Nymphadora Tonks and the Seven Deadly Sins

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Chapter 7 "Sloth"

The next day, Tonks knew she needed to get up and do things. She needed to clean the bathroom, work on some reports, and balance her bank account. However, she could not summon the energy to get out of bed. Not only was the bed warm and comfortable: she wasn't the only one occupying it.

"Good morning," Remus smiled at her. "Did you have good dreams?"

She grinned wickedly. "Oh yes, but I think they were just memories. Unless you dreamed the same things."

"All I have to say is I'm glad I came home with you against my better judgment."

"Against your better judgment? How did you know I was going to put out?"

He laughed. "Is that what they call it now, 'putting out?'" He shook his head. "I did most certainly not know that you would 'put out.' You aren't one of those tarts that invites men over just to bed them, I don't think."

Tonks blushed.

"Or maybe you did. I feel flattered, actually." He pushed a strand of pink hair out of her face. "But you're not a tart Tonks. We've been dating a while. You didn't bed me on our first date. That, indeed, is tart-worthy."

"I can't believe you use the word tart."

"Do I seem to square?"

"Maybe. I don't know. It just doesn't seem like you. You have the 'professor' persona."

He raised an eyebrow. "Really? Well, you have the punk persona going on for you."

"Is it accurate?"

"Oh no. You're much nicer than any other punk I've ever met. However, you do listen to that…"

Tonks giggled. "If you call it racket, I'll hit you."

"Okay, garbled noise."

She playfully punched him in the arm.

"Hey! I didn't say 'racket.'"

"Well, what do you listen to? That awful disco music?"

"No. I prefer more of the hippie music myself."

"Do you like the Rolling Stones?" Tonks asked expectantly.

"Of course. I'm amazed you know who they are."

"I went to a concert a year ago. I've got a t-shirt laying around here somewhere."

"So you're a closet fan of my music. Do you like jazz?"

"Some of it. Especially old school. Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, you know."

"Good stuff. See, our music tastes can be compatible."

Tonks tickled him. "And I'm going to get you to like my 'garbled noise.' I mean, Sirius says you like the Doors…"

"The Doors have quite incredible lyrics," Remus hastily pointed out.

"Yeah, about getting high and having sex. No different from my music." She paused. "So, you grew up in the seventies. Did you do LSD?"

The look on Remus' face was memorable. First confusion passed over his features, followed by amusement. "Of course not. Why you…"

"Oh, I know you had to do drugs. With Sirius…let's just put it this way, I know he did drugs, so I could always just ask him. I'm sure he'd…"

She was silenced by a kiss. Even if it did have ulterior motives, she was quite glad to receive it.

When they broke away, Tonks sighed dramatically. "I had hoped to get so much done today, too."

Remus just grinned at her. "Tomorrow."

"Hmm. That's an idea."

So she could mark sloth off her list of sins. She wasn't slothful for long. Of course, she didn't think she was sinning right now. After all, she had a feeling about the two of them. About a nice house in the suburbs with two kids and a dog…

But one step at a time. She would have to do some major Ave Marias later.

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