Dearest reviewers and fellow writers, I hope you find in your hearts to forgive me for the soon-to-be-explained hiatus I've been on.

The previous few weeks have been rather…messy, and with the (undeserved) help of many friends and family, have managed to return to a semblance of a "normal" life after a LOT of soul-searching. I have no intention of going into details about it, save that the mess I was in wasn't illegal nor was it soul damning. On the other hand, I am happy to say I've gotten into LaSalle-SIA, one of Singapore's finest art schools, and am now looking for a part-time job, hence my absence…and my writer's block.

So, without further ado, here is a little Dracula/Shirra fic for your reading pleasure…N/B Its going to be a three-shot- in other words, a three chaptered fic-

Of Reincarnations & Reflections

Chapter1: Of Painful Pasts & Present

Dracula left his sleeping wife back in their casket and walked around the fortress they both shared. He entered a dark room, filled with covered mirrors (He hated them, as if they were cruel reminders of the humanity he lost) and several wooden chests.

He silently glided over to one of the said chests, pulled out a small key out of one of his sleeves and unlocked it. Within the chest, lay an exquisite gown.

It was a scarlet off-the-shoulder number, with intricate golden patterns, some in the form of dragons, running across the hem and neckline of the dress. The bodice was merely held together by some black silken threads, and would leave little to the imagination should any woman wear it (A/n: Think what Monica Bellucci wore in "The Brothers' Grimm".).

Vladisalus had intended to give it to Cordelia, his first late wife (before his three brides) as a gift.

But she had to be killed… by a foul thief, before my eyes….

Ever since Shirra came into his (after) life, Dracula had slowly began to lose the ice that surrounded, nay, plugged his hollow heart, and dare-I-say-it- began to feel again. However, like a coin, everything has two sides, and for a moment, he despised the newfound feelings within, for now they gave him nothing but painful wounds that should never have be reopened.

"That's a beautiful gown-

In an instant, Dracula slammed the chest shut, resounding with a SLAM, as if pronouncing judgment on the speaker, namely Shirra, who jumped at said retort.

"Forgive me, I did not mean to-

Her lord, sire and husband waved off her apology.

"It was Cordelia's gown-or rather, it was meant to be…"

Dracula whispered. There was an uncharacteristic rawness in his voice, one that tugged at Shirra's heartstrings. Yet, she wondered,

Does he still love her? Does he love her so that he rather spend his hours in the attic with her past then with me? And if I die, will he once more take a trio or more women to assuage his pain?

Shirra was horrified at what had transpired in her head. But try as she might to assure herself that the vampire before her was not the same creature of darkness that had made her what she was a decade ago, those treacherous thoughts refused to exeunt from her mind. And before she could even process those treacherous thoughts, another one entered:

Vladislaus had once said she resembled Cordelia in so many ways…does he love me solely because I resemble her?

Before she even knew what she was doing, she turned and left for the library, despite the fact she was only wearing a nightdress.

She did not even hear Dracula call out to her. Nor did she notice scarlet tears flowing down her face.


A/N: I came up with this idea just today, 3 hours ago. There's always been a slew of romance/fantasy stories (including mine, admittedly) of characters that have long-lost loves returning to them in different forms, and it made me think: Was appearance-wise the only reason for this action? Surely there was more to that…Anyways, DO send in your comments/critisms-and some IDEAS, thanks!