Oh nooo!!! Not another one!! ;) anyway, it's one of those 'Sephy's Back' fanfics, but I hope you'll find it to be one of the better ones, dearest reader.


His heart pounded in his chest like a hammer on an anvil, beating a heated sword into shape. Sweat poured down his face like rivers, his body trying desperately to cool itself from the fever gripping him like a vice.

Sephiroth moaned softly, he'd never experienced this sort of thing in his life before and he was somewhat frightened of it, though he would never let anyone know of his fear.

"Shh, it'll be okay," someone murmured and a cool damp cloth was lain across Sephiroth's forehead. The voice was female and tender, though Sephiroth had never before heard it. He shifted, trying to get away from this stranger who had him in such a weakened state.

Forcing his eyes open, Sephiroth looked up to see a ceiling swimming with swirls of strange color and a young woman dressed in white bent over him. Her black hair swirled around her like snakes in Sephiroth's vision. Nothing seemed to stay still for long. The woman seemed to be the one who moved most often, leaving images of herself in motion like a very wacky movie.

"Close your eyes, hon," she said softly, replacing the cool cloth on his forehead when it fell off after he'd moved, trying to get away from her and her insane surroundings.

"There's no use talking to him, Layla, he has Mako Poisoning and wouldn't be able to understand you anyway," a man said, he was dressed in white as well. Sephiroth's eyes widened and he meant to say something, he's meant to tell them to go away, but all that came out of his mouth was a gurgling moan.

Layla looked at him pityingly, "I thought that maybe talking to him would calm him down some..." she said softly, pushing his hair back from his face.

Sephiroth took hold of his body, finally moving his arm and smacking her hand away from his face where she was smoothing his hair back. Again, he tried to command them to go away, but all that emerged was "Ouuaghh!!" which was highly embarrassing, however, Sephiroth wasn't exactly in a condition to blush, even if he would have in the first place.

Layla blinked, "Doctor, he seems to be getting some strength back," she stated the obvious and looked up at the short elderly man with white fringe on only the sides of his head. He pushed his glasses up on his bulbous nose and made his way over, his hands in the pockets of his white coat.

Sephiroth struggled harder, trying to get away from this man, he seemed too much like Hojo. Finally, Sephiroth managed to roll off the bed. He landed with a hard thump and puled himself over to the wavering wall. Layla put her hands to her mouth, "How terrible! He seems scared of you, Doctor!"

Sephiroth glared at the woman, he wasn't scared. He watched as the elderly man removed his coat and set it aside, coming towards Sephiroth with empty hands. "Maybe this will help?" he said, and Sephiroth kept his muscles taunt and ready to spring away if the man did anything.

The elderly man crouched near Sephiroth and held out his hands, "There now, he was only scared of my coat, Layla." He reached forward to lay a hand on Sephiroth's forehead. Jerking himself back, Sephiroth slammed his head against the wall behind him by accident. The doctor caught him as he slumped forward, dry-heaving. The room spun around him and Sephiroth found refuge from the torment by passing out.