Hey! Thanks for reading my story! This isn't part of it, just some stuff to say thank you for reviewing (those that did) and thank you for reading!

Please excuse some of the grammar mistakes and I was watching for 'cloths' by the time I wrote epilogue. I really should pay a little more attention in English class, eh? --- I tried to fix all of them in this new edition of the story, so if you see something wrong, please review and tell me about it. ^_~

As for Sephy's change of heart toward Layla, he really hadn't expected her to dry his hair and be so concerned for him. It threw him off guard for a moment there. The way I figure, he's always been looking for one thing. Love.

Also, I think he was thinking there at the end, 'Hell, why not say "Yes", maybe they'll leave me alone... besides, sometimes you've gotta just jump for it. I might actually find what I want.'

The last name 'Hitache' is Layla's last name, Seph didn't have one before so they gave him her's. Maybe I'll write a sequel about Sephy and Layla's problematic marriage? In any case, I've said more then enough.

Also-also, the first time I put this up, I forgot a chapter, I'm fixing it to put that back in.

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