Title: Counter

Date written: started 30/12/05 – finished 31/12/05

Author: TanteCarla

Rating: PG – Fem slash

Summary:Bloom thinks she is prepared for whatever Icy throws at her. Fem slash, don't read if you are against this. Very short fic. R&R pleaseeven if you didn't like it.

Author's Notes: Also a spur of the moment story that came to me and may have a sequel or two... Don't sue :p ... Oh and if I made any spell or grammatical errors please let me know 

Disclaimer: Winx Club is owned by... Actually I don't know... Nickelodeon? Anyway I do not own them.


"Magical Winx!"

Icy patiently waited for her opponent when she transformed into her faerie form. Grinning slightly she knew axactly what was gonna throw at the faerie. The pixie wouldn't know what comes over her. Stormy and Darcy just couldn't wait to see the pixie cry, while the Winx girls cheered their friend on, Tecna calculating the odds of victory.

"Alright Icy you've got your fight, I'll counter whatever you throw at me"

"You really think so?" the witch simply reply with a 'oh-no-you-won't' look on her face. All faerie eyes turned to Tecna.

"Ah well with Icys familiar attack list I say the odds favor Bloom off course"

"GET HER ICY!" Stormy yelled "Pull out her little wings and mumble mumble" she rattled on while she power her words by pulling out an invisible faeries wings and kicking her into the ground. "You've got issues, sis..." Darcy commented.

Anyways, back to the fight.

Witch and Faerie circled eachother, like two lionesses ready to strike. "All right Icy I feel generous, you get the first hit." The little faerie braced herself gaining her reddish glow to melt away the ice attacks. But the witch simply stepped forward 'till she stod a few inches from her opponent. Bloom raised her clenched fists into a battle stance, raedy to return the blow. What came next was something NO ONE expected.

In one swift move the witch got hold of Blooms face and pressed their lips together. All bystanders gasped audibly while Blooms eyes widened with shock.

"I knew it" came a soft mumble from Darcy.

Icy made small circles with her lips onto Blooms. The faerie was too much in shock to answer or end it, her mind raging. Arms falling numbly at her sides.

Who would have though... Icy felt unexpectedly warm for an ice-witch, and... it... it felt so good.

As Bloom felt like if the kiss didn't stop now, her legs would give up under her, Icy broke the kiss. One little wicked smile to Bloom she turned on her heel and strode off. She won. Bloom still stood in that position, blinking and the crowd stared at eachother in utter silence, until that silence was broken by Musa's, now, suprisingly, not-so-loud voice: "I think you have to update that computer, Tec."