This is not a single story. This is a collection of small little ficlets that I wrote in response to the housefic50 and fanfic100 prompts that appear over at LiveJournal. Overall this collection will be rated M though the ficlets actually range from K – M and all are House/Wilson, mostly slash, some more friendship but either way you have been warned, please don't complain.

Disclaimer for all fics: I don't own 'em. If I did the show would be much stranger and House and Wilson would kiss a lot more.

And since we're not allowed to put up Author notes as a single chapter here is the first one. The layout for the fic headings will run as follows:

Prompt used to write the fic


The fic

001. Beginnings

At the End of the Day

The buzzing sounds of the doorbell rang through out the apartment. House sat slouched on his couch, staring at the TV and resolutely ignoring the noise. He'd had a day in the clinic he'd rather forget. No less than three patients had puked on him as a result of some kind of stomach bug that was going around. Add to that the fact that the patient in his current case had decided to take a down turn and have a cardiac arrest and Stacy had been annoyingly present and he suspected she was lurking for some reason. All in all, he didn't want to deal with anyone right now.

The buzzing sound stopped and House let himself relax slightly. He tensed again when whoever was at the door began pounding on it.

"House?" The voice was Wilson's and it sounded tired and a touch worried.

House sighed and turned off the TV. He levered himself to his feet, limping over and opening the door.

"What?" he snapped then wished he hadn't. Wilson looked like he was ready to drop and he had two suitcases sitting at his feet.

"She kicked you out?" he said in a slightly softer voice.

Wilson nodded. "She filed for divorce."

House stepped back and allowed Wilson to drag the suitcases inside. He then shut the door and headed for the kitchen.

"Beer?" he said as he opened the fridge.

"Yeah," came the exhausted response from the living room and he heard Wilson collapse on the couch.

House grabbed two bottles and limped back out into the living room, handing one bottle to Wilson then sitting beside him on the couch. Wilson opened the bottle with a sigh then drained a good third of the beer in one swallow.

"Well, my couch is your couch," House said into the silence. "Why did she choose now?"

Wilson was silent for a long time. "Because she finally worked it out."

House frowned. "Worked what out?"

Wilson was silent again then he leaned forward and placed the beer bottle on the table, his exhaustion fading as his resolve strengthened. He turned himself slightly on the couch and looked at House. There was a look in his eyes that made House's breath catch. He'd always hoped to see that look in Wilson's eyes but had never thought it would happen and even now wasn't sure that he was seeing it right.

"What I've known for a while but have been too chicken to do anything about," Wilson said with a hint of a challenge.

"And what's that?" House asked, his nerves starting to twang.

"This," Wilson said warmly as he leaned forward and captured House's lips in a gentle kiss full of promises of things to come.