T or Tr - Troy

G - Gabriella

Z - Zeke

S - Sharpay

C - Chad

T or Ta - Taylor

R - Ryan

K - Kelsi

The After-Party

Chapter 1 - The "I LOVE YOU"

After winning the game, Troy and Gabriella were both going home to shower and change. As they walked home together they just held hands and looked around both were talking about how they couldn't believe that they were going to be the stars of the Winter Musical

G - Did u see Sharpays face when Ms. Darbus said "now that's show business!"?

T - Yea.. I was trying not to laugh... and throughout the performance did you see Sharpay just standing there behind the curtain, with such disgust?

G - Yea.. We definitely showed her up!... see that status quo is really nothing at all..

T - Yea.. And you know… Well we were awesome! But I still can't believe we were able to pull it off...

During their chat, each time they would look into each others' eyes the fire of love would grow bigger. And they would both turn away, embarrassed toward the other.

When they reached Gabriella's house they sang

"We're breaking free

we're soaring, flying,..."

They laughed and Troy promised to come pick her up before going to the After-party, they hugged and he ran home singing happily knowing that he needed to impress her so that he would be able to ask her out.

While they got ready they still couldn't keep their minds off each other.

"Gabriella - Troy o Troy you are awesome... may be I should call him, Nah.. But.. OOhh.. Why is it so hard to be in love with someone!.. I really wonder.. What in this closet of mine says that I am conservative, but sexy, Oh, may be this leather outfit!.. Well better go try it on."

"Troy - wow.. Gabriella is everything, let's see what outfit says I love you...ha-ha.. How about something that says I'm hott and I like you so let's go out.. Ha-ha... I wonder should I call her?.. Yea.. Wait no... She may still be showering... I can't wait.."

It was nearing 6:30 and Troy couldn't stand not talking to Gabriella for so long since they would be seeing each other in about a half-an-hour or more if they weren't ready.

T – That's it!

Troy picked up the cell and dialed Gabriella's number..

Ring. Ring. Ring.. "Click"

T - No.. I won't call her

Ring. Ring.

T – It's Gabriella I guess we both had the same idea.. Heh..

Troy opens the cell.

T- Hello?

G - Hey there champion playmaker!

T - Who's that? (Acting like he didn't know who was calling)

G - Ha-ha... Troy that's not funny you know who I am..

T - Of course I do... so are u ready? I'm on my way...

G - Yep.. I'll see you soon

T - ok.. Bye...

All of a sudden "I love you" slipped out of Troy's mouth when he hung up...


After hanging up on each other they both stopped, held their cells in their hand and they were both flabbergasted.

T - "Oh snap did I just say that"

G - "Wait a minute did he just say what I think he did?"