Chapter 7: Crash and Burn

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Kate shuffled the tapes around and winced at the pain in her right side. 2 days before she had fallen off the bed in her sleep onto Dean's boot, causing a considerable amount of bruising. Dean started singing, 'great, another pain to add to the list' she thought.

She reached over to turn the speakers down and Dean slapped her hand away, Kate protested angrily,

"have you ever heard yourself sing? Even tone-deaf Sammy back there could do a better job" she threw her thumb over her shoulder.

Sam looked up in a dazed state, "what?" he asked, then went back to chewing on his pencil. Kate rolled her eyes and watched as Dean picked up the box of tapes. She casually grabbed the other end as he pulled it towards him.

It was on.

The tug of war between them only started out as innocent fun but as usual both twins took it too far. Soon enough Dean took both hands off the steering wheel to take the box back. They both failed to notice the truck coming at a steady pace towards them.

"Dean, look out!" Kate screamed, then there was black; nothing but black.

4 years later

Dean groaned softly and rolled over in the hard bed he was lying on. Something restricted his movement slightly and he opened one bleary eye. He saw a drip connected to a needle in his arm and suddenly it all came flooding back to him.

He was in hospital. There was a crash. Kate and him were… fighting over a box of tapes. He'd taken his hands off the wheel to take the box back and they hadn't noticed the truck that came from the opposite direction.

How long had he been in hospital? Where were Sam and Kate? Questions overtook him and he felt the sudden urge to go to the toilet. Dean threw the covers back and grabbed the pole of the drip.

He stood up and took a step, then fell to the floor in agony. He let out a cry and a nurse came running. She helped him back to bed then exited the room. Soon a doctor calmly entered the room with his brother and Sam sat down opposite Dean.

The first thing Dean noticed was a huge scar running across Sam's collarbone. It looked healed over, but still like it was going to be there for the rest of his life. Sam caught him staring at it and pulled his t-shirt over it with an almost embarrassed look.

The doctor grabbed a chart out of the bedside drawer and shuffled through the documents. She sighed quietly. "okay Mr Winchester, it tells me here that when you had surgery a little while ago they had to remove some damaged muscle and then stitch the muscle back together"

She put the chart down on the chair, 'that's probably why you couldn't put weight on that leg" she pointed to his right leg, "you probably won't be able to use that leg properly any more, but we'll put you on several different painkillers and you'll be ok to leave the hospital in about 2 weeks"

Dean looked confused, "why 2 weeks? Why not today?" he asked. "Rehab" Sam said quietly and turned his head to look out the window. Dean looked at the doctor and she nodded. He exhaled deeply and lay back down on the bed.

The doctor smiled and walked backwards out the room, "I'll leave you two to catch up, shall I?" Dean nodded and looked back at Sam, "what's wrong with you Sammy?" he asked and Sam broke out of his trance.

"nothing" he lied, drumming his fingers nervously against his leg. Dean raised his eyebrow, "you're upset about something, aren't you?" Sam shot him one of those don't-mess-with-me looks. Dean pointed to Sam's fingers,

"you only do that when you're upset or nervous about something" he told him and Sam growled at Dean, "how would you feel if you had to tell your brother what he's missed out on in the last 4 years?"

Dean sat up and leant over, grabbing Sam around the jaw and pulling him towards himself, "don't you snap at me like that. I only asked you what was wrong!" he growled back and Sam pulled away.

"you didn't miss out on much" he surrendered, "Dad caught the demon and destroyed himself in the process. Kate disappeared a month after the crash, I got married and you now have a niece." He leant back in the chair and started to pull at his bottom lip, waiting for a reaction.

Dean stared at the floor for a while, "that's a lot to miss out on. What's the date today?" Sam checked his watch, "it's the 21st of September. Officially 4 years and a month after the crash" Dean chuckled, " now the other details"

The conversation was slightly broken, Dean tried to get it going.

"what's your wife's name?"

a pause, "Melanie"

"your kid?"


"I knew I'd have an impact on your kids"

"Melanie suggested it, not me"

"ok then. When did you last see Kate?"

"a month after the crash"

"any idea of where she is now?"


"when do I get to meet the family?"

"Melanie'll probably come by later with Deanna"


"she usually comes to see you with me but she had to work"

"I see. What does she do?"

"she's a nurse"

"she hot?"

"back off, she's mine"

"never said she wasn't"

the conversation stopped there as the doctor re-entered the room with a bunch of pill bottles. She left a page with directions on the table at the end of the bed and went off to do her rounds. After a while Dean drifted off into a light sleep.

Two hours later he awoke to two people talking in hushed voices. He turned his head and the voices stopped. Out of the dim light he saw his brother and another girl in jeans arguing. He sat up and the girl stood up, "hi Dean. How are you feeling?"

She sounded southern, maybe from Texas or Utah. he shook her outstretched hand and Sam came up behind Mel, grabbing her around the waist. "this is my Texan Mel, My little cowgirl." He purred into her neck and she put her hand over the one on her stomach.

"stop it, Sam" she giggled, "you're such a softie" Dean looked quickly up and down her body, taking In all the details of his newly introduced sister in-law. She was a slender creature of about 25 with long legs and wavy dark chestnut coloured hair. Her daughter was a carbon copy of her, only smaller.

Deanna was still only little, but you could see her picking up some Winchester traits already. The 3 year old jumped at the slightest noises and took into consideration every detail of life. She stared at Dean for a long time, as if deciding whether he could be trusted.

Sam had a new life now. a new love, a child, a home, a great car. No time for hunting or his big brother. He had his own magazine for god's sake. Dean decided he'd leave as soon as possible to find his sister. No matter where she hid, he'd find her.

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