Disclaimer: Not Tolkien. If I was, I would be dead.

AN: Henneth Annun birthday drabbles for Forodwaith dealing with the magic of Elves.

Senses of Love


The water ripples when I breathe on it. Beneath the shelter of the Two Trees, there is a still pool, clearer than even Varda's mantle, and the light of the Trees seems to gather in the quiet water. The calm surface is smooth and polished, like a mirror. I stare into the depths . . . and find myself staring back. A white star in my other-self's hand holds back the darkness as the last light of the Trees goes to one who walks openly into Shadow. The water ripples as I fill the vial, knowing that Ages will pass before the Burdened One will have need of it. Vision done, I stand and go, but I will return.

For this mirror shows many things.

AN: I realize that, technically, the star-glass is the light of Eärendil. However, Eärendil gets his light from the Silmaril that Elwing brought to him. And the Silmarils were made to hold the light of the Two Trees. Therefore, I would argue that any light of the Two Trees could be said to be the light of Eärendil.

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