Chapter 1

On the outside anyone who saw Dave Batista would think he was the altogether champion that they saw on TV and a caring, loving and happily married man with two kids and three dogs, all living together in one of biggest houses in his hometown of D.C, however that wasn't the case inside Dave was being torn apart on the inside, torn apart over the two loves in his life, not with his job as a professional wrestler but with the two women who had been in his life for the past several years one being his wife the other being his closest friend a women that knew everything there was to know about him, the one who had been there for him through everything that he has gone through over the past five years, some one who had been in his house on countless occasions, a woman that had become friends with his wife and the one that he had trusted to babysat his kids on numerous times so he could take his wife out on the town when he was home. Not only that but she was with him just about everyday, he spent more then 300 days out of the year with this woman, she knew what he was thinking and feeling, she knew exactly what to do to please him in everyway not just sexually but emotionally, this women knew more about him then his own wife.

Dave sat on the plush oversized couch in the latest hotel suite that he was staying in with his chin resting on his hand looking at the TV but not paying attention to what was on. He was consumed in thought about the one person that had taken over his every thought every minute of everyday since he first met her when he hired her as his personal assistant. She was most beautiful woman that he had ever laid on, the one woman that was at his side every second of everyday while he was on the road, the only woman that made him crazy with just a smile or a laugh or walking into a room. She was the only woman that could make him weak with need and desire.

Dave was brought from his thoughts when he heard the hotel suite door open, he watched as his personal assistant Ranee Bledel, or Rae as everyone called her, walked in the door with her hands full of bags from her shopping day with two of the other girls he worked with. Dave rose from his chair walking over to help her with the bags lightly brushing her hand with his as he took them from her. Sitting the bags on the couch that he had occupied a few minutes before he turned to her listening as she said her goodbyes to her friends then closed the door and walked to stand beside him sitting the bags on the couch with the rest. He watched as she tucked a chunk of her soft strawberry blonde hair behind her ear, she had left her hair down not something that she normally did, but Dave loved the way her hair framed her angel like face so nicely bringing out her violet eyes and hung to the middle of her back. Dave smiled lightly when he noticed what she was wearing, it wasn't anything fancy that just wasn't her, just a pair of pink yoga pants with a white cami top that had baby girl in pink lettering across her chest and a pair of white running shoes, it amazed him how she could make something so simple seem so sexy and the way the outfit clung to her body showing off a bit of her flat stomach when she straightened her figure in front of him drove his crazy.

"I saw this and thought it would look good on you, I hope you like it." She smiled as she held the light blue dress shirt in front of her for him to look over.

"I love it." Dave returned her smile as he reached out for the shirt. I would like it even more if it were on you though he thought to himself as he watched her turn and walk over to the little kitchen area.

"Are you hungry?" She asked as she pulled out a room service menu and began to look it over resting her arms on the counter.

"Yeah, but I thought you girls were going out for lunch wasn't that the whole point of the shopping spree today?"

"We were but after spending the past five hours shopping we just wanted to get back here and relax for the rest of the day." Rae looked over the little menu that sat on the counter. "What did you have in mind?"

"Whatever you get is fine." What I have in mind isn't on the menu

Dave sat in the matching chair beside the couch and watched Rae order whatever she had chosen from the menu with so many thoughts running through his mind, thoughts of what it would feel like to kiss her soft pouty lips, to hold her in his arms tight against his body, what it would feel like to have her run her fingers through his short black hair and down his back as he removed the clothes she wore. Feeling himself growing hard with just the thoughts of what she might look like standing in front of him naked he shifted in his chair as she walked over to the couch and began moving a few of the bags making room for her to sit. Dave reached over and grabbed one of the bags that was close to him, one that interested him more then any of the others, a little pink bag from Victoria's Secret. Without her noticing that he had taken the bag, he moved the pink tissue paper and peered inside then slowly pulled the silky material from the bag and held it up by the thin strips letting it unfold and hang in front of him. He stood from his chair and walked up behind Rae holding the soft pink nightie against her back trying to imagine what she would look like in it.

Rae turned around feeling Dave behind her and almost instantly began to blush when she saw that he was holding the revealing nightie that she had bought. She reached for the material only to have Dave pull it back slightly out of her reach. She had a feeling that Dave had feelings for her, she had to admit there were several times that she locked herself in the bathroom after spending a whole day with him burning holes into skin with his eyes, and pleased herself only wishing that it was him instead of a vibrater. She reached for the material again and once again Dave pulled it out of her reach hiding it behind his back.

"Dave give me that." Rae laughed trying her hardest to grab the nightie from his grasp.

"Nope." Dave answered simply.

Giving up a minute later she turned back to her other bags, at least he didn't pull out the four new thongs that I bought along with it, she began going through another bag. "What do you need that for, I think it's a little too small for you don't you think?"

"I don't want to wear this." Dave walked up behind her and placed his hand on her hip and brought the nightie around in front of her trapping her in his arms. "I was just wondering something." He whispered right below her ear sending shivers down her spine.

"What was that?" Rae asked her voice shaking slightly.

"What you would look like in this thin, revealing material?" Dave brought the nightie against her stomach and dropped a soft kiss just below her ear. "How it would feel to hold you against my body? How it would feel to kiss your soft lips, to have you run you finger over my body." Dave dropped a kiss on bare shoulder. "What you would look like standing in front of me with nothing on?" Dave pressed another kiss to the spot just below her ear.

It felt so good to stay in his arms and have him press the tiniest of kisses on her shoulder and neck. She didn't want it to end, what she wanted was for Dave to pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom and kiss all the spots that ached for him to kiss. However deep down inside her she knew this was wrong they could be doing this. Reluctantly Rae nudged Dave's kisses away from her neck.

"Dave, please we can't do this." Rae took the nightie from his hand and threw it in one of the bags then slowly moved out of his hold. "This is wrong on so many levels; you shouldn't be saying things like that." Dave grabbed her hand before she could get too far.

"Rae I know you feel the same way about me, I've heard you many times moaning my name behind closed doors. Don't you want to know what it would feel like to have me inside you?" He pulled her back to him and wrapped his arms around her waist holding her tight against him.

"I wish I could know what that felt like, I wish we could go back in that bedroom right now tearing each others clothes off." She looked up in his eyes. "But you know as well as I do that we can't do that? There can never be anything between us." Rae pulled his left hand from her waist and held it up for both of them to see. "This is why there can't be anything between us." She pointed to the gold wedding band on his ring finger. "You made a promise to love honor and cherish until death do you part and I refuse to be the cause of you breaking that promise." Dave looked at the ring that he wore, she was right he did promise his wife those things and it was wrong for him to be holding another woman in his arms. "Not only do you have your wife Dave but you have two girls at home and I don't want to be what causes their happiness to be destroyed because of an affair. I'm sorry Dave but I just can't do that to them girls, or your wife." With that Rae turned and walked back into the bedroom closing the door softly behind her.

I never should have said or done anything I should have just kept going the way we were going and ignored everything. She is right I'm a married man, it's not like I'm single here I have a wife and two girls at home I can't just walk out on my family for some one night stand. Although I don't think it would be a one night stand with Rae, the way she makes me feel now, who knows how I would feel after having sex with her. Dave was interrupted by his thoughts when someone knocked on the door.

After setting the food that Rae had ordered out on the table he walked over to the bedroom door and knocked softly then opened it slowly. He saw Rae sitting on the side of the bed with her back to him hugging a pillow to her chest and her shoulders slightly shaking almost as if she were crying. Dave walked over and sat beside her on the bed and saw that she was in fact crying, he had never seen her cry in all the years that she had been working for him not even when her grandparents passed away did he see her shed a tear. Dave reached out and placed a hand on her back and lightly began to run his hand up and down her in a soothing motion.

"Rea I'm so sorry, I never should have put you in that position." Dave spoke softly to her. "I never meant to upset you, I have no idea what got into me in there. I hope that you can forgive me."

Rae lifted her head and wiped away the tears and eye liner that were falling from her violet eyes. "I forgive you Dave; I understand how you feel I feel the same way about you. I've dreament of the day when you would say what you said in there and if Mel wasn't one of my closest friends I most likely would have jumped at the chance to be with you, even if it was for one night." Rae paused and pulled her legs up to her chest. "I don't want to ruin my friendship with you or Mel over an affair; I don't think I could go through that again."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, just something that happened a long time ago." Rae replied shaking her head.

"Rae for the past three years you have found out every little piece of information on me and Mel and our girls and we know almost nothing about you. Please tell me what happened." Dave looked at her with pleading eyes. "I promise whatever you tell me will stay between you and me."

Rae shifted on the bed slightly she hadn't told anyone about what happened to her before she went to live with her grandparents when she was nineteen. She knew she could trust Dave not to tell anyone if she didn't want him to, that's not what she was afraid of, she was afraid of how he would look at her after he knew the truth, what would he think of her after she told him what she used to do.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but remember I'm here anytime that you need to talk." Rae nodded her head as he stood from the bed holding a hand out to her. "Our dinner is here let's go eat before it gets too cold." Rae smiled slightly and took Dave's hand in her and followed him out of the bedroom and over to the table where he had set their plates. Dave pulled out Rae's chair for her to sit then scooted her up to the table a little and took his seat across from her and then began to eat talking about what was going on in the next couple days.