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It was a still, cold night. James Potter quietly opened the back door to the little two story house in Godric's Hollow where he lived with his wife. He stomped the snow off of his boots, observing the fact that it was a little early in the year for the white, fluffy menace. It was October, after all! His dark silhouette turned back and shut the door, locking it behind him. When he whispered "Lumos" to the thin cherry wand in his right hand it began to emit an eerie ball of bluish light. Now illuminated was a tiny, slightly cluttered, but oddly comforting kitchen. He held the shiny shaft of wood in his teeth and started to peel off a dark cloak, two grey wool gloves, a matching wool scarf and thick socks that were knobby where they had bunched up underneath his boots. He dumped the soggy articles haphazardly into a messy pile on the linoleum and knew he would have to pay for his laziness when Lily came down to make breakfast the next morning. Oh well.

The square mahogany cuckoo clock next to the cabinets chimed, and the little wooden bird sprung out of the archway to announce to the weary James that it was two o'clock am. This, (if it was even possible), just made him feel more exhausted than he already was. He dragged his feet to the bottom of the stairwell and tried to make as little noise as possible while making his way to the last creaky stair. Stifling a yawn, James grabbed the handle to a door on his right and whispered "Nox". It wasn't pitch black without the ball of unnatural wand light, as the window on the right wall had the curtains pulled back. The light of several street lamps and a sad moon outside were reflected through the clear glass by the glimmering dusting of snow. James found it quite easy to make his way to the double bed with careful tiptoeing, where a young woman was laying with her face sideways on the pillow.

Her long, red hair fell over her neck and contrasted gloriously with the pink flannel pyjamas covering her pale shoulders. James knew that if he looked, a few freckles would be splattered on her soft skin. She had been tossing and turning in her sleep, and the white sheet (that looked almost bluish-green in the moonlight) was wrapped around her legs like she had just gotten into a fight with it.

James pried her from the sheet being as gentle as possible so he wouldn't wake her and re-covered her with it. He climbed underneath the wrinkled fabric and turned to face her. Watching Lily breathe was the most beautiful thing he'd ever experienced. Her chest rose and fell to a slow rhythm, and her pink mouth was slightly open. Her pale eyelashes were still. She looked…angelic.

He fell off to sleep, dreaming of his beautiful wife.


James woke up gradually the next morning, with many yawns and stretches to bring consciousness to each cell in his body. Lily wasn't next to him. He realized it was a Saturday and she probably let him sleep in, and he was grateful.

He crawled out of the bed and rumpled his raven hair with his strong right hand. (Old habits are hard to break.) Walking out of the bedroom, he grabbed a white towel out of the linen closet and stepped into the small bathroom across the hallway.

He turned the knob of the shower and hot water began to spray onto the white tiles. When he stepped in, the water hit his back and ran in little streams down his body. It soothed his tired muscles and he sighed out of contentment. He was the happiest man in the world.

What James didn't expect during this relaxing shower was for the water to, for no apparent reason, loose pressure and increase 20 degrees in temperature. He screamed like a little girl that had just seen a spider and jumped out of the bathtub. Lily was obviously playing a joke on him. She knew what flushing the toilet downstairs would do to his shower!

He partially dried off and wrapped the white towel around his waist after turning off the water. She knew he had come home late, and really needed that, so why would she do that to him? Maybe, if he yelled first, she wouldn't be able to tell him off for not putting his things away last night. He headed downstairs.

He walked through the kitchen and into the living room, where the door to the other bathroom in the house was open. 'Aha!' He thought. 'Caught in the act!'

He tiptoed to the white doorframe and peeked inside, ready to scare Lily if she was anywhere near the toilet.

She was near it, but slumped on the floor, still in those wrinkled pink pyjamas. Her face looked ghostly pale and beads of sweat had formed on her forehead. She had thrown up.

"Lils!" said an extremely confused James. "Are you sick sweetheart?"

She nodded, obviously too incapacitated to speak.

"What's wrong!"

Her reply was another bout of making her sacrifices to the porcelain god, for which James looked away with a painful grimace. In seven years of school together and a few months of marriage he had never seen Lily get sick. Ever. In fact, being around anyone this sick was quite new to him.

After the initial shock of seeing his wife in pain, James grabbed a washcloth and drowned it in cool water from the sink. He rung it out, and folded it neatly into a square. Kneeling down next to her, he started to pat the washcloth onto her forehead to cool her down.

"Thank you." She smiled at him with dry lips.

After her face was freshened up a bit, James could tell she was feeling slightly better.

"I don't know what happened, James. I came down to make breakfast, saw the mess you left for me…" Her lips turned up into a teasing grin. "…and then it felt like my stomach turned over. I'm sorry I ruined your shower."

"Don't worry about it Lils." He helped her stand up and led her to the sink, where she started to wash her face properly. The sweat on her neck had curled little strands of her red hair into sticky ringlets. She dried her face off and gave James the once over.

"You're still in your towel."

"You interrupted my shower, remember?"

Lily stuck out her tongue.

"So, really Lils… what's wrong? I've never seen you like this before."

"I've stuck my tongue out at you before." She gave him a 'look'.

"No!" James said, his blue eyes laughing, "that." He pointed at the toilet.

"Oh, that. Well, it's been happening for the past few days, every once in awhile."

"It has! Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because I didn't want you to make a big deal out of it."

"It is a big deal! If this has been going on for awhile, I should take you to St. Mungo's!"

Lily groaned. "I knew this would happen," she murmured.

"Go get dressed, Lils. I'm taking you to the hospital."


"I still don't know why you felt it necessary to drag me here!" Lily whispered ferociously into James' ear. They were in the queue at a large, kiosk shaped desk where an unpleasant looking witch was directing traffic, so to speak. After the woman had sent a little girl and her father up to the floor for charms gone awry, (it seems the little girl had taken Humpty Dumpty a little too seriously), James pulled Lily forward.

"What's your malady?" The woman said this with the enthusiasm of a sloth.

"We just need to talk to a healer for a few minutes. My wife has been sick for a while."

"O.K. Take the elevator up three floors and you'll see a healer's station. Tell them Adamina sent you." She waved them to the gilded lift as if they were pestering flies.

"Don't mind us." James said with sarcasm as he led Lily across the large room.


"Throwing up?" The healer said with a look of intense distaste.

"Did I stutter?" James replied.

"Er, James?" Lily elbowed him in the ribs. "You did stutter, actually. Can we leave now?"

James just tightened his grip on his wife's waist. "Can't you just do a scan, or something? Whatever it is you do? I just want to make sure it's nothing serious."

"O.K." The middle-aged wizard said. His uniform was a crisp blue like his bulging eyes. He pulled out a short, thick wand made of some light wood and muttered a spell to it. The thing started radiating a purple light, and he waved it over Lily like a muggle metal detector. When he was finished, he put the purple wand to his temple and closed his eyes. His frown slowly turned to a huge grin that exposed yellowing, crooked teeth. "I see." He muttered to himself.

"Well. What is it?" All of this just made James more curious as to why Lily would get sick after an amazing track record in illness prevention.

"Ma'm," the healer said, "you're going to have a baby!"

James fainted.