"Pit-i-ful human! You dare believe you are truly superior to the all-mighty Zim? Impossible!" The voice loud enough to cause the neighbors to look up and wonder why they were cursed received only maniacal laughter from the boy sitting on the couch.

"Of course I do not believe it! I know it!" was the inevitable reply. The usual, annoying banter continued until the girl a floor up could stand the madness no longer. She left the comfort of her room and planted herself at the top of the stairs and waited five seconds to see if they would shut up on their own. Unlikely.

The allotted time passed and still the intolerable noise did not dissipate. "DIB! ZIM! If you both do not shut your stupid noise holes this instant you'll be sorry! I'll rip your esophagus out of your body through your spleen, Dib. And you, Zim, I won't hesitate to remove whatever organ of your squeedily spooch it is that produces such horrible noises in such a way that you will be in a world of pain for the rest of your years!" She cleared her throat as she waited for their response. Silence ensued.

Then she heard it. Muffled snickering that quickly escalated to full-blown laughter. So they thought she was funny? They had another thing coming.

She stomped down the stairs and entered the living room. Zim and Dib had collapsed on the floor, unable to do much more than laugh as the humor they found at Dib's little sister's threat took over control of their bodies.

"Hey, you morons, stop laughing!" Zim looked up at her and bit his lip in an effort to pretend as though he wasn't laughing at the poor girl, but his attempt proved to be futile. Dib took no notice of her and continued to laugh. She glanced at the television screen and a wicked grin graced her features. They hadn't reached the save point in Galactic Invasion yet. She stepped over the pathetic forms of the two laughing boys and flipped the power switch to OFF on the Game Slave Home. The screen was covered in static and Dib's evil little sister joined in the laughter.

Dib went still, as did Zim, at the sound of her merriment, both looking up at the waif of a girl who continued to stifle her glee behind her hands. Zim noticed the television first.

"You insufferable stink-beast!" he shouted, leaping to his feet. "Why would you do such an insidiously horrible, evil thing to me, Zim? Madness! The madness!" He threw his fists in the air and ranted about the doom he would rain down upon her doomed head of doom-ness.

Dib stared in disbelief at the dead gaming system. "Gaz…why?" He stood beside Zim, who had ceased in his shouting. Both of them now looked down upon her. She glared at them scornfully, annoyed that her momentary joy had been ruthlessly murdered by these idiots.

"I warned you," she replied darkly as she made her way to the stairs. Her brother's voice caused her to turn around.

"You warned us about our organs! This is completely different!"

Gaz shrugged. "A threat's a threat. Would you have expected anything less? Besides, you two were about to die anyway. You weren't anywhere near the save point for that level. Mysterious Mysteries is about to be on." She caught the disgusted look on Zim's face and felt a flash of pity for him. She pointed a finger at the poorly disguised alien. "I require your assistance." He said nothing. "Now, space boy."

Said alien looked at Dib in confusion. Dib's eyes narrowed suspiciously. Just because he and Zim weren't sworn enemies any longer did not mean he wanted Zim around his sister. "He can't. He's got stuff to do. Invader stuff," Dib practically shouted. He saw Zim wince at the word 'invader' and promised himself that he would apologize at a later time.

Zim, confused even more now, simply nodded. He wanted to escape what seemed to be the beginning of badness. So he played along. "Yes, that is correct. Do not think that because I am playing games with your brother does not mean I am not going to conquer this disgusting dirt ball, Gaz-human. These games are strategic training on my part. You'd best not to forget that I am ZIM! Soon-to-be ruler of you worm baby dirt-children!"

"Whatever." Gaz stalked out of the room and her boots hitting the steps could be heard. Zim went to the front door of the Membrane residence and glanced at Dib.

"Why would you tell her something like that?" he questioned.

Dib flushed, trying to think of a good excuse. "You don't want to hang out with her. Trust me." Zim gave him an odd look, but shrugged and continued on his way.