"B. O." Gin growled.

"What, you sayin' I smell bad?" Vodka demanded.

"No - look." Gin gestured to the screen of the computer he sat at. "All this stuff on the 'net. 'B.O.' this, 'B.O.' that. Guess what it stands for."

"Body Odor?"

"No, idiot! That's what I'm telling you - it stands for us. The Black Organization. See a problem with this?"

"They think we ALL smell bad?"

"No, Vodka." Gin rolled his eyes. "Besides the fact that this means word about us has somehow leaked out, the problem is that people are now associating us with body odor."

"... See, that's just unsanitary," Vodka sighed.

Gin nodded, and loaded his gun. "We have a few 'fanficcers' to wipe out, evidently," he said.