November 1, 2227

Ensign Leo Shaw aboard USS Daedalus

Task Force Daedalus

Dear Lisa,

I know I shouldn't be worried, but I am. We just passed Rathra IV on approach to the Sivil system. We're to relieve Task Force Rhea under Admiral Pollard. He's the foolhardy man who begged Starfleet Command to let him push deeper into Drengin territory. They caved after he took out every Drengin defender in the system. I think this was partly his recklessness. We just don't know how many ships lay out there, flooding in beyond sensor range. I think it was also payback for the Tannhauser incident.

Who can really take the blame? It's only been two years since the other races snatched up our Hyperdrive technology and took to the stars. For a year, all we heard was how amazing Hyperdrive is. Then all we heard was, "I hope the Expanse gets to Haber III before the Torians" or, "The Arceans got Severus II, but we took Severus V!" Then the Design Bureau comes up with the Initial Class because Command insists on minimum defense for our planets. Surely the galaxy wouldn't go to war so soon. We barely had our pants on with Impulse Drive when the Drengin declared war.

I remember about five years ago when we were on our picnic in Brittany. France was amazing. That night we watched the moon, our single moon. You remember? I remember that I figured out you were ticklish. I also admit that when I saw the moon, it made me think of how many more moons there could be, how many more planets. It's always made me think that. There was magic that night. Then I had to take you back to the hover port with only half my clothes on.

You can be proud. I am serving on the first Daedalus Class. We've got three Pioneers with us, the Courageous, the Agincourt, and the Hastings. Rumor is Admiral Pollard wanted the Agincourt in his battle group. It just wasn't commissioned in time. Apparently the old man has an obsession for ancient battles. I'm serving onboard with some of the best Starfleet has to offer. I laugh every time I write that word. Starfleet. Did you know they show Star Trek movies in the galley as morale boosters? I have to admit that I've watched a few. They can call us Starfleet all they want, design our ships like little Enterprises, throw in these morale boosters all day long, and at the end of the day we're still just junking around in tiny ships with laser guns.

We're not allowed to talk about the Incident. The Design Bureau got it bad after that one. Didn't they fire all the upper echelon? It wasn't their fault. We'd never fought in space before. I thought putting the Mark IV Lasers on a cargo hull sounded like a good idea. Those things are tons bigger than our Pioneers and even the Daedalus. The cargo design just wasn't designed for this type of warfare. Those Drengin bullets tore right through the hull. I don't even remember the names of those two ships. It's been erased from all formal records that I'm aware of. To think it happened right where we're going: Sivil. It's only been a few months, but Pollard's wiped their solar system clean. Won't be much left for us to do but guard the place until troop transports arrive to take the planets- if Command decides on that course of action.

In the meantime I've been watching the Galactic Olympics. I watched George Jones beat that Arcean in the 100 meter! That was amazing. George was half his size. Guess the Arceans just weren't used to the extra gravity. That one Drengin actually broke his pole halfway up in the vault. I laughed my ass off. That's a morale killer. I think we should show that clip to Drengin prisoners.

I'm off to tweak the navigational systems. Say a little prayer for the Fearless crew. Besides the two ships, they're the only ones who have been lost out here. I'm glad someone up in Command cares about our lives enough not to just throw them away. Give your family my love,


Dear Dad,

As per your request, the Daedalus is outfitted with the latest Mark III Impulse Drive and four, read it, four Mark V Laser emitters. We can run-and-gun on any Drengin that comes within eyeshot. They've used missiles against some of our ships and some second and third generation space cannons but nothing that has left our fleets worse for the wear. The conflicts have all been on the border inside their territory. No Drengin fighter has entered our space, and I'm here to make sure it stays that way.

The Task Forces use Deep Space Six just off Rathra as a stepping stone into Drengin territory. The base is a threat to any invasion they would throw at us and, because of its placement, all their attempted incursions have come the way of Ivey. That's a long way to get around a starbase. It gives us plenty of time to see and intercept them. The Drengin are mounting huge losses. I hear that Starfleet is putting out a bigger ship design in a few weeks. By the first of the year we'll have something substantial to throw at the Drengin.

I can't believe I haven't seen Earth in a year. Until then, if you need your son, he'll be on the fleet's most advanced ship blasting Drengin back to their hairy mothers,