Summary- Over a few drinks Booth and Brennan give each other compliments, lots of fluff and maybe more!

Rating- M for now cos it might get naughty and saucy, haahaa!

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Brennan glanced at Booth and smiled, he narrowed his eyes and wondered what she was smiling about.

"What?" he finally asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and sipped on her cocktail that looked a yucky green color.

"Cute." she mumbled.

He looked at her and she watched as the corner of his lips turned upwards into a little grin.

"What's cute?"

"The way your eyebrows look when you concentrate." she told him.

He turned a little and looked more directly at her.

"Are you giving me a compliment?"

Brennan rolled her eyes and sighed.

"No, im telling you lies." she replied dryly, she didnt understand why men acted so stupid sometimes.

"Well...thank you." he sipped on his beer and shook his head slightly in disbelief, he wondered why Temperance was being so nice to him.

"The little creases you get between your eyes when you squint, its funny."

Booth licked his lips and looked at her as if she was from another planet.

"Bones...are you feeling ok?" he asked.

Brennan smiled and nodded.

"You're so uptight." she told him.

He looked at her in complete shock, his mouth open a little and his eyes slightly narrowed.

"Are you drunk?"

She sighed again and decided not to speak to him anymore, he was just being immature and she had no time for immaturity.

"You have nice eyes." he told her.

She looked at him and smiled, okay maybe she was a little tipsy but she wanted to know how far Booth would take this scenario.

"You do to, deep sexy brown ones."

They both smiled and blushed a little.

"You got a nice ass." they both said at the same time and then laughed.

The bartender looked at them, smiled and then walked away.

"I think we're both a little drunk." Booth informed her.

"I would have to agree with you for once Agent Booth."

He took her by the arm and helped her to stand.

"Im not that drunk." she told him.

They stood a moment gazing into each others eyes before the bartender rudely interupted them.

"$15.60" he told them.

Booth took out his wallet and handed the guy a twenty.

"You want your change?" the bartender asked.

Booth frowned, what kinda question is that? He asked himself.

"Of course he wants his change...its not like he's going to nominate you for bartender of the year award or something." Brennan said.

The bartender tried to stare her down but Brennan won and he eventually skulked away. She smiled in victory and looked at Booth.

"You're so mean." he told her.

She stepped closer to him and but her hand on his chest.

"Yeah...but you like it though."

He raised his eyebrows and swallowed hard, he had no idea that Tempernace could be so sexy when she talked to him in her sultry voice and starred deep into his soul.

He could believe Temperance was turning him on so much and all she had done was look at him and whisper but god it was hot.

She winked at him then walked away, he grabbed his change and followed her quickly out of the door.

God what an evening; he said to himself.

He knew that maybe soon it was going to get better.



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