Hidden-Part 3

Hello! Thank you for the kind reviews! My science is horrible, so all this 'air density' and 'brain wave patterns' are not true, and just a creation of my own mind. Sorry this has taken so long to put up. I've gotten a sudden obsession with Lost.


Rommie swallowed down a gasp, then quickly scanned Beka. Everything was in place, except the certain pattern of brain waves was different, as brain waves are different for every person. She compared it to when she had last scanned Dylan and Beka, and found that it truly was Dylan inside of Beka.

"Dylan! How can you be inside of Beka!"

Beka's shoulder length blonde hair flipped back and forth as she shook her head. "I don't know. First, I was sleeping in my own body, then I woke up in Beka's room, in her body!"

Rommie tried not to let her artificial eyebrows rise up in disbelief, but every programmed instinct within her screamed that what was happening was not logically possible. She tried to override her error codes that were popping up like crazy right now, and if she was her AI, it would be a piece of cake. But the human in her avatar took over, like it usually did, and she put her hands on her hips. Beka looked crestfallen, and a pout that was most definitely characterized as Dylan's crept on her lips. "You don't believe me."

Rommie blinked, forcefully having her AI help to smother the error commands telling her to shutdown for a logical diagnosis.

"I...do. I do believe you. There is no other explanation for the irregular brain patterns. I think the low density has affected me somehow. I'm going to have to get Harper to take a look at me."

Beka immediately looked concerned, putting a friendly hand on her shoulder. Rommie berated herself, trying to remember that this was Dylan, and not Beka. But it was hard to look at Beka, with her black tank top and shorts that she wore to bed, and even her blonde hair was frizzed up from sleep, and try to define her as Dylan.

"Right now, I think we should try to find the rest of our crew. They weren't in the sleeping quarters, so we can pretty much guess they're up." The natural leader in Dylan spoke up.

They didn't need to ask each other to know where the first place they should look should be. They started walking to the nearest service corridor leading to Command.


After ten minutes of hot-wiring the doors to Command, it swished open, revealing their missing crewmembers inside. The scene inside was the weirdest Rommie had ever seen. Dylan's body was standing by the doors, his hands on his hips in a very Beka-like fashion. Rommie didn't need to scan to know that was Beka.

Harper, Tyr, and Trance were standing in a line by the controls, and it was the most apparent that their personalities didn't fit their bodies. Trance's delicate purple fingers were wrapped around her tail, which was much closer to her face than usual, and her wide eyes were full of wonder and excitement. Tyr was rocking up and down on the balls of his feet, and a very un-Tyr like grin was planted on his face. Harper was scowling, his arms crossed.

Rommie was about to run a scan for curiosity sake, when a surge of energy shocked through her.


A spark ran up Rommie's body, and a moment later, she crumpled to the ground. Dylan caught her before she hit the deck, and got a nasty left-over shock. At the same time, something shuddered throughout the ship, rocking the entire Command with the blast. An emergency siren wailed in the background, echoing down the lonely corridors until it reached its destination.

They had heard that wail too many times not to know what it was; the slipstream drive reaching overload. Trance seemed torn, but nodding to herself, she started forward with a determined glint in her shinning eyes. She grabbed a nano-welder from Harper's tool belt, then started unscrewing the nearest conduit. Within seconds it was detached, and Trance was already clambering up into it. She turned around, sparing a quick glance at the rest of them.

"I have to go fix the slipstream, before it blows. Rommie should be okay shut down, so I'll fix her after I'm done with the slipstream." Harper's high, quick voice came from Trance's body, and it was no longer a secret who Harper was.

Dylan gestured back at the Command doors, asking, "Why don't you just use the doors?"

Harper's eyebrow itched up, and looking back, Dylan saw the doors had closed shut again. "Vents are faster. How do you think we got in here? They don't call me a genius for noting!" Harper gave a cheeky grin, worthy of Harper's own face, and scampered deeper into the ship's ducks.

Tyr's body bounced up and down, clasping his hands together in excitement. Trance's soft voice drifted out of Tyr, as she exclaimed, "Wow, Tyr! You are so tall!"

Everyone looked to Harper's sulking body. He was scowling, almost to the point of pouting, his arms crossed. A strong, deep voice radiated out of Harper's tiny body. "I do not like this arrangement."


Just wanted to make it clear that once I mention what character is in whose body, I refer to the actual person, NOT the body. Understand? Hope you like it!