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This Prison

Chapter One

The Elf and the Sorceress

Beast Boy bolted down the hallway, running from Cyborg and his stinky ball of socks. He skidded to a halt at a corner and began picking up speed again. He was perfectly aware of which hallway he was in, but then again, he didn't care. Raven had to come out of her room sooner or later. She couldn't pout over Malchior forever.

"Hey, you little grass stain! Where are you?" Cyborg called from some distance away. Beast Boy smiled to himself and shook his head at his follower's poor tactics. He found himself slowing down as he came do his friend's door. Raven's. And he stopped. Something drove him to knock. And he did.

"Raven?" He inquired. He could hear the girl just on the other side of the door. Their conversation was a blur to the elf. He remembered apologizing over the dragon breaking her heart. She said something about him, Beast Boy, thinking she was creepy. Then he'd told her she wasn't alone. And the next thing he knew, an emotional Raven had wrapped her arms about his neck. He stood their in shock, a priceless expression playing on his face. He was no longer the cocky "ladies man" Beast Boy. He was just like every other person that didn't know what to do about hugs or love.

That brought his attention to another question. Why was Raven hugging him? Sure, he'd apologized and tried to make her feel better, but Raven… Raven hugging someone was "just plain freaky" as Starfire would put it. She was a dark girl who liked her privacy and didn't show emotion. And this single hug destroyed everything she stood for.

The green boy stood there, frozen and in shock. His arms were stuck out to the sides, flinching with every new command his brain sent. Hug her! She needs comfort right now! a part of him shrieked. Don't give her the wrong idea! another side of him countered. Like Raven would like me! the first side cried.

When she finally pulled away, Beast Boy was unsure how to act. What was he supposed to do? What should he say? What would she do next? What was she thinking?

"Uh…" the green boy muttered. Suddenly, he was hit with a flying object. He fell to the floor with a "Doh!" and lay there, motionless.

"Woo-hoo! Stank ball!" A metal man cried from the side. He waved his arm in the air triumphantly. The fallen boy sat up, and Raven enveloped the said "stank ball" in her powers.

That was nearly three years ago, and I am never going to forget it. It was the night I got trapped in a book for a second time. I am Malchior.


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