Note: This is going to be…strange. Don't say I didn't warn you! Uhm, I think Alanna is still a squire. Anyway, I'll write and see what happens! This is a totally random one as I am bored out of my mind. If only I could make it March 10th, sigh… anyway!

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A Bad Hair Day

Chapter 1

Alanna woke up, stretched and got up as usual. She dressed as usual, and looked in the mirror as usual. Except this morning, when she saw her reflection she screamed. Luckily everyone was still asleep and didn't hear her. She closed her eyes tightly, counted to five and looked back at the mirror. It was no use; her hair was still in a giant fuzzy knot above her head. She groaned and knocked on Jon's door.

"Jon, are you awake? If you are, get in here now, if you aren't, get your lazy royal behind out of bed!" she shouted at the door. There was no noise. She forced the door open and walked in. He wasn't there. "Come out Jon, I know your in here," she called, sneaking around the room. A whimper came from the bathroom.

"Go away," he called.

"No! This is an emergency Jonathan of Conte!" Jon groaned and opened the door to the privy. Alanna raised her eyebrows. Jon's hair was…wait, his hair was purple! "Great Mother Goddess! What happened to your hair?" she asked.

"I could ask the same of you."

"This is different. I didn't dye my hair purple, it just knotted!" Alanna retorted haughtily.

"Hmph. I didn't dye it!" Jon replied.

"Whatever. Maybe Raoul can help us," Alanna suggested. Jon nodded and followed her out of the door.

When they arrived at Raoul's room, they were answered by several grunts and "nuh-uh!"-s. When he finally opened the door Alanna gasped. Someone had drawn glasses and a moustache on his face in ink. Alanna stifled a laugh under her hand.

"Gary?" Raoul suggested. They had to agree, as it was their only option left. However, inside Gary's rooms their friend was stricken as badly as they were. His hair was sticking up with bright green streaks in it. None of them could actually remember what had happened the night before, but in Jon, Raoul and Gary's cases it seemed as though it would have a lot to do with their predicament. They set off to find Myles and see if he could help at all.

And so the bad hair day begins! If you care, read on! Next chapter up today sometime…probably within the half hour. Look out for me!