Hey everybody! Just to let you know I don't know anything about the way American schools run or are operated (DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! I'm an aussie, remember?) the way it works is in Oz we have 7 subjects per day running for 45 minutes each.

Apparently in Canada they have 4 subjects which are the same every day at the same time every day. I dunno, just ignore the short brunette talking to you right now… that's right, walk away and start reading or something.

Chapter one: Past.

Mary spoke quietly to her tiny son lying in his crib while holding her only daughter, "go to sleep now Sammy. Katie, are you gonna say goodnight to Sammy?" Kate took her head off of her mothers shoulder and waved at the baby, "night night" she said and motioned for Mary to put her down.

"is he still running a fever?" John asked from the doorway. "no, he's better now. I think I might be catching whatever he's got" she replied and watched as Kate ran into her father's arms. "hey baby, it's time for bed now" he told her and proceeded to take her into her room.

Dean ran into the room and bumped into his dad's leg, "sorry dad" he said softly and attached his hand to Mary's, "can you tuck me in mummy?" he asked and dragged Mary from the room. John turned off the light and made his way to Kate's bedroom.

20 minutes later when all of the children were in bed Mary flopped down onto her own mattress. The kids were always hard to put to sleep but she enjoyed every minute of it. Just as her eyes closed the baby monitor crackled and Sam's whimpering could be heard.

"damn" she muttered and forced herself awake. She opened the door and saw John telling her to be quiet. That was okay, she could go back to sleep. First she needed a glass of water. Mary walked slowly down the stairs and was halfway to the kitchen when she noticed John asleep on the couch with the TV blaring.

Fear filled her body and she ran up the stairs into Sam's room, where a terrible fate met her. She screamed and John jerked awake, then ran up the stairs after her. He reached the bedroom and thought it must have been his imagination. He stroked Sam's cheek and a drop of blood fell onto the pillow next to his head.

John smeared it on the pillow with great interest and looked up at the ceiling. The woman he called his wife was pinned to the roof by some invisible force and there was a huge gash across her stomach. She gasped and was quickly engulfed by hell's flames.

John yelled and scooped up Sam, then plunked him into Dean's grasp. Dean had heard the scream and come to investigate. He was greeting by the sight of his Baby brother's nursery on fire. Kate was close behind him and demanded that John carry her out of the house.

They watched as the fire crews put out the blaze and whimpered as John put them in the car. "where are we going daddy?" Kate questioned him.

"I don't know, Honey. I don't know…"

13 years later

17 year old Dean swung a punch at his sister who quickly blocked it and tackled him to the ground. "I can kick your ass any day!" she exclaimed triumphantly and sat on Dean's chest. "that's great, but you seem to be killing me at the moment" he choked and shoved at his sister's stomach.

A chubby teenage Sam walked through the door and looked uninterestingly at his sister and brother sitting on the ground. "come on Sammy, give me a bit of a challenge. Not like this jerk here" Kate said and pointed at Dean. "no thanks" Sam replied and shuffled through his schoolbag.

"chicken" Kate teased, "poulet" and Sam grabbed his book then left the lounge room. "reading books won't save your life one day Sammy!" she yelled after him and then looked back at her twin's face, which was slowly turning purple. "sorry dude" she said and stood up, then offered her hand to him as a sign of peace.

5 years later

Kate entered her brothers room to see him surrounded by envelopes and sheets of paper embossed with college logos. She jumped eagerly onto the bad, sending various acceptance letters flying.

"watcha doin'?" she asked as Sam started collecting the pieces of paper floating around the room. "deciding which college I'm going to. It's kinda obvious" he stated and gestured to the formal documents.

"really? I thought dad had decided he wasn't going to send you to college?" she told him and leant back against the headboard. "he can't make my decisions for me anymore Kate. I'm 18." He said and started shuffling papers into neat piles.

"so you are! I totally forgot! Why do ya wanna go to college anyhow?" she asked as she started reading a few of the letters. Sam grabbed a handful of envelopes and started to stuff the letters back into them, "because I want to get a decent job. I'm not a hunter like the rest of you" he told her.

"of course you are! You're a Winchester like the rest of us" she said, "but if you wanna go to college then we can't stop you. Just promise that you'll come and visit us" Kate bounced off of the bed and exited the room, then stuck her head back in.

"you know that if you don't come and visit within the first year I'll have to track you down myself. You know how good I am at tracking down people don't you?" she said and then flounced off. Sam shook his head and chuckled quietly. She'd have to get used to the fact that he wasn't going to come and visit.

He was only going to college to get away from his family.

1 year later

Kate smoothed out her mid-calf length white layered cotton skirt and knocked on the door of the small house in front of her. A man came to the door, "can I help you?" he asked kindly and opened the tattered flyscreen door.

"yes, you can actually. I'm looking for a Sam Winchester. Do you know where I might find him?" she stated in a professional don't-mess-with-me voice. "I don't know where he is exactly but you could try his roster"

the man opened the door and Kate stepped inside, then stared at the line of timetables stuck in the narrow hallway. "this one's his. I'm Tom by the way, Tom Gregson. I'm in charge of this house." He stuck his hand out and Kate shook it.

"judging by his roster he should be in… advanced physics 101. you've got a smart little friend here. That's the highest physics class you can get at the university" Tom told her, "he's not due to come back for another 10 minutes, would you like to wait for him?"

Kate nodded in reply and Tom directed her to the study room, "you can wait here or you can wait outside on the porch" he offered and Kate opted for the porch. She sat on the swinging chair and waited.

After about 5 minutes she became restless. Kate was not a patient person at the best of times. She pulled out her cell and proceeded to call Dean. "hey, it's me." She told him, "no, I haven't seen him yet you idiot! I asked the guy who's in charge and guess which class he's in" there was a silence and then Dean gave up, "advanced physics 101. apparently the most difficult physics class you can get at this university"

Dean told her he had to go and they hung up. A few minutes later Kate stood up and peered at a group coming in from the main building. Easily the tallest one, there was Sam. Laughing and chatting with his mates.

Kate jumped eagerly off of the porch and ran towards him, flinging her arms out and attaching herself to her little brother. He hadn't changed much, except his hair was a little longer and he'd lost a bit of weight.

"Kate, what are you doing here?" he asked her quietly and she detached herself from him, "I kept my word. If you didn't make contact within the first year I'd hunt you down. So here I am!" she told him.

A guy moved away from the group and confronted Sam, "who's this then Sam? Sleeping with another girl, Jess wouldn't be happy about that; would she?" he said with a thick Scottish accent. The other guys in the group laughed and Kate stepped up to the plate to do a bit of batting,

"what's your name buddy? We haven't been introduced, I'm Kate. You can call me Kate or Katie, whatever floats your boat" she said in a flirtatious voice. The guy laughed and stuck his hand out, "you've got a nice little mistress here, Sam. I'm…"

he didn't get to finish the sentence when Kate twisted his arm around to his back; spun him around and kicked him behind the knee cap, causing him to collapse and fall onto the grass. Keeping his arm up behind his back she dug the sharp heel on her stiletto into his shoulder blades.

"I didn't tell you my last name did I? It's Winchester. Yeah, I'm Sam's sister. Mess with me again and you'll have something to squeal about laddie." she said the last word with a fake Scottish accent and then turned the guy over with a forceful shove,

"better yet, if you mess with my little brother here once I'm gone; you'll have 2 people on your tail. Did I mention that I have a twin brother who's equally as protective?" Kate stuck the point of her stiletto into his windpipe with a little force, "answer me Jerk!" she yelled at him and the man nodded quickly.

"come on Katie, we'll talk inside. Leave Chaser alone" Sam told her and tugged on her elbow that stuck out from her hip where she had placed her hand. "no, Sammy. I haven't fought with anyone but Dean for the last few months. I'm gonna finish this little, how do I put it… misunderstanding"

she took the point out of the guy's throat and motioned for him to stand up. Chaser stood up and dusted himself off. His little tittery girlfriend rushed to his side. Kate hadn't finished though, as Chaser collected his things she turned around from walking away with Sam and did one hell of a hook right into his nose.


Kate felt satisfaction as she watched, almost in slow motion, his nose disfigure and crumple up. Chaser howled and put his hand over his face. She took her stilettos off then walked over to where Sam was standing and gave a little mock wave to Chaser. She laughed quietly and headed over to the house.

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