Don't worry folks, this is simply the introduction to get a few things out of the way, right off the bat.

Just a word of advance warning on everything here. While I wish everyone could be recognized, only the top 3 in each category (plus any ties for third) will be mentioned here. All the nominees are posted on the website though, so please, check them out. As well, we are having some musical acts, and since I can't actually add in music, just play along if you have it. Lol

I own none of the characters involved, nor none of the performers or songs. I just wanted to make this look good, so pleaseā€¦ no suing me! Mattb owns himself, and wrote most of his own lines, as well as a few of the other characters lines. All award winners and nominees wrote their own speeches, and contributed a portion of their stories themselves, or gave permission to do so within the awards ceremony.