Don pulled the SUV into the driveway, and gathered up the files. He hoped this wasn't too much for Charlie, but he really needed his help on this case. It was driving him nuts. He'd be sure to feed him small pieces, though, and encourage Larry and Amita to get involved. "I'm really doing him a favor," he thought. Charlie was on "house arrest" for at least another month, and he knew his brother was going stir crazy. "Not to mention Dad…", his thoughts continued.

He entered the front door and sighed wearily. What a day. He ran his hand over his head in that familiar gesture of frustration, and sighed again at the texture. After all he had put Charlie through their entire lives, he could not believe that his hair seemed to be growing back in tight curls. He was seriously considering shaving his head again.

"Hey, dad", he said, finding his father reading a book in the living room.

"Hey, yourself," Alan replied, not looking up from his book. "Help yourself to leftovers. Charlie and Amita are out by the koi pond." Alan glanced at his watch then, and frowned. "Go make him come in," he suggested. "He shouldn't be out in the night air."

Don laughed as he passed his father. "It's 80 degrees out, Dad!" He felt his father glaring at his back. "Don't worry," he threw back over his shoulder, "I'll just get a beer first and then I'll go get him."

He placed the files on the kitchen table and opened the refrigerator, grabbing a beer and twisting it open with a practiced ease. He took one long drink, and then wandered to the kitchen door. He stepped out to the porch, prepared to call Charlie, when he stopped. Charlie and Amita stood hand-in-hand at the koi pond, heads close together, obviously talking. Don was considering going back in, giving them a little longer, when suddenly Charlie pointed at something, and they both started laughing. They looked…happy. Don smiled, and his mind took a picture.

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