Author's Note:

Hey it's me again! I've been dragging my feet on writing the next When You Break A TV story so here is something else in the meantime. I know that having Jack have a kid has been done a million times before but I hope nobody will hold that against me.

As usual it is primarily a humor story but there probably will be romance later. I had a lot of fun with the idea and coming up with a plot. This shouldn't be a very long story though.

I have to thank my beta: enigmagirl2727, who, as always, is willing to read and correct whatever I type. The first chapter is a little short, sorry.

Chapter #1

Captain Jack Sparrow stood surrounded by cocked guns held by British soldiers in bright red coats. The guns were trained, unwavering, on him. Slowly he let his sword and his pistol fall to the ground. A triumphant Captain Murray stepped forward grinning ear to ear.

"Well," he said with a grin, "well. I've finally caught the famous Jack Sparrow.

"The famous Captain Jack Sparrow," the pirate corrected. Murray ignored Sparrow, he was too busy gloating to actually listen.

"How does it feel being caught by me after all this time of being free?"

"I can't truthfully say," Jack Sparrow said carefully, "it's the finest feeling I've ever experienced."

"Take him to the prison!" He commanded triumphantly. The soldiers escorted Jack down to a dark and dirty cell. He was the only one in there.


At that moment the crew of the Black Pearl, the ship Jack Sparrow was captain of, were all looking out expecting to see him and Mr. Gibbs return. They had been casing the mansion that was rumored to have a treasure map in it.

Then they saw the small row boat returning to the ship. However it only had one passenger. Anna Maria brought out her telescope and peered out at the small boat.

"It's Mr. Gibbs," she called to the rest of the crew, "he's returning alone."

"Where's Jack?" asked the shortest member of the crew, a midget.

"I don't know," Anna Maria snapped, "we'll ask him when he gets here."

It didn't take long. Soon Mr. Gibbs was climbing aboard the ship. Instantly he was surrounded by a concerned crew. He told of how they had been surrounded by the British soldiers and how it had been a setup. He then told how Jack had caused a distraction and been caught so he could get away.

"What now?"

"We can't leave him behind."

"Aye!" Many voices coursed. With unanimous agreement among the crew they began to plan the rescue of Captain Jack Sparrow.


Jack Sparrow lay alone in the cell starring dejectedly at the ceiling counting the number of cracks in the stones. It was then that he heard a door open and footsteps approaching his cell.

Looking over he saw that it was not a British soldiers at all. It was a woman wearing pants and a black trench coat. Her long hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. He couldn't see her face clearly.

"Now," he asked, "who might you be?" The woman now, stepping into the light, scowled at him and threw her hands into the air.

"This is the thanks I get for coming to visit you before you die. You don't even recognize me," she sighed, "your own daughter."