A short introspective on Haruka's part.
Warning : Written during my Physics lecture, thus the few funny words. Yes, I really do think that this deserves a warning. Also, this piece can perhaps be one sided love on Kantarou's part. Who knows? As it usually is, it's up to readers' interpretation.

To Cross That Line

Infinity point. That's where you will always be. When I would think I know you better, you do something unexpected. I cannot understand your ever changing fa├žade and truthfully, it frustrates me to no end. It makes you seem deceitful though you have such innocent features. With silver hair and brilliant coloured eyes, you could have fooled the world with your youthful face and pure smile. Somehow it serves to upset me more, because you managed to deceive everyone but me.

Not just your smile, but everything about you.

Why, when I feel betrayed by you, did you turn around and mend it all again with little effort? I hate it when you control me like a puppeteer of skilled hands. I hate it when you call my name in a sinful tone yet I interpreted it as adoration. More than that, I detested your weakness, your humanity, your gentleness and your cunning. I do not want to see you weak and bleeding all over the floor. I desire not to see you struggling to stand, to protect me against my will, then turn around to flash me a gentle smile before returning to battle once more even though I am more than capable of defending both of us. I cannot bear seeing your crumpling form fall before my eyes, making my heart beat with angry velocity. To feel your limp body against my unscathed one filled me with a sort of agony I never thought to be possible. Guilt. Inadequacy.

It makes me embrace your unconscious form tighter to mine, trying to eliminate the distance between us. And in your oblivion, I could almost comprehend you. But I am fooled, for all I know about you is just knowing, not understanding. I cannot understand you liking to befriend those not of your kind, your desire to protect them or even why you always look at me so wistfully. But still I seek comprehension. Because in the end, I do not hate you.

What was it that Sugino once said?

"There will always be an invisible boundary between humans and demons."

I agree. But you know what, Kantarou? I still want to cross the line with you. To you.

I have no idea what this morphed into anymore. It's like my brain moved in a different magnitude or something. Have mercy, this is my first Tactics ficcie thingy, although I watched the anime repeatedly. So...CCs anyone?