was saying, Regulus was now wishing he could see what was going on but he couldn't risk being discovered by Sirius.

'Don't ask, and fine I'll wait for you downstairs tomorrow, there are some clothes over here and you shouldn't be able to get out of these chains, I'm pretty sure they are charmed. I'll see you in the morning then.'

There were footsteps and a door slamming shut, then Regulus heard Remus sigh and sit down on the floor with chains clinking around him. Regulus opened the lid to the trunk a little and looked out, on the floor was Remus sitting covered in chains that held him to the wall. Regulus didn't see the harm in going out of the trunk now so he took out his wand and muttered a gagging spell. Remus instantly put his hands to his mouth and looked around trying to stand up but the chains where to heavy for him. Regulus smiled and climbed out of the trunk and over to Remus's side and sat down next to him.

'It's okay, I just want to know something then I will leave.' Regulus said looking at Remus who was glaring at him. 'I'll take the spell off but only if you promise not to yell for Sirius, if you do, I will be forced to tell the school your secret. So are you going to yell?'

Remus glared at Regulus then shook his head. So Regulus put his hand over Remus' mouth for good measure then took out his wand and muttered the counter-spell. Remus muttered something so Regulus took his hand away.

'I hope you get expelled for that.' Remus growled at Regulus who only smiled.

'You really think they would expel a Black? They are too afraid to even expel Sirius for all the pranks he has done.' Regulus said sitting in front of Remus now.

Remus only glared at him some more.

'You know, I'm only here because I want to know why you do this to yourself.' He gestured to the chains.

Remus looked at him. 'I thought you knew my 'secret''

'Well I know one for sure, that you had a relationship with another guy-'

'Sirius said you are gay too.' Remus cut in.

Regulus smiled. 'Well at least he said one truth, but I also think I know your other secret. Now you could tell me, or I could wait till the full moon and see it myself.'

'Fine, I am a werewolf, happy?' Remus said looking miserable. 'Now go tell all your dark friends.'

'I won't.' Regulus moved towards Remus and slipped his hand under his chin making him look up. 'It's none of my business so I won't.' Regulus kissed Remus lightly on the lips testing Remus.

Remus' eyes widen then relaxed and he couldn't help but kiss back. Regulus smiled and crawled forwards some more, until he was straddling Remus and kissing him deeply making his back arch. Regulus put his hands on the other boy's shoulders then pushed him away and smiled at him.

'I should go, I'll…talk, to you some more tomorrow.' Regulus stood up and looked at the window, night time was falling and he had to go soon, he knew what a werewolf could do.

'What…oh….don't tell Sirius, please?' Remus said blushing trying to move his arms.

'I wouldn't, just give him another reason to hate me.' Regulus walked over to the door and left.