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Two weeks later.

John knew where to find Elizabeth. Whenever she needed to think – to sort things out – she headed for the balcony where she could feel the cool ocean breeze and breathe in the clean air.

She glanced up when the door opened, but didn't turn around. "How's Teyla?" she asked as he walked up and leaned on the railing next to her.

"She's feeling better. Beckett says she'll be fine," he paused and looked over at her for a few moments, "How about you?"

She continued to stare out at the water and then finally turned towards him, "I'm fine." She paused, then added, "Thanks John"

Surprised, he questioned, "For what?"

"For coming for me…"

"Well" he smiled mischievously, "if I hadn't come for you, then I would've had to take over your job. I can't bear the thought of sitting in those briefings every single day."

She smiled and shook her head at him. Then, she turned serious again, "Still…thank you."

His piercing eyes looked down into hers. She hated when he looked at her like that. It made her feel like he could read her deepest thoughts. She looked away and focused her view on the ocean below. "You know, there were times I thought I might not make it back….that I would never enjoy this view again."

He watched the wind blow her hair, and she shivered involuntarily. He wanted to take her in his arms like he had done on Castoria, but he knew it wasn't appropriate here. Instead, he stepped forward and leaned against the railing again – his shoulder touching hers. She looked over at him.

"But, you're here now," he said.

"Yes…I am." She replied turning her head and looking out at the ocean again.

They stood together watching the waves for a few moments in silence.

"You know," said John trying to lighten the mood, "I did take a beating and a bullet in the arm for you. You'd think that would get me a raise or at least a day off."

She laughed, "It was only a graze, Colonel."

He smiled back at her, satisfied that he was able to make her laugh.

They stood looking at each other in comfortable silence for a few moments, their eyes sharing the emotion that they would never voice. Then, the silence was broken as the gate alarm went off.

A familiar voice came through their headsets, "Colonel Shepard, Dr. Weir…we've got unscheduled off-world activation."

"Be right there," Weir replied. She took one look back at the ocean and then looked at John with a smile.

"Well, back to work," she said as she headed towards the door.

He smiled at her and followed – glad that everything was finally back to normal.


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