"Wow… hard to believe the response for this first year. Over 150 ballots in total, voting to pick the best of the best in each category. When I started this, I just didn't believe the response it would get. But this just goes to show just how devoted fans of this great program can be."

"Kim Possible fans are undoubtedly some of the most devoted in the world. Just look at the return of the show from what was certain demise!" Matt smiled, raising his arms widespread. "The fans of this show are the greatest in the world!"

James Possible pops up from the back, glaring holes into Matt's back. "There you are! We still haven't finished our… discussion."

"Eep…" Matt quickly turns on his heel, booting it across the stage with Dr. Possible in hot pursuit.

Jason just smiles viciously. "Looks like Matt will be busy for a little bit. I'd like to thank Commander Argus, for hosting the website, and to the multitude of people who helped to spread the word. A big thank you to Mattb," Matt briefly pauses to wave to the crowd, before taking off running again, "for helping to host this great event. Thank you to all our presenters and performers tonight! And finally, a huge thank you to all the fans who read and watch and write. Without you, none of this would be possible."

"So, until next year, this is your host, Jason "Zaratan" Jones, saying… keep that KP spirit alive, as we look forward to the new year! Good bye everybody!"