Olivia's head was hurting so bad, she slightly opened her eyes and saw men in black walking around holding automatic weapons, she noticed she was handcuffed to a desk and her legs were handcuffed together. All she could remember was sitting at her desk and then a loud bang and smoke everywhere. She looked around slowly so the men wouldn't notice she was awake. Elliot was still unconscious and tied to John's desk. She saw Fin unconscious as well and tied up to his desk. She remembered John and Cragen were on a business trip for their recent case. The bullpen was a mess, there was papers and files all over the place.

"Hey" someone whispered, she slowly looked up and saw her husband, Andy, looking at her. She was married for two years to an FBI agent. Andy was tied up to her desk and his head was bleeding on the side. She remembered he came by to bring her lunch but got in this mess before he could leave.

"You ok?" She whispered wanting to hug him so bad at that point.

"I'm fine, are you ok?" he whispered. She nodded and looked at the men. One of them saw they were awake and they went over.

"Their awake" The man yelled to the other man holding the gun.

"Good," The other one said and walked over and kneeled by Andy. "Where are the files on Cortez?" He asked.

"Up your ass" Andy answered smirking. The man kicked him in the stomach. Andy groaned and rolled around. Olivia knew that Andy didn't know but since she was the only one awake from SVU Andy wouldn't say that he didn't know cause they might question her.

"I'll ask you one more time," The man said kneeling down on Andy's face. "The files, where are they?" He asked, Andy mumbled something, the man got off "what did you say?"

"I was going to say, that since your on my face I cant speak, but now that I can, I'll tell you to go to hell" Andy said smiling, the man grabbed the end of the gun and hit him in the groin. Andy screamed, Olivia just turned to the side not being able to watch her husband in pain.

"You want to tell us now, or do we start trying to get it from the female detective?" One of the men asked stepping on Andy's stomach.

"She doesn't know, only I do" Andy groaned.

"Really? Then tell us before we start having fun with her" One of the men ordered.

"Ok, Ok, I'll tell you, but can I have some water first?" Andy asked, one the men kicked him in the stomach "and fries on the side" he said smiling. One of the guys went to kick him again "stop!" Andy said, the men put his leg down and looked at him "the files are in the file cabinet"

"Go check" the man ordered another one. "You better not be bullshitting me" The man said kneeling down by him.

"I'm not, there really are files in the file cabinet" Andy said laughing, the man punched him and walked away. Andy spit out the blood, and looked at Olivia "how you like my stalling techniques?" he whispered smiling.

"You are completely out of your mind" She whispered smirking. They heard Elliot start waking up and they looked at him. He opened his eyes slightly and nodded at them. They nodded back.

"Boss this one is awake" One man yelled and walked over to Elliot.

"Where are the files on Cortez?" The main one asked looking at Elliot.

"At your mom's house" Elliot answered smirking, one of them kicked him in stomach, Elliot groaned and breathed hard.

"This isn't a game, you tell me or we start killing each one of you" the man threatened.

"You really think you can get away with this? You're holding 4 cops hostage and you assaulted all of us, you kill us, you never get the files, all you'll get is a needle," Elliot said smiling.

"Game over" Andy yelled out. Olivia looked at him to tell him to be quiet since he got beaten on already.

"We will kill all of you before we get the needle so it's still a good day with 4 dead pigs" The man said smugly.

"That's such an old line," Fin mumbled waking up. The three of them looked at him and smirked.

"You going to tell us?" The man asked walking over to Fin.

"I'll tell your mom when I see her tonight" Fin said smirking, the man grabbed the end of the gun and hit him in the face.

"You guys are so violent, use your words not your fists or in this case your guns, even you guys had to watch Sesame Street" Andy yelled out smiling.

"Don't provoke them," Olivia whispered. Andy just smiled.

"Ok, smart guy, lets see how tough you are." The man said unlocking the cuffs from the desk and pushing Andy in a chair and handcuffing him again.

"You going to give me a lap dance?" Andy asked smirking, Fin and Elliot just smirked. The man rolled up his sleeves and put on a brass knuckle and punched him, Andy's head got swung to the side as he spit out blood, Olivia just turned to the side not being able to watch. The man hit him a couple of more times, Andy's face was all bloody as he kept spitting out flood.

"Anything to say now?" The man asked starring at him.

"Can your mom do this cause I enjoyed her last night, she even used handcuffs on me just like you, do you also give a blowjob?" Andy asked smirking, the man hit him really hard this time, which knocked Andy out of the chair. He fell down and spit blood as he rested his bloody head on the floor and passed out. Olivia's eyes started tearing up watching her husband bleeding on the floor.

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