Nymphadora Tonks and the Seven Deadly Sins

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Chapter 1: Envy

Nymphadora Tonks was a half-blood, so she knew all about the seven deadly sins. Her father was Muggle-born, and his parents were good English Catholics; when she had stayed over with them, they had taken her to Mass. She remembered finding out about the sins and realizing she was going to be spending a lot of time in the little box telling the priest what a bad girl she had been. Confession, they called it. It felt light a guilt trip more often than not.

Right now, she was suffering from one of those dreaded seven attributes. Envy.

She envied Sirius Black, her own cousin (though she had only recently become acquainted with the real Sirius, not the one from her mother's memory or the wanted posters she saw so frequently at the Ministry), for one silly thing.

The way he was able to talk so casually, so easily with Remus Lupin. Hell, she envied him for being able to walk in a room in which the aforementioned Remus Lupin occupied without falling on his bum. Why did he affect her this way?

She had tried for weeks to get close to him, but all she managed to do was fall on him. His reflexes were good, thank heaven (thanks to the werewolf senses, perhaps), so more often than not, he caught her. Which, in turn, led her to be particularly naughty and fall on purpose, just to feel his arms wrap around her.

It was pathetic. Worst of all, she knew it. But it seemed she couldn't do anything right around him. To him, she was just some punk who tripped over her own feet.

So she had to content herself for now for listening in (okay, eavesdropping) on his and Sirius' conversations and pretend that she was sitting with them, able to speak to him without falling or losing her complete train of thought.

For when she talked to him, she began to envy the silliest things—his teacup, for being able to feel his big hands wrapped around it; his shirt, for being able to touch his scar-laced chest; his fork, for being able to touch his lips…

She didn't know how much longer she could stand it without pouncing him. And pouncing seemed like such a good idea. Maybe she would have more than one sin to confess when she went to the little box this time.

One could always hope. In the meantime, Tonks went to her room, where she closed her eyes and pretended that she was Remus' teacup.

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