Title: Numbers
Author: Hallenee
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not making any profit. It all belongs to the wonderful Joss!
Rating: PG

Colours blurring, lights flashing, thoughts spinning faster and faster and faster. She was trapped. Caught up in this storm of feelings. Guilt, pain, joy, frustration. Nothing. It stopped. No spinning. No lights. Nothing. Just counting.

One, two, three, four, five. Switch. One, two, three, four, five. Switch.

Below the girl a man sat on a bench lifting weights in his hands. Up and down five times. Change hands. Five more. Change. The girl giggled distracting the man below her.

"Gorram it girl! What you all giggly over?" the gruff man asked, stooping his lifting for the briefest of moments.
"They were scared by the numbers," the petite girl giggled whilst hanging upside down from the walkway she was on.
"'Course they were! Numbers are scary things! Always frightened me," the man grunted back to the girl, not in the least bit worried about her position even though if a person moved the slightest bit then they would fall from there and possibly kill themselves. Then again she wasn't a normal girl and he had no doubt she would be alright. She always was.

The two people sat, or hung, in silence save for the grunts from the man with each rep. The silence was broken, however, by the entrance of an irate captain looking to kill his mercenary.

"JAYNE! 'Ello lil albatross. That can't be all that comfortable up there. You wanna get down?" the captain inquired trying to persuade the little female off of her perch. She just giggled.

"Mal... I ain't done nothing!" the man called Jayne said to try and calm down the captain. Or at least save himself from the airlock. That did seem to be his favourite punishment. The girl giggled again, this time at Jayne's thoughts.

"You wanna tell me then why I got pictures all over my bunk of well endowed women. Pictures that I've seen in your bunk!" River giggled again, "Especially when these all have Inara's face on them!"

"They ain't got nothing to do with me Mal! I swear! All my girls are still in my bunk!" the merc insisted. Perhaps too much. The river girl giggled again at the faces of the two men and especially the thoughts.

"You got something to say lil witch?" the captain asked getting slightly suspicious of the dancer currently acting like a bird in a nest.

"The boy with a girl's name didn't need them anymore. The captain being a boob does though," with that the girl let go of the metal pole she was holding on to and flipped onto the cargo bay floor before skipping away leaving one flushed captain and a mercenary roaring with laughter.