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The first time

The first time he'd met Greg, he'd fallen into silence and hadn't known what to do. The lab tech had thrown him off balance. He was unlike anyone he'd ever met before. He played loud music of bands no one had even heard off and compared the reaction of DNA to bleach like the mating habits of moose.

The first time Greg smiled at him he'd been overwhelmed by the amount of energy radiating from the younger man. It was like seeing the sun for the first time. It had been a real smile, unlike the mischievous grin he sported every day. If he could have he would have reached out to Greg in that very moment, even with everyone watching. He would have held on to the younger man and he would have never let him go. But he didn't.

The first time Greg Sanders played a practical joke on him, he was confused. As far as he knew he hadn't done anything to upset the other man and they'd always gotten along fine. They'd been friends and he saw Greg at work everyday and everyday the man smiled at him and was friendly. It had taken him a while to figure out that playing practical jokes was Greg's way of showing affection.

The first time he kissed Greg it was like everything he ever dreamed off, no matter how much it sounded like a cliché, it was the truth. Greg's lips had been soft and had easily wielded to the pressure of Nick's tongue. Greg whimpered and drove Nick to kissing him harder and in reward he got a moan. It was warm, beautiful and completely Greg. The first time he kissed Greg he knew without a doubt that he'd fallen in love.

The first time he touched the other man it was like electricity surging through his veins, every fibber of his being hummed to life with every small brush of skin on skin. All his senses went into overdrive when his hands skimmed over Greg's lithe form, his hands stroked smooth skin and he wanted to bury himself inside off Greg. He wanted to be buried in Greg, in warm, beautiful Greg.

The first time he made love to Greg he entered him and couldn't move because it was Greg. Greg, the man who lived on Blue Hawaiian and got more then half of the lab addicted to his coffee. Greg, the man who made him feel safer then he'd ever felt since Nigel Crane and the entire burial thing. Greg, the man who made his world and hung the moon. Greg, the man who was the reason why he got up in the morning. Soft kisses brought him back to the present and with a twist of his hips he had Greg writhing and mewling and whimpering and moaning beneath him.

The first time he woke up in the morning, wrapped around Greg he didn't need a mirror to tell him he was grinning like a fool. Greg looked beautiful when he slept. He indulged in a little Greg-watching until the other man woke up and he didn't believe there was anything more beautiful then Greg lying in his bed, still sleepy but with a smile like the sun.

The end

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