Title: Growing up

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Warning: Smut, slash (both in much later chapters)

Characters: Harry, Draco, Harry/Draco, Snape, Hermione, Ron, Remus

Summary: Ron and Harry are fighting during potions, which is never a good thing. What happens when someone gets covered with their messed up potion and when that person is Harry's secret heartthrob and Draco Malfoy at that?

Chapter 1

A Little Problem

"Give it here, Ron," Harry Potter growled, as he yanked a jar of ingredients from Ron.

"I had it first!," Ron growled back, snatching the jar back out of Harry's hands.

"Liar, you saw me reaching for it,"

"You were not," Ron hissed, holding the potion out of Harry's reach.

"I was bloody too!," Harry screamed.

"Shut up!" Snape screamed in annoyance, his amusement in the arguement residing as the two boys got increasingly louder. "And watch what..." but it was too late by then and in a blinking moment the whole jar of whatever the two boys had been fighting over went flying and landed right in Ron's potion.

"Look what you did," Harry said, wagging a finger at Ron.

"Me!" Ron screeched. "You did it," he added. Hermione rolled her eyes and uncorked the dungle beetles she had in her hand. She ignored both the Gryffindors because for two seventh year boys, they were acting more like two year olds.

"I did not," Harry protested pushing Ron.

"You did too," Ron replied pushing him back but harder. Harry went soaring backwards and tripped hitting the cauldron with Ron's butcher potion. The contents of it splashed up covering Draco Malfoy, who was standing near by watching the fight. He was completely covered in goo.

"Now look what you did," Rom smirked, not in the least concerned for Malfoy. Harry though stared at the boy, his mouth open in horror.

"You two, Dumbledore's office, NOW!" Snape demanded. "Parkinson, Granger you're in charge," Snape conjured a stretcher and put Draco on it. "I said NOW!," he screamed at the boys. They both ran out of the room.


"May I inquire as to what has caused such two good friends as you to digress into to such childish fighting," Ron and Harry were in Dumbledore's office now, both glaring at the other.

"He…" they both started. Dumbledore put up his hand.

"One at a time…Harry, please," he said. Ron rolled his eyes and Harry smirked.

"We were supposed to meet Hermione in the library last Saturday. We had a project for Charms to work on. She told Ron to tell me but…" Harry began.

"He wasn't around to tell. I look for him everywhere and by the time I found him it was too late…"

"You could have gone without me and told Hermione you couldn't find me," Harry suggested.

"It's a group project idiot. She wouldn't have let me just let you get out of it,"

"I'm not an idiot,"

"Yes you are,"

"And what about Hermione," Dumbledore asked loudly.

"She's mad at us," they both replied.

"It just seems to me like a misunderstanding," Dumbledore smiled. "I'm sure Mrs. Granger would forgive and forget if you both apologize to her and to each other," neither boy moved. "Boys," Dumbledore said sternly.

"Sorry Ron," Harry mumbled.

"Sorry Harry," Ron grumbled.

"Good now back to class with you," he smiled shooing them away.


The next day, Harry and Ron were redoing their potion during the free period, neither boy happy about the situation, when Hermione came running into the room. She was very much out of breath.

"Harry," she gasped. "Come…quick,"

"What! What happened?" Harry asked but Hermione just grabbed him and drag him with her towards the hospital wing. Ron was left there dumbfounded. Harry could hear crying coming from Wing as they approached it. Hermione made no effort to enter the room but pushed Harry toward it.

"Go," she said.


"Harry, go!" Hermione demanded. So Harry went. The crying got louder with the door open. Harry had to cover his ears. He reached the room where it was coming from and opened the door. Upon opening it, he got the shock of his life.

There on the floor was the Slytherin Price, Heir to a Fortune fit for four kings, Draco Malfoy, two feet five inches and four years old.

A/N: I haven't a clue as to who's read this before or not but i've decide i can't go on in life with this horrible mess i like to call a story being allowed to continue in the state it's in. It was on of my first stories and it's really horribly written so i've decide to give it a complete make over. So if you've read it before, it probably won't kill you to read it again.