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Chapter one: Taken From Out of Time and Space

King's Cross Station — 1997

The day started out normal enough, or at least by Harry's standards it was ordinary enough. Today was September 1st, not just any day either as today was blessed by two very important things. Not only was it the day he returned to his beloved Hogwarts, it's was also the last day he would ever have to deal with his pathetic Muggle family.

Harry hated his relatives as much as they hated him, and that wasn't saying enough. It wasn't because they were Muggles, it wasn't that they were his last remaining relatives and they treated him lower than dirt, even that wasn't why he hated them so badly. Harry hated the Dursleys simply because they had the audacity to hate him because he was a Wizard, as if he had control over whether or not he was one.

Not that he would have wanted to ever stop being a Wizard; he enjoyed what he was even though one had cost him the death of his parents, as well as several friends and allies at this point. None of that mattered though as Harry and his Uncle Vernon got into the car and pulled away from Privet Drive. He was going back to Hogwarts, and that was all that mattered far as Harry was concerned.

The trip to Kings Cross Station was uneventful, although it usually was. His uncle's silence was the only thing that kept Harry from saying things he knew he shouldn't, so the silence was a comfortable one. To his relief, his uncle still hadn't bothered speaking to him even though they had finally pulled into the station's parking lot. Harry already knew what was expected so he found a trolley and unloaded his things under the watchful, beady eyes of his red-faced uncle. He knew his uncle wouldn't bother to walk him inside; he had stopped accompanying Harry to Platform 9 ¾'s years ago just in case he'd be spotted with his freakish nephew by one of his many associates.

Harry was virtually alone when he got to the place where he needed to get past the magical barrier, only a few Muggles were in the station. His being at the station early was yet another typical aspect of his uncle's haste to get rid of him, so much so that Harry wanted to scream at the injustice that he had been left to be raised by such people.

This year was the worst yet, he wasn't the usual half an hour early, no this year he was an hour and half early. As he made his way through the magical barrier he was the only person there not counting those who worked on the Hogwart's Express, so instead of putting his things right on the train he decided to sit down on a nearby bench and wait for his friends.

He pulled out one of his new books he had got this summer as a birthday gift called Dream Interpretations — Finding Your Inner Self. It was a Muggle book, and Harry had to wonder why on earth Hermione had sent it to him when his dreams were the last things he really wanted interpreted. Not to mention he truly did not want to think on what was going on in his "inner self", considering he was having enough issues with what was on the outside.

Harry became so engrossed in the book, however, that he didn't even realise that time was passing. The station was beginning to fill up with students, though he didn't notice a thing until a shadow fell over him. He looked up happily, until he saw who it was looking at him.

'Malfoy,' he said, keeping his calm.

'Potter,' Draco replied with a curt nod.

'Are you lost, or did you seek me out to start something already?' Harry asked, not even bothering to disguise his hatred for the other boy.

Draco waved a hand at him in dismissal. 'No to both as it happens. I leave such things as getting lost to the Mud-blood and Weasel, they're much better at it than I am. Not to mention I'd rather start my 1st day back to school without having to deal with you and your annoying friends. I've got all year to torment you three, now don't I,' he said in a sickly sweet voice.

'If you're here to insult my friends move along. I've got better things to do than listen to your annoying prattle,' Harry muttered.

'Fine, I'll see you at school then, Potter,' Draco smirked and glanced over at the train. 'You might want to know that your so-called friends have already boarded. Seems they have already forgotten you exist. What a shame.'

Harry looked up at Draco in surprise, and then narrowed his eyes in suspicion. 'I doubt that, Malfoy. If you bothered to notice me sitting here, than I know they would have. Besides, I would have seen them,' he said.

Draco shrugged and brushed a lock of his silvery-blonde hair out of his face. 'Believe what you want, but I saw them boarding ten minutes ago, and they looked rather cosy if you ask me. I suppose they were too busy snogging each other to bother with you,' he drawled.

Harry didn't believe him in the slightest until something on the train caught his attention; a wisp of red hair passed by one of the windows, and with a sinking feeling he knew exactly who it was. If Ginny was already on the train that meant Ron and Hermione had to have boarded together too, since he knew Hermione had been staying at the Burrow for the past week. Draco hadn't been lying then, though how it was possible they could have missed him since the bench he was on was in plain sight.

Harry was upset needless to say, but he wasn't about to let Draco know how upset he was. Without a word he quickly put his book away and gathered up the rest of his things. He briefly wondered why Draco had not only bothered to let him know that his friends were on the train, but why he wasn't on the train himself. Now wasn't the time to wonder though, he was going to miss the Express if he didn't hurry. He wasn't even aware of the fact that Draco was still watching him, a strange expression in his steely grey eyes.

'What now, Malfoy?' Harry said when he finally noticed Draco was staring at him. 'We're going to miss the train if you don't move. Or is this your elaborate plan for the morning — make us both miss it so we don't get to school and then get me blamed for it?'

Draco, however, wasn't paying attention to Harry any longer. He was noticing something else, something that was very strange even by Wizarding World standards. A dark spot had appeared on the wall of the station behind the bench Harry had been sitting on, and to Draco's surprise it was growing larger with each passing second. Just as Draco was about to say something about it though the oddest thing happened.

A man with a very determined look on his face walked out of the spot on the wall and was headed directly for the two boys. In the few moments Draco had to look at the man he swore he recognised the person, though he didn't know from exactly where. The man suddenly pointed a wand towards the two boys and Draco watched in horror as Harry crumpled to the ground like a rag doll. Before Draco could react the man then pointed his wand at him and he too collapsed to the ground. The last thing Draco managed to think before blacking out was that this was not the way to start his last school year – and worse, chances were he'd end up with the blame for missing the train.


King's Cross Station — 1977

'Hey, Potter, watch your back … trouble is heading this way!' a voice called out as James Potter stepped onto the Hogwart's Express.

With a groan James quickly ducked inside the train car and out of sight, the look he was seeing on his girlfriend's face was enough to warrant hiding. He knew the reason Lily was angry, and really he didn't blame her. Right now the poor girl was covered head to toe in sticky pink goo, and though James wasn't at fault, he had no desire to cross Lily when she was this angry. The newly appointed Head Boy had a sneaky suspicion he knew who did this to her, and he was determined for his own safety to get this fixed. With a growl he ran through the train cars until he found the person he was seeking, and before the other boy could say a word James picked him up by the collar.

'Snape, what in the name of Godric did you do to Lily? You better get that crap off her or I'll —' James began to say, until he saw the red-head advancing towards the car he was now in.

'Or what? You'll hex me? Cast an Unforgivable on me? I would enjoy seeing you do something that could warrant a detention or better yet … an expulsion. So come on, Potter, I'd like to see you try,' Severus sneered. 'Oh, here comes Evans now. Pink really isn't her colour,' he smirked.

'Damn!' James muttered, and pushing the smaller boy against the wall he ran out of the cabin as fast as he possibly could.

Severus muttered and brushed himself off, then snuck off the train to see the fruits of his labour. Lily had finally cornered James by the middle of the train, and unsurprisingly she was screaming at him from the top of her lungs. When Severus heard his name mentioned he ducked into a shadowy section of the station, however, his peace and quiet to watch the rest of the scene unfold wasn't to last long.

'Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like a bat that needs to be trapped,' a voice said mockingly as Sirius walked over to where Severus was standing.

Severus silently cursed and threw Sirius a dark glare of hatred. 'Sod off, Black, I don't have patience for the likes of you today,' he said coldly.

'Well isn't that a shame, because we always have time for you, Severus,' another person purred in a silkily drawl, a voice that made Severus look up quickly and draw in a sharp breath of air.

The voice belonged to Remus Lupin, a master of Dark Arts despite the fact he was a Gryffindor. Only a few select people knew why he was so good at Dark Arts, and Severus had the fortunate advantage of being one of the few that knew the other boy was a werewolf. It was something that intrigued Severus, although not in the way Remus, or anyone else, might have thought.

Truth was Severus knew Sirius had good reason to do what he did, in actuality the real blame lay with Severus himself. He had been careless in his observance of the Remus, and he had paid for that carelessness by being Sirius' patsy that full moon night. However, that incident gave Severus an advantage against Remus that one day he planned on cashing in on.

'Are you listening to me, Snape?' Sirius said.

Severus hadn't even realised he was being spoken to as caught up in his thoughts as he was. He glared again at Sirius, though he noticed that Peter, Remus and Sirius' friend, had joined their little group. 'I told you to sod off, Black, how much clearer do I need to be?' he scowled.

A burst of tears from Lily distracted them all for a moment, and suddenly Severus found himself smacked against the wall, Sirius's hand grasping his throat. 'I'm warning you, Snape - whatever you did you better reverse it. And if I catch you anywhere near Lily again, I'll personally see to it that you'll wish you had died underneath the Whomping Willow,' Sirius growled, his grey eyes glaring daggers into Severus's murky black eyes.

'That's enough, Sirius, let him go,' Remus said harshly, and though Sirius hesitated for a moment, in the end he let Severus drop to the ground like a brick.

Sirius turned to look at Remus, his anger replaced with guilt. Hesitantly, he took a step towards the golden eyed boy. 'Remus, I —' he began to say, but the look on his friend's face made him silent.

'Peter, take Sirius on board, I'll handle this,' Remus said in a strange tone of voice, which made Severus look at Remus anxiously.

Severus knew the full moon had only been two days ago, which meant Remus was still in control of many of his wolf-like abilities. The Slytherin knew he had no chance against and of the Gryffindors physically, he may have the height over them, but bodily he was thin, wiry, and lacking in strength and muscles. Remus wasn't all that muscular, but no one was a match for a werewolf two days after a full moon.

The odd thing about the whole scene was that Peter wasn't even paying attention, nor was he making any effort to lead Sirius away. Instead, Peter was staring at a section of the station, one partly shrouded in shadows, and one that was now different than the rest. Apparently he was the only one who noticed that the section of the wall of the station was no longer a light grey brick; in fact, it was rapidly turning a shade of black, as if someone was pouring ink onto it.

Everything slowed down for Peter as he watched a man with long black hair and a long black robe walk out of the wall. The man was heading right for the four boys, as if he knew they were going to be there. There was a determined look on the man's face, and for half a second Peter thought that the shrouded man seemed familiar though he couldn't place from where.

The mousey-looking Gryffindor watched in a dazed stupor as the man held out his hand and muttered something under his breath then Sirius, Severus, Remus, and Peter dropped to the ground, all for boys had been knocked out cold. The last thing Peter thought before he hit the ground was how much trouble they were all going to be in for missing the train to Hogwarts.