A/N: This is a very short chapter, I'm not going to say much, but I did actually cry while I was writing it, even though it may not seem like much to you, the whole thing was playing out inside my head, even the death.

Chapter 9

'Regulus….Regulus!' Remus called after Regulus, who had turned and started to walk away.

Regulus stopped and turned to face Remus, his one and only true lover. He had never liked anyone that much, his other dates where with girls or guys that didn't care a thing about him. But here was Remus, the boy who sacrificed his friendship with Sirius to be with him. The boy that trusted Regulus with his deepest secrets, even the one about him being a werewolf. The one person that Regulus could talk to, and what was Regulus doing? Breaking the boy's heart as well as his own. Regulus knew he was close to tears, that they where probably rimming his eyes. Suddenly Remus came running towards Regulus grabbing him by the arm and looked him in the eyes.

'What do you think you are doing?' Remus asked, searching Regulus's face.

'What do you think? I'm breaking up with you, we can't be seen together, there is too much at risk.' Regulus said, he had years of practise at keeping his voice levelled even if he was wanted to cry inside.

'Why? I thought you loved me.' Remus said, his own eyes had unshed tears inside of them.

Regulus took Remus by the shoulders and pushed him against the wall and kissed him deeply, savouring the kiss because he knew it would be the last true kiss he would ever have.

'I do love you.' Regulus said when he broke apart from Remus. 'Don't ever, fucking question that! You know it will never work, so just stay away from me! That shouldn't be too hard, you're graduating next year and I'm leaving Hogwarts.'

Remus stared at Regulus, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. 'You can't leave Hogwarts-'

'You know what I have to do, if I don't do it then the Black family will die, Sirius, mother, father, maybe even Bellatrix and Cissy. I have to, I don't have a choice and I don't want them to know about you, know about my love for you.' Regulus took a deep breath, he wished Remus would say something but when he didn't Regulus continued. 'I'm…I'll have to wipe my memory of this whole thing, the Dark Lord will read my mind, find out my secrets, but he can't know about this. I'm not going to put you in that danger.'

'Regulus, Dumbledore will-' Remus said looking, understanding now why Regulus was doing this.

'Dumbledore is fool!' Regulus was almost yelling when he said it, thankful that they had made the room sound proof. 'There is nothing he can do. The Dark Lord may be afraid of him, but that won't stop him, and do you honestly think he can convince Mother and Father to go into hiding? If the Dark Lord doesn't kill me then they would, just please Remus, I don't want to…believe me…I wish I could remember this time forever. My life will be short, I know it will, but I will always remember you, even if I don't remember this time we spent together.'

'Regulus…please…I love you…' Remus said and he couldn't hold back the tears anymore and the rolled down his face. 'You make every full moon bearable; if I lose you I will never be the same. Can't you see that you are killing me by doing this?'

Regulus saw the tears on Remus's face and wiped them off his cheeks. 'It is killing me too, but I have to.' He kissed Remus one last time before leaving quickly.

That was the last time Remus heard from Regulus. Regulus dropped out of Hogwarts the next day. Sirius didn't bother asking what happened, it was clear enough when Remus refused to leave the dorm for weeks after. The first time he left was at the next full moon, he even refused to take the potion that made the pain of the transformation more bearable. When the other boys went to see him later that night, they heard what sounded like a dog dieing coming from inside the shrieking shack and left Remus alone that night.

The first news Remus and Sirius heard about Regulus was from Bellatrix, who had never spoken to Remus before and the last time she spoke to Sirius was when they where five. They where grown adults when she came, James had even finally married Lily they where expecting a son. She told them that Regulus tried to get out of the Death Eater group, but was killed. She also said that they found a letter inside his coat that said Moony on it, not even the Dark Lord himself could break the spell that made it so it couldn't be open by anyone within the group. She gave the letter to Remus and left, she didn't seem sad at all about Regulus's death. When Remus heard about Regulus's death however, he dropped off the face of the earth for a month, nobody knew where he was. Sirius finally found him at the old Black's house, which had long been abandoned, sitting by the Piano, playing from the book that Regulus had bought him so long ago.

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