Some Things You Can Never Steal

By Clorinda

Rated: PG

Category: General

Summary: She wore her favourite gemstone for a special occasion. (ShinxRyoko) One-shot.

Ryoko slid a sapphire pendant around her throat, the beautifully polished stone suspended by a thin gold chain. It twinkled like stars when it caught and twisted the light. She thought of smooth impassive eyes, and slim hands around her shoulders. She leaned back into the embrace of the air, a warm solid body behind her, but not in the mirror.

Satoru gave her that pendant as a birthday present. He gave it to her because he thought it would look beautiful on her, the woman he loved so much that he would steal her from his best friend.

He'd pluck the courage to ask her out tonight, on the day (as she marked it on the calendar with red) she had met Shin. And she was going to wear her birthday gift. Her favourite birthday gift.

Not because Satoru gave it to her.

Because the startling sparkle of the blue gem looked like Shin's eyes following her like she watched him in her dreams, in her thoughts, in her every waking moment.

—- End -—