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Mission Impossible

Chapter 8: I Got a Plan!

"We have a problem!" the two shouted.

"Wait, what's your problem?" Kelsi asked Ryan.

"Well, I was walking down the hallway, listening to my Ipod, minding my own business…."

"You never mind your own business." Kelsi told him.

"Can I get back to my story?" Ryan asked, slightly irritated.

"Go on."

"Well, anyways, while I walked past the boys' locker room, I overheard Zeke and Jason talking. Now, Zeke wasn't talking about his latest creation, but he was talking about the fact that he broke up…with Sharon."

"He broke up with her? Why?" Kelsi asked.

"Because he wants to get back together with… Sharpay. Ryan explained.

"That's the same thing Gabriella wants to do." Kelsi mumbled, but Ryan heard her.

"Ew! Gabriella wants to date my sister! I thought she was into guys!" Ryan shouted in disgust.

"No! I mean she wants to get back together with Troy!" Kelsi exclaimed.

"Oh. Well you should have said that." Ryan told her.

"You are hopeless." Kelsi mumbled under her breath,

"What did you say?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing. So.. What do we do now?" Kesli asked.

"What do you mean?" Ryan asked.

"I mean, what your next plan? After all… this was all your idea." Kelsi told him.

"Oh right. I'll… I'll think of something soon." Ryan assured her.

"Well you better do it soon. Who knows when Gabriella and Zeke will talk to Troy and Sharpay."

"Well then… we have to make sure that Troy and Sharpay don't talk to them." Ryan declared.

"That is not going to be so easy." Kelsi told him.

"Well… we got to try." Ryan said.

"Okay." Kelsi mumbled.

Ring. Ring.

"Oh no! That's the warning bell! We're going to be late!" Kelsi exclaimed.

"We better get going. We'll talk more at lunch." Ryan said.

"Okay. See ya." Kelsi ran the other way, hoping to make it to her first period.

Kelsi sat on her desk, copying down he board. Fortunately, she made it on time. Her first class for the day was Literature. She shared that class with Taylor, Gabriella, Sharpay, and Troy. To the right of Kelsi was Sharpay, who was next to Troy. To the left of Kelsi, was Taylor, who was next to Gabriella. Kelsi saw that Gabriella was trying to get Troy's attention. Troy seemed to be too busy to pay attention. He was too busy writing down notes, and stealing a few glances at Sharpay. Kelsi smiled to herself. "He is really falling for her." Kelsi thought. She was to busy to notice, Taylor whispering her name.

"Kelsi!" Taylor whispered, causing Kelsi to jump up.

"What, Taylor?" Kelsi asked.

"Here." Taylor handed her a note.

"What's this?" Kelsi asked.

"Pass it to Troy. It's from Gabi." Taylor explained. Kelsi saw Gabriella looking at her, and nodding. Gabriella then went back to her school work, along with Taylor. Kelsi cautiously opened the note, making sure no one was watching her. She read the note.


I am sorry for hurting you. We should have never broken up. I miss you. I want to get back together with you. Hope you feel the same way. So, do you want to?





Gabi 3

Kelsi did not know what to do. If she gave him the note, then their work would be a waste of time. But if she didn't, then Gabriella would know that something is up. Kelsi knew what she had to do. She wrote a check on the 'No' box, and carefully folded the note. She passed it to Taylor. "This is from Troy." Kelsi whispered. Taylor nodded, and handed it to Gabriella. Kelsi could see Gabriella open the note, her smile slowly fading. She could see tears beginning to form. Kelsi felt bad for what she did, but she had no other choice. If she didn't, all Ryan had worked for would be a waste. And she cared too much to let that happen. A little too much.

It was lunch period and Ryan was walking toward the cafeteria, hoping that Kelsi was already there. He made sure that Sharpay was nowhere near Zeke. Sharpay was currently talking to Ms. Darbus. She told him to wait for her in the cafeteria. This would give him and Kelsi time to think of a plan.

Just as he was about to open the doors of the cafeteria, someone called out his name. "Yo Ryan! Wait up!" The voice shouted. Ryan turned around, letting out an inward groan.

"What do you want… Zeke?" Ryan asked, trying to be as mean as his sister.

"Where's your sister?" Zeke asked.

"Why? Planning on breaking her heart… again." Ryan said coolly.

"No. I just… need to talk to her." Zeke told him.

"Well, I don't know where she is." Ryan lied.

"Well… could you give her this?" Zeke handed Ryan a note. "And tell her to write back." Zeke then headed to the cafeteria, leaving Ryan alone. Ryan took a good look at the piece of paper. His curiosity got the best of him. He read the letter.


I am an idiot. How could I just date anyone besides you. You are the greatest. I hope that you could forgive me. I am such a loser. I broke up with Sharon. I want us to get back together. Please feel the same way.



Ryan reread the letter. "Don't worry Zeke, I'll give this to Sharpay." Ryan walked to a garbage can and tossed the note in. "Yeah, right I will." Ryan left, leaving the crumpled paper in its proper place.

"So, do you have a plan?" Kelsi asked, as she took a bite of her apple.

"Nothing yet. I have been to busy trying to make sure that Sharpay doesn't get close to Zeke at all." Ryan said.

"Me too. It's pretty hard making sure that Troy is far from Gabriella, but I think she won't be bothering him for a while." Kelsi told him.

"Why? What did you do?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing." Kelsi replied, hiding a small smile. "So, where is your sister?" Kelsi asked, trying to change the subject.

"Talking to Ms. Darbus." Ryan informed her. "That should take up most of the lunch period." Kelsi laughed at Ryan's little joke, but Ryan didn't notice. He was too busy trying to come up with a plan.

"Hey guys." a voice said. The two turned to see Troy talking to them.

"Hey Troy, what's up?" Kelsi asked.

"Oh, I was just wondering if… Sharpay is with you guys." Troy casually said.

"No, she is not here." Kelsi replied. "Why?"

"Oh, I just wanted to talk to her about our project." Troy told her.

"Oh, well she's talking to Ms. Darbus. But, we tell you her that you wanted to talk to her." Kelsi informed him.

"Thanks." Troy said, leaving back to his table.

"Did you see that, Ryan? He is falling for her!" Kelsi squealed. But Ryan wasn't paying attention to her. "Ryan Are you listening to a word that I'm saying?" Just then Ryan got up from his chair.

"I got the perfect plan!" Ryan exclaimed.


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