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Not the Last

Chapter 1-Ventures Through the Night

Albus Dumbledore walked swiftly away, leaving young Harry Potter on the stoop of his the Dursley's home. He also left Minerva McGonagall and Ruebeus Hagrid, who had both helped secure and deliver Harry to his last remaining relatives. Or, at least, everyone thought the Dursleys were Harry Potter's only relatives. Albus Dumbledore, however, thought differently.

Dumbledore apparated just down the road from his final destination of the evening. He found himself feeling grateful that this was the last venture of the night, maybe, having been a chaotic few days. Even he couldn't have guessed everything that happened really had occurred.

Suddenly, Dumbledore realized that he was in front of a small shack. This shack was very shabby and was located just a few miles out of London. Dumbledore knew he couldn't put off this visit any longer, and with much effort he knocked lightly on the door.

The door opened almost immediately. Dumbledore was able to see only a dim silhouette of a figure. The only light was coming from a lonely light at the back of the one-roomed shack.

The mysterious figure murmured in a deep voice, "I wondered when I would be seeing you again, Albus."

"Well, I am relieved I didn't surprise you for being at your doorstep at this unsightly hour," replied Dumbledore with a familiar twinkle in his eyes.

The man stepped aside, clearly indicating that Dumbledore was welcome to come in.

Stepping inside, Dumbledore found the shack to be quite cozy. Against the back corner of the room was a single bed and bedside table. Upon the table sat a lantern that cast a dim shadow, hardly illuminating the man's features. Dumbledore's eyes swiveled to see an old stove and miniscule sofa (which appeared comfortable, but he wondered otherwise).

The man strode to the bedside table and turned up the lamp. Instantly, the room filled with light. Dumbledore was now able to see the man's face clearly.

Before him stood a gruff man who had most certainly not been seen for some time. His matted and curly hair practically dripped grease. He must have shaved recently because he didn't have the five o'clock shadow Dumbledore remembered him wearing many years ago. But the feature that distinguished this man from any other was his eyes. They were a light baby blue. Those eyes had seduced many a young lady in his school years, if Dumbledore remembered correctly.

"It's a pleasure to find you doing well," Dumbledore said sincerely.

"Same to you," the man replied, shifting awkwardly.

"Would it be too much to ask if I may take up some of your precious time, Bennett?"

"No, not at all. Please come in and sit down, Albus," replied Bennett Potter.

Albus Dumbledore took a seat on the uncomfortable couch with a pleasant smile. No one could possibly tell that he was most likely experiencing immense pain in his rear end.

Bennett Potter sat off to Dumbledore's side on the bed, which didn't look like it would be much more enjoyable than the couch.

Now that they were both settled, Dumbledore took in a deep breath.

"I will assume that you have heard about the events of these last few days," he started.

Bennett nodded, failing to meet Dumbledore's gaze.

"Good, you just let my vocal cords do a little less work," Dumbledore said with a faint smile on his face, which Bennett returned.

"The matter you and I have to deal with tonight is your relationship with young Harry Potter. You were and are James' adoptive brother."

Bennett knew this subject would come up at some point. The Potters had adopted him when James and his friends had been in their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Bennett saw James and his friends during the summer and most holidays. They all were friendly and always had exciting adventures. They were not the four, but five marauders.

Things changed when they all graduated, though. They all dispersed and did their own thing. James and Lily got married and had Harry. Remus set out to see if a werewolf could get a teaching job. Sirius went traveling around the world having thousands of wonderful life experiences. Finally, Peter got a job that came with a boss who told him what to do and exactly how to do it. That was just perfect for Peter.


The sound of Dumbledore's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"What about my relationship with Harry?" inquired Bennett.

Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by an urgent knock on the door.

Dumbledore signaled for Bennett to take out his wand. He slowly opened the door, wand raised, and was met with the sight of the handsome face that was none other than Sirius Black.

"Sirius? What are you doing here?" Bennett asked. At this, Sirius lowered his gaze to the floor before he said, "I heard from a source that you were going to be here tonight, Albus."

A knowing smile appeared on the old man's face.

"Please say hello to Remus for me when you see him again."

Sirius felt a bit sheepish since Dumbledore knew who had told him about the planned journey.

As he stepped aside so Sirius could enter, Dumbledore gave him a knowing and forgiving look. This just made Sirius feel more foolish.

They all claimed a seat, with Sirius sitting next to Bennett on the bed.

Dumbledore was the first to break the pause, "Well, gentlemen, we have a lot to discuss. So let's get down to business."