My Sweetest Heart for You

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Chapter 1 – Flame of Memory


As a bright crimson sun drifted past the horizon, a dusky sky overlapped in pinkish clouds tinted with a faint red faded unto nighttime as darkness descended. A bright blue moon rose into the sky, its full shape gracing gentle waves of an ocean with silvery moonlight as a small figure with flowing pink hair trailed a path leading down to the shoreline

Lacus slowly leaned herself down on the sand as she began humming a sweet melody to herself, rocking back and forth. Turning her gaze upwards towards a breathtaking sky, Lacus' mouth took in a gasp at an ocean of stars that glistened brightly overhead; her lips curving into a sweet smile.

Her baby blue eyes shimmering over in a heavenly gentleness as they slowly became lost in the ocean's glossy waves… their ebb and flow as comforting as a mother's rocking embrace to her. She continued to stare out for what seemed like an eternity before the chilling winds started to take send shiversdown her small frame. Turning around, the thought of heading back home grew more appealing rather than staying outside.

'Am…I going…to die?'

"Huh?" Stopping for a moment, the pink-haired girl turned her head around as though she heard a voice from somewhere. No one was around though, it was only her. 'Perhaps it was my imagination…?' Lacus thought mentally, raising a finger to her chin before she shook the thought off and started walking again.

'So sorry…'

'No… it can't just be my imagination. I'm sure I heard something that time' Lacus thought as she froze in her steps once again. Quietly turning around, a faint change in her visage appeared on her gentle expression as she raised a hand and placed it over her heart. 'What… what is this feeling?'

It was like there was a whisper from deep in her heart that coerced her into staying. Suddenly, from out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of something floating in the cool waters. It seemed to be drawing closer and closer to the shoreline until she finally saw what it was. It was… a body?

Lacus' baby blue eyes widened in shock at what she saw before she immediately ran off towards the cool waters and dove in without a moment's hesitation. As she swam out towards him any sense of composure and regard for her own safety vanished, all that she could feel was the desire to help him by whatever means she could.

The young figure's body began sinking under the water moments before she could reach him. Taking a deep breath, the pink-haired beauty dived deeply under the water to reach him before it was too late. Drawing closer she caught sight of his figure; he was still just a young boy with long brunette hair strewn over his face. Reaching out her hand towards his body, she was just a few inches away before something happened.

The boy's brilliant amethysteyes opened as Lacus felt her locked in his gaze for a moment. His gentle expression gave off an air of sadness while she could've sworn he was smiling towards her while his hand reached out. Underneath the water, Lacus felt heat rising into her cheeks with this boy staring so intently at her.

Interlocking her fingertips with his, her eyes widened as she felt that tugging at her heart… that same whispering in her soul.

'I… don't mind dying like this seeing your face just... one time…my angel'

Slipping into unconsciousness, the boy's eyes closed as his fingertips began slipping away from hers. Quickly grasping onto him, she clung his body to hers as tightly as she could now desperately trying to bring them back up to the surface.

Struggling with everything she had, the pink-haired girl breached the water while gasping for air and keeping herself and him at her side, their wet hair clinging to each other with each brush of the water splashing over them.

Finally reaching the shore, Lacus pulled up the violet eyed boy close to her before she collapsed over from exhaustion as heavy breaths wracked her body, her clothes clung tightly to her body from being in the water so long. A loud cough escaped her as small shivers began ringing through her, the late night's breezes picking up.

Lacus slowly picked herself up as he suddenly came back into her mind, her face quickly turning over towards the young brunette. Her eyes drew back for a moment at what she saw… he wasn't breathing. 'Oh dear god… please no…'

Crawling over towards him, Lacus turned him over while she pressed both of her frail hands down against his chest. Taking a moment in between for compressions, she pressed down harder against him, her face growing more horrified when he still didn't start breathing.

Lacus' long pink hair was strewn over both their bodies; she moved herself up towards his still face, gently clasping her hands around him. 'Please… wake up…please…' she pleaded silently to him, slowly closing her blue orbs as her soft lips pressed to his. She breathed deeply through her gentle lips and into his mouth as a single tear trickled down her cheek.

Opening her beautiful blue eyes, every whisper of Lacus' heart ached without end that she'd see him awaken. Her glossy eyes brimmed over with tears… he'd stopped breathing completely. Words couldn't express the hurt Lacus felt as she broke down in tears over his still body. Her fragile heart was shattering at the thought of not being able to save this young boy…


"Huh…?" Lacus whispered softly to herself, raising her head off of his chest to see he was taking small breaths. 'He's alive…' she thought with tears of joy running racing down her face, her small hands cupped around his face as her fingertips trailed over his open lips with each breath.

Carefully linking her arm with his, Lacus slowly stood up hanging onto the boy as she started walking back up the sandy shores of the beach and up to her house. 'It's not too far… I know I can make it.' Lacus thought to herself over and over again, her legs beginning to tremble with the stress of carrying him by herself.

A few minutes later Lacus finally reached her home that rested quietly upon a series of flat cliffs that overlooked the ocean. Quickly unlocking her door, she fell inside with the boy tumbling in not too far behind. Lacus' face felt warm as trickling beads of sweat slid down her forehead.

She then realized how closely pressed she was against the amethyst eyed youth; the fact that her wet clothes still clung tightly to her figure wasn't helping matters either.

"Umm…." Lacus whispered softly to herself, her face darkened a considerable red when she realized he was even more soaked than her. Shaking off any such thoughts from her mind, Lacus gave a determined look that inevitably came out looking cute as it always did.

Intertwining her arm with his once more, Lacus helped him up to his feet while walking him slowly over to her couch, setting him down carefully as she pulled herself down and sat herself next to him with a light sigh.

Lacus ran a hand over his forehead, brushing a few of his long strands of hair away from his eyes, a small smile weaving itself into her expression. 'He must've been through so much, yet he still looks so peaceful…'

Her train of thought was cut off as a series of coughs burst out from the boy, his face heaving with deep breaths. Lacus' face worried as she placed a hand to his forehead, a soft gasp escaping her lips.

Placing her hands upon his chest, she slowly lifted up the flimsy material of his cotton shirt over his head. Lacus' eyes were drawn for a minute to his chest that was well muscled, although not too overly done. Shaking her head once more, her face flushed as she found she couldn't control her thoughts. 'What's wrong with me…?'

Setting his shirt aside, Lacus went to discarding all the rest of his clothes until he clad only in a pair of black silk boxers. Lacus turned away as she couldn't help herself anymore, leaning herself off the couch to walk over to a nearby fireplace near coveted in newly placed fire wood. Picking up a small match at the base, Lacus struck it alongside the wood as a small flickering flame emitted from the tip. Tossing it on the wood, a small fire started as the flickering pyre burned up into a greater intensity with the passing moments.

The comforting warmth of the fire sent a renewing feeling of life into Lacus' body as she brought her hands up to run them over each other. After a while, Lacus stood up and went over to a nearby closet. Opening it up, she stood up on her tiptoes to pick up a set of pink laced sheets with a thin mattress sheet. Clasping them tightly within her hands she took to setting them out over by the fireplace taking special care not to get them too close.

Intertwining her hands together she went back over to the young boy whose chills had begun to subside with the warmth of the fire that now spread out through the whole of her living room. With a gentle expression not wavering for an instant, Lacus took him by her arms and leaned him into the soothing comfort of the sheets as she snuggled his body as tightly in as she could get.


Finally having a moment alone to herself, Lacus stole away out the back door. A soft sigh of relief escaped her open lips as her eyes beheld one of her own private little treasures in the comfort of her home, a perfectly preserved hot spring in all its exquisite beauty for her alone right in the very back of her house with the added touch of a overview of the night sky to look upon through stainless glass.

Unclasping her nightgown away from the slim of her figure, Lacus let it drop down in a pool of wet silk at her feet. Kneeling at her feet, Lacus placed her right hand inside of the water to gauge its warmth. "Ouch!" she cried for a minute, pulling her hand back at the feel of how hot it felt. For a girl who'd been in freezing cold water, it certainly wasn't strange that her body hadn't had time to adjust though.

"One step at a time…" Lacus whispered softly, taking a deep breath before she slipped herself in completely with the rushing feel of heat searing into the whole of her open body. Sharply gasping in some before the cold feelings inside of her began to subside, her breaths calming back to a normal level as the calming sensations of the springs worked their soothing miracle over her entire body.

Shifting her baby blue eyes up towards a vision of the night sky, Lacus' thoughts fell back to this young boy… 'Who is he…? Why would he have been floating out all alone out there…?' she thought to herself. "I pray he's going to be alright…" Lacus spoke, her voice barely above a whisper as she gave in with a deep breath to close her eyes and whisper her soft wishes to the night sky so that her prayer may come true.

Leaning her back quietly against a smooth surface, the misty steam of the hot spring led her into a dreamy state… her eyes fluttering almost unto a close as her consciousness fell back on precious memories that resided freshly in her mind.



'He seems to be resting much better now…' Lacus thought to herself as the young brunette slept peacefully, his face seeming much more relaxed and at rest than before. "I don't know who you are, but…" she said, stopping for a moment before she brushed a few strands of hair away from his forehead to lightly press her smooth lips against them in a tender kiss "I'm so glad you're alive…"

Lacus' beautiful blue eyes widened for a moment as she saw his lips curve into a smile… could he have felt that? Shaking the thought off, Lacus giggled some to herself.

"Well… whoever you are, I do hope you'll stay here until you're alright. I promise I'll take care of you." Lacus said, closing her eyes with a bright smile on her face. Standing up, Lacus gave him one last tender glance before she left him to rest.


As the pink-haired beauty's thoughts continued onward, nighttime drifted on with the stars swirling overhead and the moon still in full bloom.

For now a chain of events has begun to unfold that cannot be undone, and a cruel destiny awaits these two young people whose intertwined fates have led them to one another.

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