Jiminy Cricket saw a lot more than most crickets saw.

Most crickets resorted to chirping their lives away, lingering in the grass with the wind sweeping through. Crickets love long grass.

But not Jiminy. He's much more content to perch upon a shoulder and observe the world from his roost. Sora's shoulder made an exceptional tower above the ground.

Jiminy could lie, and say that he missed Pinocchio and say that he wanted to go back to Traverse Town, and live a gentle life. Jiminy could lie, and say that he didn't like adventure and that he'd like to curl up with a good book, instead of getting attacked by Heartless.

Jiminy loved adventure, really. He loved to write about Sora's adventures, keeping a list of the things that the small but determined brunette had accomplished. He loved the look of achievement in Sora's eyes, at every world they locked, at every card they received.

The cricket continued to record every little detail about Sora's adventures. Sometimes, when they were in the Castle Oblivion, Sora would leave Jiminy to explore. Nobody noticed a cricket.

Jiminy encountered many strange things in his quests alone in the castle. The red-headed man apparently really liked candy, and was often seen sneaking off with a box of Larxene's chocolates. The replica Riku liked talking with Vexen, despite all other appearances. Marluxia evidently had a slight infatuation with Naminé, the sorceress.

That was where all thoughts joined together, in Jiminy's small but expansive mind. The cricket often found himself watching the little blonde girl. She seemed so forgotten, sitting there in her little room.

Nonetheless, Jiminy found himself liking the girl from afar. She was the next Picasso, a creator of masterpieces, each

one more amazing than the next. When Jiminy had the time, he watched her from his spot on the top of her chair. He wouldn't be noticed when she was hurriedly working. If she did, she didn't say anything.

Jiminy often found himself unconsciously thanking her. She supplied another adventure to their motley band, letting Sora hack and slash his way through heartless yet again, and be Sora, like he always wanted to. Donald was given the opportunity to groan and complain and just be Donald. Goofy was awarded the chance to supply wisdom when he could and chuckle in that way that only Goofy could.

Jiminy, well, Jiminy was awarded with yet another adventure. When that adventure in Castle Oblivion inevitably came to an end, Jiminy sighed, watching as Naminé smiled at Sora. The boy was comprehending that his memories needed to be erased. Donald was the first to pipe up, looking at the flower-like contraptions set before him. "We have to sleep in these to get our memories back?"

Naminé nodded, confirming Donald's suspicions. The duck eyed her warily. Jiminy watched from Sora's shoulder, observing everything. "You'll be fine. It might take a little time, but I'll take care of you," the girl said, quietly.

"But when we wake up, we won't remember you anymore..." the dog added, solemnly. The sinking realization that they'd never be able to talk to their newly acquired friend dawned.

"How are we going to thank you later?" squawked Donald. The atmosphere grew dim at that very subject. Naminé gave a faltering smile, before sighing altogether.

Jiminy took that time to raise his own voice. "No problem, Donald! I'll make a note in my journal: 'Thank Naminé.'"

Naminé smiled at the cricket.

Jiminy smiled back. He'd be thanking her for more reasons than one.


dialogue taken directly from the game, chain of memories. all rights reserved. also, the sweet-tooth reference to axel is a nod to me and gabby's rp. thank you, and happy travels.